Pokemon is still fun!

day 09 – a song that changed the way I view myself

Man, I set myself all the challenges don’t I… This one took thinking about. Don’t laugh.

Good Charlotte – The Young and the Hopeless. – The Anthem

Haha, I still remember all the words. I said don’t laugh, after a few months I graduated onto Green Day, then.. Alkaline Trio, (<3) then I met Onni and he went "wtf are you listening to?" and I gave it up. But it was the first thing I listened to where I thought "Maybe I can listen to and admit to liking music, maybe I should see what else there is out there" I still don't mind Green Day, the kids next door blast it in the summer, makes me think of mowing the lawn to Warning and American Idiot on a hot summers day. Not that we have a lawn at the moment. The chicken coop is so much better up on the patio, apart from the fact the mud won't rot the wood, it's just much more accessible. Might put down some grass seed and limit the chickens to the main flower beds for a couple of weeks, it's worth a thought. Pokemon is still fun!

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