My head is broke

When I ordered my computer they sent a free 2gb pen drive with it, “WORLD’S SMALLEST” as proclaimed by the packaging. I’ve lost it 4 times so far, but it’s always managed to turn up again, I’ve got it tied to my purse now, which kinda defeats the fact it’s supposed to be so tiny, but oh well. Emmy ate my 8gb Corsair one, it still works but it’s not got a case, so it’s useless for now.

Shit like this totally breaks my head, though.

I am in love with dropbox. <3

Course is fun, got to play with a lathe, and file a bit of metal, it’s not as full-time as I was expecting but it’s all good!

Uhh, the chicks are getting big, they should start laying eggs soon I hope, I bought “Digest on the diseases of birds” and I just paid out £100 for a bus pass because £4/day, 4 days a week was  getting way too expensive.

Went to a carboot with granddad, didn’t buy much. He finally got round to taking me flying a few weeks ago, it wasn’t what I was expecting. (I was kinda more thinking like this)

That’s all I guess.

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  • It still amazes me that I’ve got a 4GB Micro-SD card that is smaller than my thumbnail, and is some 400 times larger than the first hard drive I owned, a 10MB job that was, along with it’s controller cards & PSU, in a box about the side of a mini-tower PC…! And if you compare it to, say, one of the 1.5TB drives upstairs … that’s 150,000 times the capacity; some day I should work out how large a warehouse I’d need to match my current on-line storage capacity using the old tech…

    Glad you’re enjoying the course! Lathes are fun, if messy when they spray coolant everywhere… John’s doing Art & design … and GCSE Japanese in the evening! Apparently he got a perfect 100% in the introductory course last year..

    Wonder if dad’s got any the old aeroplanes I made when I was about half your age still hidden away. Wouldn’t surprise me :-)

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