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4 days till Christmas-

– And I am totally out of it. If I attempted to show you this whole thing with all the mistakes I’m making here it would be totally unreadable. I tried to type the title of this post as my login name.

I hate colds. T=T Don’t think it’s swine-flu as I’ve already had that and it wasn’t half this bad, but it’s still giving me a good kicking.

Joined this “bookmooch” thing, gotta go to the post office tomorrow and send out a book (Why I’m not just selling it and using the proceeds to buy books I want, I have no idea :p) so maybe getting out the house will do me some good.

Apparently it was -17 here last night, but it’s still not snowed again. Shame, but maybe it will before Christmas. The chickens don’t know what to make of it at all, they spent the first day crouched in their house looking out at it, today they decided to walk up and down the path, so that’s an improvement.

God I type fast, wheee (According to this and a short attention span, I can get 85 wpm although 60 is probably about more right because of mistakes and you’re reading off a card there)

Tempted to go find some really good hot chocolate, that might make me feel better.

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