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Cage – I don’t know why I titled this “Cage” I looked and there it was.

Almond cake was awesome, Emmy is silly, the flower is from a thing I got for christmas, you put the tea ball into the hot water and it blooms into a flower, and the random picture of the ceiling, I dunno where that came from but it’d make a nice wallpaper.


I dunno, that was just a random amalgamation of sounds.

Stuff has been ok! College is getting there, I baked the most amazing awesome cake twice and would bake a third if we weren’t out of Cranberries. Mine didn’t sink in the middle either. Granddad ate at least three slices. I will make that again, and I will make more stuff with that flaked almond topping, it would probably go well with Blueberries.

I dropped my shiny pen and it got scratched down one side. I was stupid and put it in my trouser pocket instead of my coat, and stupid pocket had a hole in it and it fell out and some old man stood on it. But it still works so it’s ok! At least I noticed it’d fallen out.

New chicken is settling in fine. We got four eggs today! So they’re all laying for once. That’s pretty awesome. I think the neigbours are going to start getting gifts of eggs soon.

The weather has been improving, went to a carboot with Granddad today but there was only six stalls, I guess because it rained yesterday and it’s been very windy. It’s been raining more but it’s not half as cold as it was, I’m glad. Gonna wire around the two slightly raised beds in the garden so that the chickens can’t trample them, and cut back the rose bush which suddenly grew to 12ft high last year for no disernable reason. I guess it liked me digging up the ground or something, because there’d been no sign of it before and it was a sort of wild-rose flower that it produced instead of the normal flowers. The bushes themselves are probably as old as the house which is pretty interesting.


Not entirely to scale

Gonna put the greenhouse next to the shed and move the chicken house. Could put a little fence and a gate at the bottom of the beds but then the dogs would be stuck in the little patio bit. The two trees are still only about 3ft tall.


I’ve tidied up a lot more since these were taken. But I forgot to put the bins out last week and can’t do much until they’re emptied. Gonna start clearing out the shed and buy some bins for chicken feed, next.

Burnt meat on the little bucket barbaque yesterday, my hair still smells of smoke. Partly because I also burnt a whole magazine and several junk letters. I’m sad we haven’t had more political propoganda through the letterbox, all we’ve gotten so far is a letter from a lib dem candidate we can’t even vote for and one from the tory candidate. Still not feeling great, but a bit better than I did yesterday. Just a bit. Might be dairy that’s doing it, but it’s kinda hard to avoid…

Tempted to go make a cake, anyway. Away!

They should all have descriptions. Click and click again for big!

Apparently the alt-text option doesn’t work. Irritating.

nom nom meaty meat

Had a roast dinner for.. dinner, Terence made some fairy cakes which came out absolutely TERRIBLE and seem to consist of nothing but sugar. His recipe ended up something like, one handful of flour, one tablespoon of butter, half a bag of sugar, one egg. He insists they’re perfect and they’re supposed to be crispy, flat, hollow and once you get into them, slightly chewy, but I’m not arguing with him.

Played L4D2 last night. It was awesomeness. Me and Tera also looked up prices and dates for going back to visit. It shouldn’t be that expensive, but what with me having no money what-so-ever at the moment and me being nervous to leave mum alone incase she ends up in hospital again… Date at the moment is Feb 8th until Feb 15th, or something. Feb 8th until Feb 14th was £10 more expensive.

I applied for an ID-Card application form and it arrived. Guess I should go for it, my passport only lasts a year, being an emergency one and runs out in September. ID card is more limited, but cheaper.

Messed around with Autohotkey and made my capslock into a button of awesome. Having an Enter key all the way over there is so nice.

It hasn’t snowed again, but it has been frosty all day, so you never know.

Started watching the film Intacto, but got distracted by The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and mum finding things for me to do every 7 minutes. (She managed to call me three times in 20 minutes, I’m not even sure what she wanted. Normally it’s “fill in this line on this game” or “watch this funny moment on telly” and it ends up taking me half an hour)

Missed Doctor Who earlier, will have to iplayer it. I’ll post about the film when I’ve had a chance to finish it.


Didn do much today. My throat is sore and I think I’m getting a cold. Might make a lemon cake in a bit.

Dunno. Maybe.

Market day

Don’t really remember doing anything yesterday, but apparently I made biscuits, and mum made mincemeat for the mince pies, and I tidied the kitchen again. The biscuits were fairly inedible, but apparently you’re supposed to use them as christmas tree decorations or something? I forgot to poke holes in them before I baked them, anyway. Gonna tidy the living room tomorrow and put the tree up, brother is here on sunday and we were gonna do it with him, but since we wanna go out there wouldn’t really be time.

Took the pups to the groomers today, got their faces trimmed. They’re unrecognisable! Groomer lady said they were both utterly bonkers and that we should try and desentatise them to having their faces and eyes touched. Hair in the eyes is probably always gonna be a problem with them, so I guess it’s a good idea.

Booked myself in for an eye test on Monday, went to Tescos, bought lots of fruit. They’re finally doing those orange-type-things they only do at Christmas that’re really easy to peel, bought like, 10 of those and I’ll probably eat them all. I have two on my desk waiting at the moment. (Along with a beef-paste sandwich, some oreo cookies, some grapes, some cheese footballs and one very hopeful Emmy – edit 5 mins later, scratch the sandwich :D nom nom)

Had a hotdog and a waffle in the only cafe in town (Stupid middle of nowhere place, there is a McDonalds but it’s so out of the way it’s not worth going to. His hotdogs are really awesome though, best I’ve ever had. Better than ikea ones!) then walked around the market, bought a couple of pretty rocks that I’ll take a picture of later. One is a very lumpy turquoise, the other looks like marble or something, I liked it because it looked like somebody had painted it.

The groomers was expensive, but worth it, they plucked their ears and everything. Walked both pups there, but had to carry Sophie home, she was falling asleep in the ladys arms while I was paying. Walking there was her first time on the lead, she tried to fight it a bit, but overall she did ok. Was funny watching her walk a few steps, and then suddenly fight it like mad, and try and backflip into the road, then walk normally again.

Was a fun day.

Cakes and things.

Keep finding myself going back to using Opera instead of Chrome, so I end up with both of them open :/

I napped earlier, dreamt AND woke up with my alarm! But I missed the 7pm nap and the 8pm nap I was gonna take instead, because my brother was here and mum’s having a really bad day.

Me and Terence made a vanilla lemon sponge cake earlier, made two actually, but made them in loaf tins instead of round ones, because we made it while the dinner was cooking and it took longer than expected and finding round tins is hard. It split on the top like this and went a really nice colour, at which point mum convinced me to turn the oven off.

It sank like, 4 inches, went totally and utterly flat, shrunk in on itself and the split bit just ended up looking wrong. We ate the worse looking one (It tasted of lemon and awesome, even if it was a bit gooey) but I’ll go downstairs later and take a pic of the other one, just for the sheer wrongness of it.

Yes that was my dinner a couple of days ago. The rolls were hot from the oven and it woulda looked better if we hadn’t run out of walnuts.


Didn’t get to go out today after all… Mum wasn’t feeling well enough. She has good days and bad days. :/ It didn’t seem worth going on my own, so I made some pancakes instead. I’d have made a sponge cake too but we’re out of flour. I want a proper one, with lots of vanilla, and jam and wipped cream. Since we were out of flour, I used batter mix for the pancakes, but I wasn’t impressed, I think I’ll stick to my awesome american-pancake-mix recipe next time.

So yeah, I ended up just playing more Dragon Age today, according to the character sheet I’m 14% of the way through or something. It’s a lot of fun, I put my warrior to one side earlier and made a mage, it’s interesting to see everything again from a different point of view, my first character was a nice friendly dwarf warrior, second character is an elf mage with a chip on her shoulder. They put such an amazing amount of work into this game, the voice acting alone…

I washed both puppies yesterday, it’s funny how they both have such different personalities. Emmy sat down on the bottom of the shower, put her face in the water and enjoyed the whole thing. Sophie  on the other hand, kept trying to run away, shook a lot and cried exactly like a baby. The whole time I was washing Sophie, Emmy kept trying to drink the water. I went back in there an hour or so later for something and Emmy followed me, sat down in the shower and barked, like she wanted me to do it again.

After I’d washed them and was having a quick shower myself, Sophie stood around and cried and shivered and looked generally miserable, while Emmy spotted the towel, dragged it onto the floor and then proceeded to roll around on it… Apparently Shih’Tzus are supposed to be untrainable, but I don’t think we’re gonna have any trouble with her! Sophie on the other hand…


The oil burner I bought.


This was sticky. I got absolutely covered in it and had to go take a shower afterwards.

But they turned out like this in the end, and they taste good, so everything is shiny! I like how the one in the top right looks like an overweight penguin. The recipe for them is from here. I didn’t make the hot chocolate though, since I had no chocolate and no food colouring. :p I put the heat on too high at first and that’s why they went brown, so I’ve gotta remember that for next time. Might halve the recipie if I make them again aswell, I did three trays and still had half the mixture left over. (It’s sitting in an icecream tub in the freezer, waiting to entangle and ensnare any unwary adventurer seeking icecream)

The Finnish biscuits I totally and utterly failed at. Again, they taste good though. (You can see I already started eating them, even in that picture) I’ll try making them again some time this week, and doing it properly, once we have more flour and butter. I found a recipie for gingerbread that looks decent too, and we have guests coming on thursday. So I shall have some fun.

That is how much I failed. Those were supposed to be biscuits. I decided after a while that the mix looked more like cake mix and poured it into a cupcake tray, with this result.

Oh and I found a picture of my cat, figured I’d throw it in. :D

Tomorrow, pictures of the new puppy… Yes, that’s two puppies now. Four dogs in total. Four dogs, two hamsters and one cat. My bedroom floor shall never recover! We bought a carpet washer yesterday and it arrived today, gonna have some fun playing with that.

Poor new puppy’s not well though, it came from a house where everyone smoked, and the vet said it’s lungs have got so much crap in them she couldn’t actually hear it’s heartbeat over the noise. She gave her a shot to open up her airways and clear out any infection, and the pup perked up a lot, I guess being able to breathe really does make a difference. :p She actually started sitting up and wandering around, instead of just lying in the corner and wheezing. We’re gonna take her back next week to see if her lungs have improved, have tests to see if she’s got a heart defect and possibly get her the first set of shots (Woman who owned her said she was 7 weeks old but the vet thinks that’s not likely since puppy has no teeth, probably more like 5)

We haven’t really confirmed on a name for her yet either. Asti, (After the booze) Sophie and “The retarded one” are all in the running. I’ll try and get some photos of her for tomorrow. While Emmy never stops moving, the retard-puppy still mostly sleeps. Wonder what she’ll be like when she’s grown a couple of weeks and her lungs have cleared themselves out.

(Also, WordPress is being a real pain about inserting images, I wonder what all that’s about. I had to go into the html-view and do it manually eventually)