I can’t seem to make a Chrome extension work, and I can’t find a decent virus scanner, but everything is awesome apart from that.

It wouldn’t accept my Windows7 key, so I had to do a regedit thing to make it listen, but that’s been the only problem so far. Everything is so shiny! And huge! And FAST!

Terence was here over the weekend, and threw a mood going home, ending up with one of the dogs covered in wax, (not on purpose) It’s gonna take all night to groom that out, and she’s gonna smell like lemons for weeks.

Windows7 has been ok so far, the OMG YOU SURE? announcements haven’t been too bad so far because THIS COMPUTER IS SO FAST and I managed to make the taskbar look mostly like XP, I don’t like combined stuff

They decided they were never gonna get that graphics card in stock, so I upgraded to the 5770 for £30 more, but they did throw in a free 2gb pen drive and upgraded it to a saturday 7am delivery for free.

It wasn’t as hard to build/didn’t take as long as I thought it was going to. So that’s ok.

Now I get to play with it until some time next month, at which point college starts!

I signed up for a mechanical engineering course, I’m gonna get to do welding!

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