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Oh yeah, I promised a post didn’t I.

:p Sorry I’ve been absent, college got hectic all of a sudden and then I re-discovered Minecraft and whoops, here I am. I’ll try and get back into daily postings, gonna go back and edit some of the songs I copped out on, like the one from a movie. I haven’t actually been listening to much music lately, been busy doing other things that it interferes with.


day 18 – the first song I heard from a band I love

That’s a big one. A lot of the songs I’ve got are ones Onni sent me, like the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds one that I did a few posts back.

So I’m going for Butthole Surfers – Pepper

Saw the lyrics under somebodys avatar on SomethingAwful, followed it and ended up there. Good AudioSurf music.

Things I have done this week:

Made my AHK alarm clock even more awesome. (Variables!) It’s much easier to edit the time and stuff now, I really should try programming properly again, I’m sure I’d be good at it once I got into it, but if I don’t have something I want to make I just get distracted and forget…

We built an awesome castle on Minecraft! Here is my screenshots folder! You can’t really see the castle but it’s cool! I’ll take more pictures later.

Sent off Strawberry Magic, this CD burner is kinda iffy, maybe I shouldn’t have bought the cheapest one… Also sent Chibi a birthday present (joint with Tera) which he will install himself without wimping out. <3 Kirrus bought me Sanctum, so I got him a book. Sanctum is fun if a little short at the moment. Back to Minecraft!

Eh, whatever.

Started doing something.

Got distracted.

Spent several hours playing with autohotkey. Made some shiny new Chrome keys to search youtube and such, made back/forward work as I always expect them to. Sucks Chrome doesn’t come with changeable hotkeys but I guess it’s been good for me in the long run.

Since I have nothing else to show for today, here.


Just open it in notepad or something.

nom nom meaty meat

Had a roast dinner for.. dinner, Terence made some fairy cakes which came out absolutely TERRIBLE and seem to consist of nothing but sugar. His recipe ended up something like, one handful of flour, one tablespoon of butter, half a bag of sugar, one egg. He insists they’re perfect and they’re supposed to be crispy, flat, hollow and once you get into them, slightly chewy, but I’m not arguing with him.

Played L4D2 last night. It was awesomeness. Me and Tera also looked up prices and dates for going back to visit. It shouldn’t be that expensive, but what with me having no money what-so-ever at the moment and me being nervous to leave mum alone incase she ends up in hospital again… Date at the moment is Feb 8th until Feb 15th, or something. Feb 8th until Feb 14th was £10 more expensive.

I applied for an ID-Card application form and it arrived. Guess I should go for it, my passport only lasts a year, being an emergency one and runs out in September. ID card is more limited, but cheaper.

Messed around with Autohotkey and made my capslock into a button of awesome. Having an Enter key all the way over there is so nice.

It hasn’t snowed again, but it has been frosty all day, so you never know.

Started watching the film Intacto, but got distracted by The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and mum finding things for me to do every 7 minutes. (She managed to call me three times in 20 minutes, I’m not even sure what she wanted. Normally it’s “fill in this line on this game” or “watch this funny moment on telly” and it ends up taking me half an hour)

Missed Doctor Who earlier, will have to iplayer it. I’ll post about the film when I’ve had a chance to finish it.


Didn do much today, feeling kinda meh. Put some bird feeders in the garden, watched the cat attempt to hunt birds. Ate some fruit. Missed 7pm nap because of sudden random but severe pain. Lasted about an hour before painkillers properly kicked in.

Went downstairs this morning, picked up the post, found a package with a book in. Apparently I won it!


Gonna spend tonight playing Noepets games, reading the Narutatu manga (I never finished the anime) and reading that book. Maybe I’ll even attempt to do the thing Tera challenged me to do, again. I don’t really get what I’m supposed to do. :/

Oh yeah, I also improved my alarm program, but I just thought of a way to make it better so I guess I’ll do that later too.

I initially forgot to add a title to this post.

Went shopping yesterday, I think it was the first time I’d left the house in like, 2 weeks. (It doesn’t stop raining, and one of the dogs is on heat) Because mum’s not well and we have no car, we do all the food-shopping online, and to be honest, we end up doing most of the non-food shopping online too. This morning we got a CD, a dog lead and a roll of magnetic tape for the catflap. There’s at least three DS chargers and probably some more silly little things also currently on their way. Anyone in the UK, this thing is quite cool, give them your address, and they send you free tea! They don’t ask for credit card details or anything so there’s no hidden charges I can see. I can verify they actually do send it too. :p And while you’re at it, why not have some free chocolate or a shiny poster!

Brother was home on Sunday, complaining his DS is broken and won’t charge, but as he hadn’t actually bothered to bring it with him… School won’t give him his laptop back either. It was an on-loan thing with their warranty and insurance,  so they’ll fix it, but they say he’s gotta keep it at school now. He went away for three days on some trip thing (it was called outward bound or something, I guess it’s just a chance for disabled kids to go hiking or drown themselves) and he left it in his room. When he came back, his laptop screen looked like this :

Ignore my pirate-ways. The manager of the place he’s living says it broke because Terence kicked it. I don’t think that’s the case, and Terence himself is denying it strongly, but oh well, what’s done is done. Probably one of the other kids got hold of it and dropped it or something, he was stupid to leave it behind in his room instead of leaving it with us or getting them to put it in the safe. It’s a shame, I really enjoyed setting up that laptop for him, all he wanted was the dos games he used to play when he was 5, so he had a few hundred of those, there were lots of Popcap games, a Gameboy emulator with all his Pokemon games and a nice favs page in Opera. It was fun stuff.

I’m still using GoogleChrome, it doesn’t spaz out over things as much as opera, and it’s not a bad browser, but it’s still not half as nice. I keep finding things it won’t do, like if I open that image and press the forward key on my mouse, Opera skips on ahead to the next image in the directory, but Chrome doesn’t do that and I’m not sure if I can make it.

Tera’s trying to get me to learn Ruby, but I’ve actually spent the last week raping my sleeping patterns (Going to bed at 8am, getting up at 12, that sort of thing) and playing with autohotkey. It’s awesomeness, I <3 it. Here, have some awesome.

Edit : Oh yeah, and I also bought a copy of Neverwhere yesterday, about 1/4 through and loving it so far.


Playing with GoogleChrome, I got an invite to the GoogleWave beta earlier and Opera couldn’t handle it, Opera was also having issues with some other sites. Chrome actually likes WordPress a lot more than Opera too it seems, this post suddenly has a spellchecker.

The only thing I’m disliking about Chrome so far is the fact you can’t change or disable keyboard shortcuts. I’ve downloaded this thing called “Autohotkey” to fix that, though, and I think I’m in love. It would be better by loads if Chrome came with it’s own shortcut editor, as you can’t change the ones that’re preset (I can’t have ctrl+n for a new tab instead of a new window, for instance, or ctrl+d for paste-and-go because it opens some stupid bookmarks thing) but you can work around those.


Ballistas are fun.