First spam comment!

Just got my first spam comment since I installed the captcha.

Found three eggs in the nestbox the other day. Not sure but I think Henrietta may have laid two, also found a shellless egg in the house, so maybe Abigail is working herself up to it.

Moved the chicken house yesterday so it’s facing the path, and I don’t have to go onto the mud three times a day to open/close/check it. Gotta finish tidying up the garden for winter at some point, although I did a bit yesterday. I took the garden bench apart a while ago and put it in the shed, gonna sand it and paint it come spring, as the chickens took to using it as a roost.

I like how the little bedroom looks when all the sawdust is new and clean, like a rabbit hutch! Apparently you can’t really keep chickens in with rabbits, and I think the dogs would have a bit much fun with it.

I looked out the window yesterday and Emmy was having it off with one of the chickens, who, strangely enough, didn’t seem to mind. The other chickens were just watching. They get nervous around the other dogs, but I think they’ve realised Emmy is pretty harmless. She went into heat a few weeks ago and I think it’s still wearing off. Took her to the vet and got her boosters done, dunno if I mentioned that. I probably did. Sophie should be due soon enough.

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  • Spam comments… project website, I’ve got a script that looks them up somewhere on submission. I’ve got 12 legit comments visible on the site, and 3750 (125 pages of 30 each) sat in the “rejected” file..!

    lol @Emmy. Mind you, you’d have it worse with a rabbit in there – the cats were terrified of ours when you were about, um, 18mths old… (so the “do you remember…” I was going to start that sentence with would almost certainly have had the answer “No”..) Bunny would grab any passing cat and do his worst… They used to circumnavigate the yard rather than pass through. Not that that always helped – he could jump over the walls. Most surprising sight, once, was seeing him watching us through the window from the roof of the shed..!

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