The migraine last night was seriously weird, lasted about two hours before I went to sleep. First blindness, a blind spot that moved from the lower right up to the center right of my vision, I took ibproufen. About half an hour later my arm and face went numb, nothing odd there, but then I realised I couldn’t talk.

I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t even type properly, the words just kept coming out wrong no matter what I did. Watching telly a bit I used the word custard instead of person, that sort of thing. It was seriously weird but also kinda fun.

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  • Eeks. I’ve not had one that bad – had the occasional blind spot – very weird when you look at somebody and you only see the right half of their face. It’s not like the other side is blank; or there’s a gap, it’s just not there…

    The brain is a wonderful thing, and these sort of happenings show that what we see isn’t necessarily what’s actually there but only what we think is there.

    -custard ! :D

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