Another migraine. I wonder if I’m allergic to something or if I should try going to the doctors.

Edit : Ok. I went to the doctors, there was a different doctor from last time and she was pretty ok. She said that it’s probably either food-related or stress. I guess it could be stress, it’s not exactly been the easiest couple of months. My aunt’s cancer’s finally killing her, (Well, the radiotherapy is killing her) and my Grandma had a stroke a couple of days ago. On top of Onni dying and getting the two puppies which chew through everything, (two DS chargers this week alone) it’s not been the most relaxing couple of months.

Doctor-lady said to keep a food diary and go back in 6-8 weeks if I’m still getting them, and she also gave me a perscription for ibuprofen. Said to take one right away if I start to go blind. I took one at 9am this morning but it didn’t stop the headache, that’s only started to go away in the last couple of hours, really, but we’ll see. I am glad I didn’t get the doctor I got last time though, I didn’t like him. He seemed to take everything I said as fake, he acted like he was being paid per patient and like he just wanted me out of there as soon as possible, which seeing as he works 4 different practices, I wouldn’t be surprised by.

Not taking the dogs out again today, it’s gotten dark already, I’ll try tomorrow instead.



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