Site went down randomly, yesterday, apparently they were doing something to the server, or something. It’s always been fairly reliable so far though, and for something like £25 a year, it’s not too bad. If I put a link here, I also get somehting like 10% off next time I have to pay! but since I pay yearly, I guess there’s not much point :p I think I’m also on an older plan, which was cheaper, works out to around $3/month.

Hmm. Yesterday was halloween, that was fun. I carved my pumpkin and it came out awesome, and I got to hand out sweets to all the kids that came by. There’s loads around here, didn’t used to see more than one or two where we lived before, but there was enough last night that we ran out of sweets.  Emmy kept escaping and running rings around them, one poor kid fell over trying to catch her. I’ll upload a picture of the pumpkin later, as well as another video I took of the dogs.

As far as we know, grandma’s still in hospital, tried to phone granddad earlier but he was out or something, he didn’t answer the phone anyway. Lets hope nothing’s happened to him as well…

Things to note down : p Things to buy! Things to watch out for.


A Ride in the Neon Sun Tera you should read this, it’s shiny. It’s about a woman who bikes all around Japan. :p See if you can find a copy somewhere.

The War of the  Dwarves Apparently it comes out in English on March 4th. The first book was awesomeness.

Kingkiller book 2 Amazon says april 2010, but who knows.

Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb – March 2010 apparently. I should pre-order it maybe.

One, two Terry Prachett books I should pick up at some point.

There should be a new Tamora Pierce – Circle of Magic book out in 2010, maybe 2011. It’s listed on the side but it’s still untitled /sigh. Yeah fine they’re kids books, but I’ve been following them since I was 10!


L4D2 – Not sure if I should pre-order it or not. Apparently, if you pre-order you get a baseballbat, and if you don’t, you get to use the baseball bat as long as somebody else who pre-ordered is in your team. Or something. I just don’t like feeling as if I’m missing out. :p

Dragon Age – This looks fun, but I might wait till christmas.

Diablo III – I wanted to play this with Onni… He dragged me though D2, and I was looking forward to this. I dunno without him, I guess I’ll end up getting it eventually anyway, but it won’t be as much fun. :/

Cataclysm – Again, it seems pointless without Onni.  My account isn’t even paid up at the moment, I go through phases and I just couldn’t be bothered to keep playing. I’ll leave the note for it here, and probably will pick it up eventually. Half my characters are stuck around 40, waiting to level up with his. My warlock and his pala, my druid and his druid, my warrior and his priest…


Not really to buy, but to watch.

Intacto – This looks interesting.  Apparently it’s what this video is based off.

The Mad Max films – Onni sent me these and I’ve never gotten round to actually watching them all. I found the first one very confusing.

I also have the Rocky films in my downloads folder, I liked the first one.

The Adventures of Mark Twain – I have no idea. I downloaded it because it looked slightly surreal and haven’t ever got around to watching it.

The Brave Little Toaster – I should watch that too.

The Dark Knight has been shifting around my room for the past few months, I should watch it already.

Maybe I’ll add to this more later, or maybe not. Should be a useful list anyway.

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