Christmas is coming!

Lots of things have been arriving. Today arrived something mum refuses to disclose, some tea I bought for myself (Happy early Christmas, me!) and a bright pink, glitter covered two headed resin dragon I got for Jenny. Oh and some bath goo for Johnty! I’d love this stuff if we still had a bath. Hopefully he reacts better to it than he did the lego helicopter we got him last year. Which was greeted with “That’s boring, I don’t want that *tosses it down*”

I kept it and built it myself. :( How can anyone be bored with lego!

Bought mum a teapot but it hasn’t arrived yet… Got grandma a mug with “THE BEST GRANDMA” and some words on it, she’ll like that. No idea what to buy granddad so I’ve given up.

All the ice has melted, which I’m kinda relived about. It would have been ok if it’d kept snowing, but instead if just snowed a little, then melted and froze into a slide. I managed to slip twice even in my awesome boots.

Still hanging out on Die2Nite, should be doing homework.

Wondering if I should be joining in the protests. I went to a little one in St.Helens but it was sparse. Cutting EMA is the worst, EMA was one of the few things that kept me going into college when I was doing my GCSEs again.

Oh well.

2 Responses to “Christmas is coming!”

  • I think the postman is going to hate us again this year. Maybe not quite so much as the time a van dropped off an entire mail-sack of packets though!! (somebody went mad buying 99p DVDs off eBay..)

    Bath goo looks fun – I’d seen it in the shops but not really paid attention. Their website makes it look more interesting. Just got my geekside wondering how it works, now.. salt to dissolve it? Hmm.. I can see Jenny’s house getting covered in the stuff though. lol.

    I think a lot of the current student protests are being stirred up by the media, and people believing what they read without actually looking into how it would affect them – e.g. the new student loans will cost people £540 a year LESS than they would pay in the current system, albeit for longer..

    EMA will be a blow, mind. It sounds like the replacement is going to be totally ineffective.

  • Looking at that link, it’ll be £540/yr less, but you’re stuck with it for much longer, it’ll now rise with inflation and you’re also locked into it so you can’t repay early?

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