I’m neglecting this!

Die2Nite is fun. This college course is gonna fall to bits before a year is out due to absolutely nobody giving a shit.

I bet you know the electronics teacher though. He went on for an hour about how awesome phones and switchboards are (were) and how it’s a shame we’ve lost all that now it’s all done on computers. He wasn’t even supposed to be talking about phones, the lesson was on magnets.

It snowed a little bit! But it’s all melted now. I enjoyed it and I’m glad I wore in my awesome boots. Bought another waterer for the chickens because it keeps freezing solid when I forget to bring it in overnight.

I hope it snows again soon.

Go go stream of conciousness.

1 Response to “I’m neglecting this!”

  • Yep… I’ve missed your writings …

    Phones, ah… a nice subject. One of my many varied geeky interests. At least with computers doing the work, it’s easy to play with. An old PC and a free copy of Asterisk and you can do more, quicker and easier, than the most expensive traditional switchboard. I’ve coded up some nice sophisticated scripts to deal with unwanted cold callers, for instance. Of course, there’s nothing like having the real thing, but I haven’t got the room!

    You stick with the course, though. Even if you end up the only one still doing it at the end, at least you’ll be getting more attention and probably better tuition out of it. And it’ll look good for you too.

    We’ve had the occasional inch of snow here, but it’s lasted for days now … Not enough for a snowman (much to Tiddler’s annoyance) but enough to make the road outside the house “interesting” .. I hope the weather makes it’s mind up one way or another soon.


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