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Site went down randomly, yesterday, apparently they were doing something to the server, or something. It’s always been fairly reliable so far though, and for something like £25 a year, it’s not too bad. If I put a link here, I also get somehting like 10% off next time I have to pay! but since I pay yearly, I guess there’s not much point :p I think I’m also on an older plan, which was cheaper, works out to around $3/month.

Hmm. Yesterday was halloween, that was fun. I carved my pumpkin and it came out awesome, and I got to hand out sweets to all the kids that came by. There’s loads around here, didn’t used to see more than one or two where we lived before, but there was enough last night that we ran out of sweets.  Emmy kept escaping and running rings around them, one poor kid fell over trying to catch her. I’ll upload a picture of the pumpkin later, as well as another video I took of the dogs.

As far as we know, grandma’s still in hospital, tried to phone granddad earlier but he was out or something, he didn’t answer the phone anyway. Lets hope nothing’s happened to him as well…

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Swamp Fic.

Hmm. I have the audio book of Neverwhere sitting in my “to be looked at” folder. Suppose I should give it another go. He wrote The Graveyard Book too, right? I got halfway through that before getting distracted.

I got a book this morning from Amazon, “Letters from Egypt.” It’s a Victorian book, letters home from a woman who went to Egypt for health reasons and lived as the Egyptians did. It sounded interesting on the website anyway, I go through phases.

Mums DS flash cart also arrived, suppose I’ll lend her my SD card until hers arrives, since I have to send my DS off for repairs anyway. The right hinge cracked last week and now the screen is all wobbly. I’m sure they’re going to charge me an extortionate amount to get it fixed, but it’ll still be cheaper than buying a whole new console.

Anyway, here’s the story I promised, I’ve run through it with a spellchecker, but no more than that. I know my grammar is atrocious, but there you go.

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