Migraines seriously knock me out

Been playing Recettear, had the demo going on the laptop but it was playing at 15fps, I love this computer.

Finally managed to get a case fan in it, thought the old mounts would do but they’d all perished, and I ended up sitting with the case open for a week because it was getting incredibly hot. Tempted to buy a second fan for it, even though it runs 20 degrees cooler than my old computer.

Having a computer that can handle sleep mode is fun! The old one just stuttered and refused to come out until you did a hard shut down. Windows 7 is pretty unobtrusive too.

Not sure when college starts, went to the induction day and it all seems fun, hope I can get a bus pass because £4/day bus fare is painful. It’s probably gonna be a full time course, a level 3 diploma over two years, and an NVQ as well to fill the rest of the week. (Apparently the NVQ is mostly practical and the diploma is mostly academic)

Looks fun anyway!

3 Responses to “Migraines seriously knock me out”

  • You mean you want to run hardware with cases and lids on? You’ll never be a geek like that :D :D

    What are you studying? Hope it is indeed fun :-)
    Looks like you can make a saving with bus passes as long as you are full time: http://www.merseytravel.gov.uk/publicationarticle.asp?articleid=337&catid=8

    Keep up the good work!

  • Mechanical Engineering. Welding and stuff.

    And, I was slightly worried I was going to spill my drink into the computer or something. I seem to remember a friend telling me his case was just the cupboard under his desk, and if it started to overheat he just opened the door.

  • Ah that does indeed sound fun. If it’s anything like my Ferranti training, I bet you the first thing you get told to make is a toolbox!

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