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day 06 – a song that reminds me of somewhere

Well, this is an album really. KT. Tunstall – Eye to the Telescope. It reminds me of sitting in a deserted pancake resturant/aquarium shop in the middle of Wales, with Jenny and Grandma and a very small Jonty, eating pancakes and looking at the koi carp while this played over the speakers.

Good song.

Played with PLCs again at college today, enquired about going on to do it at Uni or something, it was fun and I wouldn’t mind doing more, more than anything else I’ve done on this course so far. Got the results back last week for the Functional Skills exams, passed English, failed maths, nothing for IT but I know I passed it. It’s not going too badly, I’ll pass next time.

Played more Pokemon, 4th badge! New DS is nice too, it might just be because I’m not using the ezflash but I swear it holds a charge longer. Plus now mum’s got my old one she’s stopped complaining about how broken hers is, result!

WordPress is a bit of a pain about embedding videos…

Wrote this up last night and then forgot to post it.

day 05 – a song that reminds me of someone

Chibi – MSI – Stupid Motherfucker

Onni – Nick Cave – Nature Boy
I remember him sending me this, among of a lot of other songs.

I’ve always been bad at admitting I listen to music, it’s always just been easier to say “nah” then “yeah I like that” I guess because if I say “yeah” then I feel I have to justify it. I’m trying to get over that though. (One of the reasons I’m doing this and sticking with the last.fm)

Bought a new DS, well, preowned, but new to me. It’s turquoise! Got Pokemon with it and whee it’s fun! Ended up getting it from Game, the DSes were £10 more expensive but Pokemon was free, so it came out to the same price, only I have a reward card there.

I like it so far, it’s Pokemon, not much more to say, but I like the way they’ve gone with this version.


day 04 – a song that makes me sad

Couple of years ago we moved to a new house, I didn’t want to move, I hated it here, I couldn’t do what I wanted at college and it was basically the culmination of several years of shit. I came upstairs, switched on my mp3 player, and this what came on. It just summed up everything.

I’m an idiot, I slept most of today and now I’m feeling ill, not as bad as I did an hour ago, but not brilliant. Sigh.

Day 3

day 03 – a song that makes me happy

Easy. This song makes me stupidly happy and I don’t know why. Protomen: Light Up the Night.

Didn’t really do anything today, brother was here, I found my DS and gave it to mum to replace hers and I’m gonna get a new one and Pokemon on Monday, I can walk into town at lunchtime. Also watched the second season of Misfits, verdict: worth watching. Like Heroes but without the bullshit saving the world stuff.

I forgot, I spent another £10 on die2nite a few days back, it was sort of an impulse buy. I did miss having the powers though.

I need to sit down and properly do my homework tomorrow. xD


day 02 – favorite cover version

Hmmm. I don’t listen to much covers, I don’t listen to much music to be honest, I should find more but I tend to just obsess over the same people in phases. So I’ll have to vote for this: Cake: Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town.

We went out today, I bought the first Paladin’s Legacy book, almost bought a new DS and pokemon White, but I’d forgotten my cash card, might go back on monday and do it, Pokemon is only £10 if you buy it with a DS and a preowned one is only £69. Pokemon on it’s own is £25-£30, and if I find my old DS I can give it to mum, she’s pretty much worn hers out and mine is in decent nick now it’s been repaired.

Then came home and played more SpaceChem, I wonder when the demo runs out.

Still watching Dexter, daamn. I’m liking it despite the fact I keep having to pause it to breathe, I don’t cope well with tension. (Almost done with ep10 now) (Scratch that ep11)

Lots of things today

30 Day Song Challenge

day 01 – my favourite song
day 02 – favorite cover version
day 03 – a song that makes me happy
day 04 – a song that makes me sad
day 05 – a song that reminds me of someone
day 06 – a song that reminds me of somewhere
day 07 – a song that reminds me of a certain event
day 08 – a song that you know all the words to
day 09 – a song that I can dance to
day 10 – favourite music video
day 11 – a song from my favorite band
day 12 – favourite song from a movie
day 13 – a song that is a guilty pleasure
day 14 – a song that no one would expect me to love
day 15 – a song that describes me
day 16 – a song that Iused to love but now hate
day 17 – a song that I hear often on the radio that I love
day 18 – my  romantic song
day 19 – a song from my favorite album
day 20 – a song that I listen to when I’m angry
day 21 – a song that I listen to when I’m happy
day 22 – a song that I listen to when I’m sad
day 23 – a song that I want to play at my wedding
day 24 – a song that I want to play at my funeral
day 25 – Most played song on my itunes
day 26 – Favourite collaboration
day 27 – Song that reminds of drunk/party times
day 28 – Favourite should have been a single song
day 29 – a song from my childhood
day 30 – my favorite song at this time last year

Could be interesting. I don’t think I have a favorite song, it changes depending on my mood, but I guess at the moment these two are vying for top spot: The Butthole Surfers: Pepper and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Today’s Lesson.

I tidied up the garden today, dug over the two beds, picked up the plastic greenhouse from where the winds a few weeks ago had left it. Spent about two hours on it I guess, it looks better now. The apple tree has buds on! While I was digging the two beds Emmy decided to help, she started off by digging with me, but then ended up just rolling in it. I had to hose her down before I could even take her into the house to shower her. When the plastic greenhouse fell over it left mud everywhere, to the point you could probably grow plants on the patio without pots, so I hosed all that away into the beds and Emmy helped there too by drinking it and rolling in the mush whenever she got the chance.

Sophie stood in the kitchen and barked.

It was frosty this morning, all the water was frozen and there was about a 10ft visibility due to heavy fog, but by the time I got home a couple of hours later I could work in the garden without a coat on, it’s improving fast!

Been playing the SpaceChem demo today and watching s05 of Dexter, went into college but only had one lesson, CAD, which is pretty fun. Got to play with PLCs on Tuesday, making lights go on and off and stuff, fun fun. I wouldn’t mind doing more of that. Ink cartridges arrived so I can use my fountain pen again! I think when these run out I might move onto bottled ink but we’ll see. Apparently they’ve discontinued making that pen, shame, I was considering buying another one.

I finished the Kethani book Kirrus sent me, not bad although I kept waiting for a twist or revelation that never appeared. (Which I suppose is a twist in itself)  it says at the end they were mostly short stories published at different times, and that makes it make a bit more sense. I liked it.

Also finished Oath of Gold (Thankyou :D) it got more interesting towards the end even if it did make me a bit uncomfortable reading it on the bus, considering buying the next one and I will read more of her stuff.

I never did finish the second Dwarves book, I think that’s up next.