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So pretty!

Made the background in Photoshop, it’s not too much, is it? I love it. *_*

Reading through this blog and tagging old posts, one thing I’ve realised is that I really miss the Polyphasic thing. I was happy, more organised and more motivated when I was doing it, I updated this every day (and more) and generally enjoyed the experience. I’d try again in a hearbeat if I didn’t have to stick to such a schedule for college.

Maybe in the holidays I will try it again, I have a better schedule now to base it off, going to bed at midnight and getting up at 7-8am every day instead of what I had before, which was just staying up until I pass out and then getting up at lunchtime. The 25 minute alarm I made for doing it has been invaluable, even just as a snooze button for my morning alarm or for sitting and reading without losing track of time.


I need to tidy up the garden but the weather has been rubbish, the chickens aren’t enjoying it. When summer comes I may try and pen them in, just because they’ve totally trashed the garden, but I caught Thorax perching on top of the fence yesterday and he must’ve jumped 5ft to get up there so who knows, he may value his freedom too much.

He’s been getting aggressive, most of the time he just stands up to me if I walk at him, but sometimes if I turn my back he randomly attacks me. When he does I chase him round the garden, or if he’s really gone for me I pick him up and hold him in my arms until he gives in, he’s not gone for me in a while so I think he dislikes that. He attacks Terence a lot more than me though, he won’t even let him in the garden without pecking him. Terence insists “He pecks me because he loves me!!”

The days are getting longer, which is nice, it’s no longer dark when I get home from college. The apple tree we got last year has got buds on, I haven’t checked the pear, just noticed when I was letting the chickens out. Mum saw a bat and the birds are singing in the evenings again. Spring is here, I can’t wait for it to finally be warm again.

I likes it

New blog theme is go! Wondering if I can work out a rotation thing so it can have different header images, but I like it. It feels clean, and having more column width feels a lot better, screw anyone with smaller screens.

Joined a new town on die2nite with a group of people from IRC and forums, this one should be pretty awesome but also might just be a drama filled mess, so far it’s looking great.

Almost up to date on House, then I guess I’ve just gotta catch up on Dexter. Watched Misfits the other day and that was pretty shiny.

Book review time!

The set of books I’m reading (Sheepfarmer’s Daughter, Divided Allegiance, Oath of Gold) I like em, but I think I liked the first book the most. I’m halfway through the third now, the second book made me cry (Just a bit!)

First book : A lot of building, it was interesting to see where it was going, even if it did remind me of a lot of other books. (The “Protector of the Small” series by Tamora Pierce and “The Forging of the Sword” by Mark Robson both are similar, although they’re both more aimed at kids)

Second book : Still reminded me of the Tamora Pierce, even down to the “abused horse nobody can touch but me” but I enjoyed it even if the whole village started to drag a bit. The end threw everything into a loop and made me sad but in a good way.

Third book : I’m about halfway through. The end of book 2 is quickly righted and suddenly the character is all knowing and awesome and **ON A MISSION FROM GOD**, it’s still good, but I don’t think it’s as good as the last couple of books. I’ll finish it and buy some of her other stuff, but yeah.

Books I have also read recently : City of Ember and The Hunger Games. Both good and both apparently have sequels. I have the second City of Ember on audio, just have to get round to listening to it. I decided against buying the second Hunger Games book, maybe I should, it was a fun read but I didn’t want a sequel, I was happy to just leave it there, if that makes sense. Don’t get that often…

Picked up “The Left Hand of God” Don’t bother with it, I got about halfway through and just couldn’t be bothered with it, enough so that I’ve given it away. Some guy writing his violent fantasies, which doesn’t mean terrible, but just didn’t grab me, but then again, neither did The Blade Itself and everyone raves over that.

Also took an hour or so to read all the Hatchet books again, since there’s apparently 5, not 3. Damn that guy’s written a lot of stuff.

I’m done!

Just messin with stuff.

Will look better once I’ve reinstalled photoshop!



Edit 1 : Yay for over-use of filters!

Edit 2 : It’s so pretty! Less over-use of filters. Full pic is here.

Nom nom how the hell is it 4am already

Just noting, I added a background to the comments, the blankness was iritating me. It’s not perfect but it’ll do. Everything below this is filler.

I also managed to sort-of break my mouse. Took it apart because it was spazzing out and managed to lose the little metal bit that makes the scrollwheel click. It still works fine though, just feels odd. It’s an MX700 with a shell from an MX500. (Basically the same mouse with a textured casing and not wireless)

I love this mouse, it’s heavy and it’s been working a good 5 years without breaking for more than a few minutes. I’d buy a new one, exactly the same, but they don’t seem to sell them anywhere anymore.


Here, have a picture of some rocks. The one at the back is pretty but it doesn’t photograph well.

I’m a faailure, sort of. Maybe not.

Fell asleep this morning and slept for 3 hours, I don’t remember dreaming. I don’t remember falling asleep either.  I napped an hour ago and actually managed to fall asleep, so that’s an improvement. I guess the adrenaline high I’ve been on is starting to wear through.

One interesting thing about all this, is it’s given me asthma, I’ve noticed it before when I get tired, my chest goes really tight. Oh well, nothing ventolin can’t cure.

Got part-way through American Gods, I like it so far. Nation arrived this morning but I won’t try and read both at once.

I dunno, I’m enjoying updating this at the moment, I like typing out long bits of text and the reason I’ve always given up on blogs before is I’ve been stupid and emo and never managed to think of anything to post after the first week. I always end up going back to it after a year, wincing at all the terrible posts and then deleting it all, must’ve done that to at least 5 blogs over the years. I did it to this one too before I restarted, only kept the page-a-day things and the odd post.

But the more I update this, the easier it gets to think of things to post about.

Maria, the woman who sold us the pups, came over today, she wanted me to take a photo of a dog she wants to sell, and to put it online (very cute female pomeranian, 3 months old, £350 but you can probably barter her down to £300 if you really try, sold as owners are unable to give it enough time due to work), I think she was hinting she’d give it to us cheap, but no way. xD It was awfully cute, but it was also very shy of the other dogs and, also, five dogs? Four is bad enough! I wonder at what number you reach the point where one more makes no difference. 6? 7? 10? 30?

I’ll post a picture of it later, I left the camera downstairs.

[ Insert Imaginative Title Here ]

Hopefully the thing in the comments won’t be too bad, I got the most readable one I could find and I used a nice small set of related words for it. :p I don’t like being spammed, I’ll get nothing for months and then suddenly, bam, two hundred YOU HAVE A COMMENT emails until I lock the post. And I locked it and they moved into another post!

Anyway. I wanna try this. I figure, why not. I never leave the house anyway, and it’ll actually motivate me to shower MORE. (I generally shower every couple of days or so, more if I’m feeling depressed or it’s hot weather xD I don’t wash my hair every day, because otherwise it goes totally nuts and after I’ve washed it it goes all frizzy and mad) Plus we go through shampoo and conditioner like nuts.

Nothing to lose, anyway.

Christmas list is now Tera, Chibi, Mum, Grandma, Granddad, Terence. I still need to get something else for Chibi. I want to get him a book named “Stray Thoughts and Nosebleeds” by Duncan Sarkies, but it’s impossible to get hold of for less than £20 secondhand. I found my copy in a holiday cottage and read it out of boredom, after I’d read it, I had to steal it. It changed my life, I don’t know in what way it changed it, or how big an impact it’s really had, but it goes straight to the top of my list of books. He won some award for it, but I can’t find any reviews or anything.

Looking at Amazon, he bought out another book a while ago and it’s still relatively easy to get hold of. *makes note to grab it some time*

Huh, some girl performing one of the skits. Not bad. Shame about the camera problems. If you can get hold of a copy of the book, do it. I found a pdf version of the script from the book. Here. Read it. It’s not that long.

Haven’t done much today, went to bed at 9am, hoping to not go to bed at all tonight, see how it goes.  Had a shower, failed to nap, here I am. Maybe I’ll go find some food.


Just had the start of a bot-spam, but I think I headed it off. This is just making sure posts and comments still work

Like me who have no love which this wild rain

Ended up mostly playing HL2 today, tending to the puppy, that sort of thing. She managed to chew her way through the phone wire from the router, so I’m gonna have to fix that properly tomorrow (It’s all just twisted together at the moment, doesn’t look too good :p) but for now, I’m gonna go to bed. I set the main mykocoro.com to be a redirect and cleared up some stuff. (read – I deleted EVERYTHING :D) I think today went well, even if I can’t actually remember doing anything productive. I think I’ll bake a proper cake tomorrow. I’m in a baking mood.

Cake or biscuits! What shall it be!

I’m terrible at thinking up titles.

Hmm. I’ve messed around with this blog so much today that it feels like I must’ve written loads, but in reality, I haven’t really written anything.

Comments should work now, theme was breaking them. There’s still a couple of aesthetic things wrong but everything just about functions now. Maybe if I get more into this blog, I’ll have more content and links to flesh it out.

Really I should just move this to the main page of my site, it’s not like there’s much else on it. I am glad I decided to buy that first year of hosting though, it’s been well worth it, even if just for the ease of sending files to people.

I suppose I should upload the holiday photos to photobucket, but mum keeps direct linking things and I feel bad deleting anything in case I break it. ;p (not that I think she reads my blog, if you do, hi.. don’t mention it. :p) Everything’s getting a bit messy behind the scenes.

For now, I think I’ll revamp my post-apocalyptic-swamp-fic and post it here. Maybe I’ll be able to motivate myself to ruin it by writing it further. I think it’s really awesome so far, when I wrote it, I was writing something I wanted to read. As long as I can get past my self criticalness, I think it could do ok. I found it in an old folder and it took me until halfway through to realise that I’d actually written it. I was thinking to myself, “I wonder if this author ever updated this…” before I realised.

It gets a bit ropey near the end and I think that’s where I ran out of dream-material and started just making it up, but it’s still worth backing up. Expect to see that some time tomorrow, depending on how fast it takes me to edit out all the spelling and grammar mistakes.