Getting there

Doesn’t look like I can get a replacement motherboard all that easily and there’s gotta be a reason it failed in the first place.

So for now, this is the plan.

Probably with a slightly more meaty power supply and Windows 7 from Software4Students (hopefully). It’s still about ohh… £500 more than we can afford, but whatever. Hopefully it’ll last me another five years+

Might reuse the case from my old computer. It’s an Antec Sonata II with the duct removed and the LEDS that can light up the entire room switched off. There’s another Antec case, possibly a Sonata I, lying around somewhere too. Might be under my bed.

Anyone else got any suggestions?

4 Responses to “Getting there”

  • Looks like it should be a decent spec machine. Have you checked if it’s cheaper to use a ready-made machine, though, and just upgrade the graphics and whatnot?

  • Although I did like the one I saw advertised in a catalogue-thing earlier. Windows Vista! 2gb Ram! Microsoft Works and a 19″ screen!!!! Yours now for only £699(+20% APR)

    I love how it said absolutely nothing.

  • Lol yes … But that way they can get away with sending you any old crap that the supplier happens to have, as you’ve nothing to hold them too. I mailed one place about contradictory statements w.r.t. the graphics card in a laptop when I was last looking for one, and got back, basically, “we don’t know, we’ll get back to you”. They never did. But most people don’t know and don’t care. FSB? What’s that…

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