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day 17 – a bizarre song

Wendy’s Training Video

Slept in this morning, regretting it because I’ve had a headache all day, it was only until 12 too. Annoying, but I’ve taken ibuprofen now so hopefully it’ll kick in soon.

Found the second and third Hunger Games books in a charity shop, and ended up finishing the third one today, was good, better than I was expecting. Halfway through The Algebraist and have about 15 other books on the go too, as well as Pokemon, so I’m set for entertainment at the moment. Bought Kirrus Assasins Apprentice and Chibi a random thing I’ll leave as a surprise, so hopefully those’ll both arrive intact (Happy birthday, Chibi, it’s not your main present, sorry Tera for the guinea pig, I might just start him again because I can’t get it right…. Or send you a box of felting stuff and have you make it yourself :p)

Ibuprofen has kicked in…


Sitting here, drinking Jasmine tea and putting off doing my homework. Things have been going ok, still playing die2nite. This last week was half term, and some idiot made me buy a book which I then spent the rest of the week obsessing over. :p

Rewatching House, which is another reason I’ve not finished my homework.

Random unconnected statements: Apparently there’s gonna be a new Chickam around March! One of the hamsters killed and ate the other hamster… We got six eggs (?) yesterday. One Hentietta and then five white ones. Two may have been from the day before and I’d not seen them but it’s still odd.

Can’t think of anything else…

Good lord


Look at those graphics! Time dulls even the most vivid of memories.

Went out today, had an interview with a woman about getting Carers allowance, which basically means I’d have a bit of money, instead of absolutely nothing! She helped fill in the forms and everything. Then we went to Tescos, bought some Boczek (Basically really fatty, ready to eat ham. The English wiki page just redirects to “Bacon”) and some more Pukka tea. The Three Mint is made of awesome and they don’t sell it in the Tescos near here… (They don’t sell much really, middle of absolute nowhere…) also had a veggie burger at the pub nearby before getting a taxi home.

I really, really miss being able to get to a bookshop. I want a nice, second hand bookshop, where I can just seek out the scifi section and stare blankly for ten minutes before grabbing something random off the shelves. All that’s within a bus ride is… *gets distracted by google maps* Apparently there is one book shop, hidden away, selling mostly “sports and celebrity books” oh well. The only other thing that’s there is a WH Smiths, and their books are so expensive. What few they have.

Amazon is great, but it isn’t the same.

All in all, it was a long day, but good I guess. After that we came home, put the shopping away, and I played Dwarf Fortress for a bit. My favorite dwarf died though! ;_; She ran out the front gate for some spurious reason and detected a goblin ambush with her face.







Here’s the map of my current fortress, anyway. I added a load of Points of Interest at the side. It’s interesting to see how it grows over time. I didn’t know the DFMA linked maps together like that.


Tired tired. But happy! I got lots of shiny loot. A pretty new powerball (Which I instantly <3ed for three minutes, before placing it lovingly, somewhere safe. Somewhere I assume it still is –;; Damn thing will turn up eventually I guess, but I wanted to play with it. ;_;) Couple of books,(latest Terry Pratchett and a random one) a lace making kit(I don’t know either), a wallet and a nice leather bag. Terence got me perfume for some reason, but at least nobody got me soap this year. Well, the woman across the road did, but she also tried to give me fugly second-hand size 4 clothes and keeps inviting me over to get pissed and such, which I keep politely declining.

Got brother an EzFlash cart for DS and GBA, need to get him a bigger SD card for it though, 2gb doesn’t seem to be cutting it. Need to buy another anyway, he’s currently using mine because I forgot to order one, and I’ve got a sudden urge to play Scribblenauts.

Thinking about it, I guess I don’t drink or do drugs or anything because I’m a bit of a control freak. The idea of losing control of what I say or do scares me. That’s probably why I only really have friends online, the time to think before what you say, the anonymity, it makes it easier. Also, I don’t like the woman across the road, she scares me with her loudness. :p I prefer to be home, alone, in a room lit by nothing but my computer screens.

But meeting Tera was still fun, even if it did take us a while to properly relax. :p Hope I do get to go over there again, don’t think I can leave stuff here for more than a week though…

My comp crashed again when I tried to upload pictures from the camera, that seems to be one of the trigger points for it. Might have found a fix for it, maybe.

Anyway, I’ll post pictures of stuff tomorrow if I can be bothered. For now… I dunno!

Happy Christmas, people.

(And for the record, I love how the computers in Dexter beep every time he so much as mouses over something)

Bookses :D

I am easily entertained.


Just adding what I can see and remember while I’m sitting here. Reviewed the odd thing too. Can’t believe I forgot to add the Harry Potter books before, everyone owns then!


Away I go.


Edit : This also amused me.

Christmas Trees and Hoovering

I did SO MUCH today. Got up at 2pm and worked solidly until 9pm, at which point I fell asleep. It’s now 4am and I’m wide awake…  But I tidied the whole living room! That involved picking up EVERYTHING including dogs and chairs and putting them all on the sofa so I could hoover properly. Then I tidied the little hall and hoovered it, then I hoovered the stairs, then I put together the Christmas tree and mum decorated it. Doesn’t sound like much, but it was a right mess.

Washed my hair properly (ish) then got mum to cut it. I said “A bit shorter” and a minute later I noticed the sheer amount she was throwing in the bin… I’ll dye it again tomorrow, it’s easier to dye if it’s short!

(Me looking thoughtful trying to work out where the hell VLC is saving my snapshots. Turned out it was in “My Pictures” I didn’t even know I still had a folder named that!)

Goin out tomorrow hopefully, if mum is well enough and it doesn’t rain. I can’t really think of much else to say. The pups are fine, the hamsters keep knocking their water bottle off. Can go whole days now without Bella attacking Sophie. That Pomeranian is still for sale, 5 months old, £150, housetrained and with all her shots. The dog she’s living with at the moment is bullying her badly.

The book I bought “Rise of the Iron Moon” or whatever, is apparently the third in a series. NOWHERE, absolutely NOWHERE on the book does it say that. It just expects you to know who everyone is and about past events. Irritating.


Didn do much today, feeling kinda meh. Put some bird feeders in the garden, watched the cat attempt to hunt birds. Ate some fruit. Missed 7pm nap because of sudden random but severe pain. Lasted about an hour before painkillers properly kicked in.

Went downstairs this morning, picked up the post, found a package with a book in. Apparently I won it!


Gonna spend tonight playing Noepets games, reading the Narutatu manga (I never finished the anime) and reading that book. Maybe I’ll even attempt to do the thing Tera challenged me to do, again. I don’t really get what I’m supposed to do. :/

Oh yeah, I also improved my alarm program, but I just thought of a way to make it better so I guess I’ll do that later too.


9:22am on.. Thursday, I think this counts as day 2.

Totally weird. I was just sitting here, nodding off, trying to force myself to stay awake, and suddenly, whoosh, I felt like goosebumps pass over my whole body and bam, I’m awake and alert! wtf was that. I’ve never had anything like that before, totally and utterly weird. (Edit an hour later, yep, still wide awake!)

I managed to doze a bit at 8am, but before that, the only nap I’d actually managed to get to sleep on, was 11am yesterday, and before that, was when I’d woken up at 2pm the day before after 4 and a half hours sleep. (Plus an hour lying awake) Maybe the human body can produce it’s own caffeine? Adrenaline? I am starting to feel it though.

I read a book last night that I really enjoyed when I was a kid, nothing too challenging. I half-heartedly looked for the rest of the series for download, but could only find one, unseeded audio book and I’m not in the mood for audio at the moment.

Now that I think about it, that’s another book I stole. It’s not something I do often, honest! I was in… Year 5 when I grabbed it? Yeah, around that, picked it up off the shelf in the classroom, read it, got my friend to read it, read it again and never got round to giving it back. It’s lasted, though, I read a lot faster now than I did then, but I still enjoyed it, despite it being a kids book.

I think one of the things that differentiates kids books from adult books a lot of the time is the language used, they’ll simplify and simplify until only a 5yr old can enjoy it, and then an adult will read through it, either out of curiosity or because there’s a 5yr old in the room, and decide that all childrens books are the same, hideously simple, and that they’ll never read another one. While some of them are pretty decent stories once you get into them. I guess you’ve just gotta lower your expectations slightly and take it for what it is.

American Gods just arrived, I guess I’ll go read that.

[ Insert Imaginative Title Here ]

Hopefully the thing in the comments won’t be too bad, I got the most readable one I could find and I used a nice small set of related words for it. :p I don’t like being spammed, I’ll get nothing for months and then suddenly, bam, two hundred YOU HAVE A COMMENT emails until I lock the post. And I locked it and they moved into another post!

Anyway. I wanna try this. I figure, why not. I never leave the house anyway, and it’ll actually motivate me to shower MORE. (I generally shower every couple of days or so, more if I’m feeling depressed or it’s hot weather xD I don’t wash my hair every day, because otherwise it goes totally nuts and after I’ve washed it it goes all frizzy and mad) Plus we go through shampoo and conditioner like nuts.

Nothing to lose, anyway.

Christmas list is now Tera, Chibi, Mum, Grandma, Granddad, Terence. I still need to get something else for Chibi. I want to get him a book named “Stray Thoughts and Nosebleeds” by Duncan Sarkies, but it’s impossible to get hold of for less than £20 secondhand. I found my copy in a holiday cottage and read it out of boredom, after I’d read it, I had to steal it. It changed my life, I don’t know in what way it changed it, or how big an impact it’s really had, but it goes straight to the top of my list of books. He won some award for it, but I can’t find any reviews or anything.

Looking at Amazon, he bought out another book a while ago and it’s still relatively easy to get hold of. *makes note to grab it some time*

Huh, some girl performing one of the skits. Not bad. Shame about the camera problems. If you can get hold of a copy of the book, do it. I found a pdf version of the script from the book. Here. Read it. It’s not that long.

Haven’t done much today, went to bed at 9am, hoping to not go to bed at all tonight, see how it goes.  Had a shower, failed to nap, here I am. Maybe I’ll go find some food.


Yesterday arrived – Two rolls of wrapping paper and one box of scented candles. Yay for M&S 3 for 2, christmas tree was included in it but that arrived a day earlier for some reason. Also, This is a really nice deal for buying Christmas presents or something. They have some fairly cheap stuff, charms and whatnot. Putting in glam10 at the checkout also gets you another 10% off.

Didn’t do much yesterday that I can remember. I went to bed about 4am, was woken up at 6am because Sophie had gone to sleep on mums bed and the big dog Bella was attacking her. Suppose we won’t try that again until she’s older. Oh yeah, I played DwarfFortress for a bit. It’s gonna be awesome when he finally puts the big update out, wonder if he’ll manage it before Christmas.

The hamsters are getting fat, I can see one of them sitting in the wheel now. Can you put a hamster on a diet? Is there really any need? Maybe they naturally go that shape when they grow bigger. *takes a picture of it, uploads it, looks around at hamster to see if he’s moved yet* *hamster is happily washing his balls* -_-;; At least he keeps himself clean?

Not much has happened today, I didn’t get up till well late, I had dinner, here I am. I think I’ll tidy my bedroom, and then do a bit more of the guide Tera’s trying to make me follow. I just get bored easily… Great, I can now make a thing that insults you if you have a short name, where’s the use in that. And my one wasn’t half as pretty as Teras. xD

I just ordered the Nail Gaimen – American Gods and Terry Pratchett – Nation off Amazon, anyway, so that gives me something new to read.

List of dates and obligations
November 30th – Take Sophie to vet for her final shots, pick up wormer for all the other animals. Ask about the fact Sophie is so much smaller and her gums are so much paler than Emmys.

Try and get to the German Market in Manchester some time.

December 12th & 13th – Interesting looking thing happening in St.Helens, some Victorian event with carols and guided tours and a craft market. Brother would enjoy going to that.

Christmas! (Shop for: Grandma, Granddad, Tera, Chibi (whut dus you want?), Mum, Terence, Jenny (Who have I forgotten?))

Jan.. Something… Tera’s birthday, don’t let me forget again this year. :p (When am I gonna come stalk you again?)

Do christmas shopping
Tidy my room
Give my little alarm a proper gui maybe, maybe not. It works ok as it is.
Play more of Dragon Age
Finish fixing the layout for this blog
Play more Dwarf Fortress <3