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Day 3

day 03 – a song that makes me happy

Easy. This song makes me stupidly happy and I don’t know why. Protomen: Light Up the Night.

Didn’t really do anything today, brother was here, I found my DS and gave it to mum to replace hers and I’m gonna get a new one and Pokemon on Monday, I can walk into town at lunchtime. Also watched the second season of Misfits, verdict: worth watching. Like Heroes but without the bullshit saving the world stuff.

I forgot, I spent another £10 on die2nite a few days back, it was sort of an impulse buy. I did miss having the powers though.

I need to sit down and properly do my homework tomorrow. xD

I love how easy wordpress is to upgrade…

No fucking around with uploading and backups and shit. Just OK THX BYE.

Tera and his friends stayed here overnight on.. Thursday I think. It was shiny even if I was a terrible host.

Thinking about getting an Orpington chicken to replace Peep Peep. They’re huge and fluffy and when I went to get the Light Sussex there were two there raising the chicks and I wanted them. (They make good mothers, they go broody quite a bit and THEY’RE MASSIVE) Hopefully we can get hold of one or we’ll wait till Henrietta or Hermia go broody and let them raise a couple of eggs.

This thing here looks fairly interesting. I hope they get the funding to finish it. I remember going on Newgrounds a lot when I was younger, but I haven’t been back in a while. There was some great stuff on there but there was some total crap too. Might donate a couple of $ to it if it’ll let me although I’m not a great fan of Kickstarter.

Been playing a lot of Dwarf Fortress the last week, but my current fort pissed me off so I’m going to play Crawl for a bit instead.

Title Goes Here

I saw another steam train go by the other day, about 23:30, the smoke was all lit up orange from the sparks and all the passenger carriages were lit up through the trees. It was pretty.

The chickens are still layin two eggs a day and I’m going with granddad to get them a couple more friends tomorrow. Need another bag of pellets too. The feedstore is only two miles away but I have no way of carrying the bag home.

I walked the dogs 4 miles or so the other day, found a nice stream Emmy and Bella could swim in without drowning and they all enjoyed it, even if Sophie was too nervous to jump in and her sheep-wool-like coat absorbs water like a sponge. I’m not allowed to walk them for the next few days though because they went to the groomers yesterday and they look and smell nice at the moment. (She coats them in perfume or something, if they’re not walked, the smell stays for around a month)

I watched the first season of Merlin the other day, not the best thing I’ve ever seen, but not bad either, I watched all of Flame of Recca, caught up on the Hunter x Hunter manga and read some of the Flame of Recca manga again. Might watch the HxH anime though again just for the hell of it, I have the real thing on DVDs but the subs are pretty terrible.

Me and mum made jam yesterday, it came out pretty well. Strawberry and Redcurrant, and Elderberry. There’s more redcurrants and some gooseberries in the fridge so we need to use those up too.

I dunno. Worked out that if I go through the park, I can walk the dogs 4+ miles only crossing three roads (Well, three there three back) and having to walk 50m or so up one. That’s kinda nice, it takes longer to put the leads on than they’re actually being used. I guess it’s not too bad around here I still miss Manchester but I guess that won’t go away. We couldn’t have had four dogs there, or chickens really.

It seems the pulled muscle I’ve had in my leg has finally healed, (it stuck around for like, three weeks and came back every time I walked over a mile) so I should start messing with my bike again.

The dog warden came round and chipped the dogs the other day, I already got Emmy done at the vet (£27) but the dog warden will come to your house and do it for £5 a dog. Not bad! We got the big two done, we weren’t gonna at the prices the vet was charging, but for £5 it’s pretty good.

So yeah, apart from that I’ve just been playing games. I’ve thrown 21hrs into King’s Bounty, 25 into Audiosurf and am trying to play Altitude more, but it’s a little dead in the evenings which is kinda annoying. More damn people need to own and play this game!

Oh and I bought Necrovision during the sale and it’s the only thing so far that can reliably make my computer reboot itself! (It does so when I try and open it) does this mean it’s likely a graphics card problem? I have a shitty cheap graphics card. (Radeon 3600 or something)

To be honest I need a new computer…

Random video

Uploaded this at the same time.

May as well give it it’s own post.



Dentist lady booked me in, going back tomorrow, 12:35. Ibuprofen is a miracle drug and I’ve basically been overdosing on it today, so I guess it’s probably an abscess. It’s not getting any smaller. Abscess is also a really weirdly spelt word.

Put a new motor in the Dyson, £16 refurbished off eBay, + special star-shaped screwdrivers. Still a lot cheaper than getting a new Dyson. I think the motors are £40 new. I managed to break the old motor, it’s… Complicated. It’s now sitting outside for the scrap metal guy anyway.

Still haven’t done the front gate, but I did tidy up the front garden a bit, gonna go out tomorrow if I get a chance and buy screws and metal spray, apparently we used up the previous can, and I can’t find the bag of screws that was in the toolbox.

Apparently there’s a Picross 3D due out in English in a day or two, that should be fun. Mum finished the DS game she’s been obsessing over and is currently a bit lost.

Hmm. According to Amazon, both Dragon Haven and The War of the Dwarves come out tomorrow, so that should be good assuming they arrive on time, there’s a couple of other books I’m thinking of getting too.

Currently trying to read The Dragonbone Chair, but it’s just not grabbing me so far. I’ll stick with it though as long as I can be bothered, it’s got some good reviews and I got a really nice copy off eBay for a couple of quid, it’s well read and soft and easy to read.

Time for more painkillers I think.

Oh well

Wanted to post something before midnight, but site was down. Went into the live chat and got “No, your server had to be reboot due to a problem” maybe that’s the problems you’ve been seeing?

This, is well impressive.


*goes back to browsing somethingawful*

New Years Eve.

The long new-years rant I wrote? Not posting it. xD I got so annoyed typing it out that I ended up slamming doors and shouting at people. Lets just say 2009 was a really, really, really shit year, and leave it at that.

Happy just-about-new-year! Lets hope it’s better than 2009. Not that that would be difficult.

Aims for 2010!!

1. Survive to 2011.  Seems a decent enough goal.

2. lrn2program. srsly. Motivation is the key! Problem is, I don’t get motivated unless I have something I actually want to make, and the guides are boring. I should make that Dwarf Tera keeps going on about. Make it awesomely over complicated and break all the rules Tera has carefully ingrained in his head. Again.

3. lrn2drive. Interestingly, Googling “lrn2″ brings up driving lessons, I thought it was a WoW thing.

4. Meet Tera and Chibi. Under not quite such awful circumstances this time hopefully. Although no circumstances could be that bad again.

5. Visit Finland again (Although this one is fairly unlikely it would be nice)

– 5.5 If I visit Finland at the right time, lrn2ski. :p Pavili promises she’ll teach me and Tera if we go back and there’s snow. <3

6. Keep this blog going as long as I can.

7. Stretch septum piercing one size up, maybe two. What’s the point of having a bull-ring if it’s all thin and weedy. Only restriction at the moment is money. Always money. :/

8. Get a tattoo. I’ve been considering it for well over a year now, time to find out prices. Same restriction as above, though.

– 8.5 Break it to mum. Took me like, two months to admit the nose piercing, tattoo is less easy to hide.

9. Go Polyphasic again, putting this off because I’ll have to ditch it if I go meet Tera again. In the long term, it’s fun but impractical.

10. Teach Emmy something useful, like “crap outside” or “don’t chew that” at the moment all she has is “sit” and “alert Koco I want the light off by barking at the light switch”

Maybe get another piercing, read more books, watch more tv shows. Finish watching Dollhouse and wait patiently for the next series of Dexter and Being Human (And Survivors!). Catch up on How I Met Your Mother and House. Play more Dragon Age and L4D2. Be more religious about mowing the lawn and doing gardening. Write a book and keep this blog going. Lots of shiny things.



Not done much today that I can remember. Played all of Ben there, Done that and some of Time Gentlemen, Please.

Brother should be home again in an hour or so, they didn’t say what time they were bringing him.

DVD I bought for mum as a Christmas present arrived, obscure film I couldn’t find to download. Bought her a shirt off Threadless too but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Gonna play L4D2 in a bit, not much more to say.