day 02 – favorite cover version

Hmmm. I don’t listen to much covers, I don’t listen to much music to be honest, I should find more but I tend to just obsess over the same people in phases. So I’ll have to vote for this: Cake: Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town.

We went out today, I bought the first Paladin’s Legacy book, almost bought a new DS and pokemon White, but I’d forgotten my cash card, might go back on monday and do it, Pokemon is only £10 if you buy it with a DS and a preowned one is only £69. Pokemon on it’s own is £25-£30, and if I find my old DS I can give it to mum, she’s pretty much worn hers out and mine is in decent nick now it’s been repaired.

Then came home and played more SpaceChem, I wonder when the demo runs out.

Still watching Dexter, daamn. I’m liking it despite the fact I keep having to pause it to breathe, I don’t cope well with tension. (Almost done with ep10 now) (Scratch that ep11)

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