I love how easy wordpress is to upgrade…

No fucking around with uploading and backups and shit. Just OK THX BYE.

Tera and his friends stayed here overnight on.. Thursday I think. It was shiny even if I was a terrible host.

Thinking about getting an Orpington chicken to replace Peep Peep. They’re huge and fluffy and when I went to get the Light Sussex there were two there raising the chicks and I wanted them. (They make good mothers, they go broody quite a bit and THEY’RE MASSIVE) Hopefully we can get hold of one or we’ll wait till Henrietta or Hermia go broody and let them raise a couple of eggs.

This thing here looks fairly interesting. I hope they get the funding to finish it. I remember going on Newgrounds a lot when I was younger, but I haven’t been back in a while. There was some great stuff on there but there was some total crap too. Might donate a couple of $ to it if it’ll let me although I’m not a great fan of Kickstarter.

Been playing a lot of Dwarf Fortress the last week, but my current fort pissed me off so I’m going to play Crawl for a bit instead.

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  • Hmm. Film looks interesting, despite my not being aware of Newgrounds before, however it’s amusing how often people think that life before the World Wide Web didn’t exist, and that the Internet was responsible for user-creativity. All this talk of user-created animations, online gaming, “user-generated content” sites and the “increasing impact of online content” – we were doing all that, and far more, in the early 1980s, albeit on a smaller scale (see http://www.viewdata.org.uk): That was, after all, how your mum and I first met..

    Chicken sounds good! And glad you’ve been having fun. Looking forward to some more DF narratives, too.. you write them good!

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