Grandma and Granddad gave me some money for going to college (I’m not complaining) so I bought myself a new fountain pen! Whee, hopefully it’ll arrive, and soon! JetPens is just too pretty, and they keep sending me newsletters. Bought a rubber and some cartridges too while I was there but I was restrained!

I can’t write with normal pens, my writing goes horrible after a bit and my arm cramps up.

Took Sophie to the groomers today and got all her fur lopped off. Henrietta may have missed an egg too. Put up a curtain rail but can’t attach the curtain to it yet as we’ve got no hooks or something (Curtains are complicated)

Goin bed anyway, it’s hard to type when the dog is sitting on your lap and licking your hand.

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  • Pens look pretty.. I think I miss having a fountain pen, but I do so little actual writing these days that I can’t see the need. Nobody can read my handwriting anyway..

    Well done on the curtain rail. Good luck with the hooks – I always seem to end up with the wrong sizes ..

    And know exactly what you mean .. new doggie here seems to like crawling onto my chest and trying to bite my chin. Very distracting!

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