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First of May!

First of May, first of May, outdoor… Ahem, right.

Nothing much happened recently. Emmy’s finally no longer on heat, but Bella is. She was 10 in March, how can she still manage it! She’s being a right pain with it anyway, I hope that when she’s gone, none of the other dogs come on, because I would like to be able to take them for a walk some time this summer.

I found a dip-pen downstairs and a little bottle of ink, (Sheaffer Peacock Blue, it’s a pretty colour) the nib is rusty, but it writes ok, and the pen is glass, so I might buy a couple more nibs for it.  Have had a couple of days fun playing with it anyway.

Think I’ve almost finished the Vatta’s War set (What’s published, anyway) ordered the last one earlier, I guess once I’m done with that I’ll have to see what else she’s written. I really need a new bookcase in here…

Been trying to spend more time downstairs, if I don’t it basically becomes somewhere to walk through, and only the dogs do anything down there. Set up the computer on the big telly and stuff, ordered a game controller and then spent two days trying to find drivers for it. (These are the only ones that worked, original xbox controller and Windows 7) XBCD was useless. At leas the xbox to USB cable I spliced together a while ago works. (I previously got a controller for £1 at a carboot but it was broken)

Ragnarok Online is now free, I downloaded it and took a look around… It was depressing, nobody I knew was still there that I could see (Just checked again, nothin) I don’t know what I was expecting, nothing really I guess. In my head it’s like he’s not really dead, he’s just gonna log on and be like, “hi, sorry I wasn’t around” or something. I know it’s stupid. I miss him every day…


Made some biscuits earlier, they’re not bad. Lent’s over, I can eat chcolate again I guess, not that I was doing it for lent but it was around the same time. I had some hot chocolate and white-chocolate biscuits, but I think I’m gonna keep not eating it, it just annoys me. Terence bought me some beeswax banana hand-cream (not what I’d normally go for but it is nice) and a box of chocolate seashells for my birthday, and we’re working on getting a greenhouse.

Things are ok!


day 17 – a bizarre song

Wendy’s Training Video

Slept in this morning, regretting it because I’ve had a headache all day, it was only until 12 too. Annoying, but I’ve taken ibuprofen now so hopefully it’ll kick in soon.

Found the second and third Hunger Games books in a charity shop, and ended up finishing the third one today, was good, better than I was expecting. Halfway through The Algebraist and have about 15 other books on the go too, as well as Pokemon, so I’m set for entertainment at the moment. Bought Kirrus Assasins Apprentice and Chibi a random thing I’ll leave as a surprise, so hopefully those’ll both arrive intact (Happy birthday, Chibi, it’s not your main present, sorry Tera for the guinea pig, I might just start him again because I can’t get it right…. Or send you a box of felting stuff and have you make it yourself :p)

Ibuprofen has kicked in…


day 15 – a song that describes me

I don’t think any song can “describe me” and it’s a confusing question. Describe me how? Anyway, this is Vast – My TV and You, because I like it and because I spend a lot of time staring at my screen, although I rarely watch actual TV. I did hook the computer in the living room up to the telly on Saturday though, mum was impressed!

Terence was here from Friday to Sunday, Saturday we went to Toys’r’Us, then food at Ikea and a wander around Marks and Spencers, Sunday we went to Grandma and Granddads and I played Pokemon with Jonty (And let him win a battle, eventually, after I’d neutered my team so they were 10 levels below his and 4vs6 :p)


Jenny apparently has a new Rabbit, she had to surrender the last one to the vet…

I did a trialpay thingy and got Trillian Pro for 99p via snapfish, I expect to have the contents of my “random pictures” folder arrive in the mail from Snapfish some time soon too. I ordered photos properly off them before but they arrived as much awful quality that it put me off ever doing it again. (The colour balance was all off, despite it being fine in the original pictures they were all dark and murky)

Reinstalled Trillian anyway and the thing I wanted now works but… It feels like I’m using an older version than what I was, it keeps bugging out now and tabbing windows won’t work. Oh well, I think I moved onto a beta version by accident. Typing wakeupvisi into an IM window at me now sets off my alarm, should be interesting. xD

Taking Emmy to the groomers tomorrow, she’s getting matted on her stomach. Oh and I painted the front gate when I got home from college today, it’s now stained “dark oak” I didn’t realise until I opened the tin, I thought I’d bought “fresh pine” or something, but it looks ok. Gonna go back and buy a bigger tin, do the chicken coop and the shed and the bench, any colour is better than ginger.


Happy Birthday To me! 21 feels so old. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my life not doing anything, but the garden is my focus at the moment. Following the Dig for Victory book advice and trying not to burn myself out by doing too much, but it looks really good at the moment. I’ve dug over both the flowerbeds hadn’t been touched in years. The house was empty for 2 years before we moved in, the woman who lived here before that didn’t really try, and we didn’t do anything with them last year. It was mostly dandelions and scrubby grass. The more I dig, though, the easier it gets. I found this blog, where somebody’s following the Dig for Victory book week by week, pretty interesting, but they look like they’ve been gardening a lot longer than me. Maybe I should try it next year! It was supposed to be for beginners after all. I’m thinking of digging an extra bed and maybe raising it up, for herbs and vegetables and the like.

So. For my biirthday I got two trees from Grandma and Granddad (apple and pear), a notebook from Jenny, based on the same Japanese theme she’s been following since I was 10, chickens from mum, chocolate from Terence and sweets and curry from Tera (Dinner tonight and every night :D! <3) We went out yesterday and bought a cake but haven’t eaten it yet.

Grandma and Granddad took us to the garden center today, I didn’t know Granddad’s car had back seats. xD Mum bought flowers and flowers and a little greenhouse, I got spinach and onions and cabbage plants. Oh and lots of lavender. And a strawberry plant. I wanted peppermint but they didn’t have the right sort.

If I just had a garden full of lavender I’d probably be happy, but vegetables look fun to grow too. On that thought, I should probably go back downstairs and fill the greenhouse, it might be frosty tonight.

Flowers… A few are nice but I don’t really see the point. Roses are pretty cool, built in garden defence and they stick around a long time, the ones in the garden right now are probably 80yrs old, gotta respect that. Lavender is useful and it smells awesome all year round, even when it doesn’t have flowers. You can distill the flowers into oil if you’re really into that kinda thing and it attracts the right bugs to the garden. Bedding flowers… Die or look like weeds for the rest of the year. It makes her happy though, so I’ll just have to have my little corner and she’ll take over the rest but make me maintain it. -_-;

But yes! The chicken coop has been ordered, the chicken lady has been contacted! Coop should arrive on the 27th (ish) and then we can phone the lady and she’ll sort out the chickens and deliver them in around 3 weeks.  It’s pictures like this that give me hope.

List of things!

Coop (tick)
5 chickens (half tick)
Chicken Feed (Feedstore)
Chicken Grit (Feedstore)
Sawdust – Easibed looks like the choice (Feedstore)
Hay (Feedstore)
Woodchippings for the ground (B&Q or maybe feedstore)
Feeder (Feedstore or Amazon)
Waterer (maybe x2 for feeder/waterer, one for inside and out) (Feedstore or Amazon)
Run-Toy (Pet Shop)
Book on wtf to do with chickens (3 ticks)

Wheelbarrow (Amazon? Argos?)
Shovel (I should have bought this today, also a garden fork and a trowel would be nice)

I’ve been following all the politics threads and everything, it’s actually really interesting. Just wanted to see who I should vote for to start with, but I’ve really gotten into it. But I’ll hush. Threw up a couple of updated maps of YearlingMirror, so back to that.


Up to s03 of Dexter. The timing on this show is good… They build it up and do suspense so well.

Tidying up Terence’s room, which is mainly used as a store room. He’s coming home for Christmas tomorrow. Christmas is so close now! I got him a badge maker. Well, I got “him” a badge maker. :p Should be fun to play with, got one of the ones that does three different types of badges (big, small and square!)

Bought a polish thing from Tescos and cleaned up my boots. I only get to wear them for a couple of months each year because they’re so heavy, but I wouldn wanna go out in snow without them. Snow, which by the way, still hasn’t melted! yay~ Watch it all melt on Christmas eve, just to deny us a white Christmas. (Having to capitalise Christmas every time is really annoying. I was gonna make an autohotkey thing to do it for me, maybe I still should, but it seems a bit pointless now so close to the date. I ALWAYS type it christmas and then have to go back and fix it.)

Got a sort of compost heap thing in the garden, and I’ve been hanging up bird feeders. That’s fun to watch, lots of little birds dodging the cats and dogs. Pigeons and blue tits and little brown sparrow type birds and other birds I dunno the name for. The blackbirds own the compost heap though, there’s one female that just stands on the fence and chases every other bird away, and when I hung up the bird feeders I hung one on the shed, at which point the cat instantly sat on the shed roof, with her back to it, looking around surreptitiously every now and again. She’ll never catch anything, but she is funny to watch.

Had toast and pate for lunch, whee. I’m in a decently good mood now. Guess I’ll watch a bit more of Dexter and then go back to tidying.

And oh yeah, happy birthday. :p

muu muu

Ordered a block of air-dry modeling clay, and it arrived this morning so I spent all day downstairs playing with that. I’m rubbish at painting, rubbish at drawing, but I do ok with clay. I’ll take some photos of the little bits I made next time I can find some AA batteries. (To take the photos of the coins I had to steal the batteries out my mouse and that’s more hastle than it’s worth)

Today hasn’t been too bad, I slept in a draft last night and my neck has been sore all day, but all’s been ok apart from that, I still haven’t left the house. :p Still playing Dragon Age though and I’ve been playing a bit of Left4Dead with Tera and Chibi. Watched a film earlier, think it was called “Don’t look now.” I’d have to watch it again I think, to really get it, a lot of it went over my head. It was all very odd and surreal and I think it was made in 1970-something.

The weather’s really getting cold now and it’s getting dark at around 5pm. Doesn’t stop the kids playing out till 10pm, though, at least not yet. Grandma’s at home, but she’s depressed, her telly isn’t working and she won’t let me fix it, (I keep offering…) and she can’t see well enough to read. She says she’s just sitting around, not doing much and being depressed… I hope she gets better…

Happy birthday, Onni. <3

I miss you.