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So yeah, I’ve been really neglecting this.

What’s happened… I fucked up college, I’m on anti-depressents (which are making a lot of difference really, I’m not half as OCD or panicky or frustrated as I was…)

Done most of my Christmas shopping, just need to ship out a couple of things to people and have a few new things arrive. We have a real tree this year, I carried it home on the bus and everything. Terence will be home for Christmas too so we have to make an effort! (But I wanted the real tree!)

I got a lovely box of stuff from Pavili… If you’re reading this, thankyou, you need to go on MSN more so I can thank you proper!

Got the book and the glow stars from you too, thanks :p They’ve been put under the tree.

Bought some presents for the kids next door :3 I hope they like them, some chocolate, some bits and pieces, and some of these bath beans. They love anything you give them, I gave one of them a peanut in it’s shell once and they had to run off to show their mother. I think we’re also compensating for the fact cousin is such a pain in the arse to buy for, he didn’t even like the bath goo last year, he said it was disgusting, he didn’t like the farting goo I got him either, wouldn’t go near it, and his mum played with the plasticine more than he did. :( The year before he said the lego helicopter was “boring” and that he didn’t want it. I kept it and built it myself… He said the real stethoscope was boring too… It’s hard to know what to get!

Oh well, nevermind… We got him some dinosaur stuff and if he doesn’t like it then tough shit.

New years resolution is to get back into this I suppose, felt more, uh, give up chocolate again? That last one after Christmas, obviously.


Here, I felted some ornaments for the Christmas tree. Have all the other random pictures off my phone/camera too.

day 19 – favourite song from a game

day 19 – favourite song from a game

The Super Meat Boy soundtrack is pretty awesome, I managed to get the whole thing for free (without pirating it!) so that’s kinda cool. I really like the monologue at the start of A Reckless Disregard for Gravity too, although I can’t find a decent version of it and my copy appears to have been corrupted by GLaDOS. The original Pokemon music holds a special place in my heart too.

I think Super Meat Boy has the best game music I’ve heard in a long time.

I think I dislocated my little finger or something, I hit it as I was going downstairs and 3 days later it still hurts, doesn’t look bruised or anything, just hurts when I bend it. Annoyingness.

Got back into Dwarf Fortress (Also OpenTTD, but trains are hard) my first fortress was wiped out by the very first goblin ambush, because I hadn’t bothered to hook up the drawbridge yet. There’s now bee-hives, and birds produce eggs!

Which reminds me, I went into the garden yesterday to retrieve the kids next doors football and ended up giving them all eggs and letting them pet Hermia. Thorax is also dyed purple at the moment because Bella attacked him and pulled out some feathers, and I had a purple anti-peck spray I’d never had a chance to test out. He ran away when I was trying to catch him, but went all docile and wimpy once I’d got him in my arms. He does the chicken head-bob thing!

Pokemon is still fun!

day 09 – a song that changed the way I view myself

Man, I set myself all the challenges don’t I… This one took thinking about. Don’t laugh.

Good Charlotte – The Young and the Hopeless. – The Anthem

Haha, I still remember all the words. I said don’t laugh, after a few months I graduated onto Green Day, then.. Alkaline Trio, (<3) then I met Onni and he went "wtf are you listening to?" and I gave it up. But it was the first thing I listened to where I thought "Maybe I can listen to and admit to liking music, maybe I should see what else there is out there" I still don't mind Green Day, the kids next door blast it in the summer, makes me think of mowing the lawn to Warning and American Idiot on a hot summers day. Not that we have a lawn at the moment. The chicken coop is so much better up on the patio, apart from the fact the mud won't rot the wood, it's just much more accessible. Might put down some grass seed and limit the chickens to the main flower beds for a couple of weeks, it's worth a thought. Pokemon is still fun!

Day 08

day 08 – a song that you know all the words to

Cake : Comfort Eagle

Saw somebody with a couple of lyrics captioning their avatar on SA, wanted to know what it was and ended up with that.

Noticed that I could fit the chicken house onto the patio and it’d be much easier to get to and stuff, so I did that. Tied the door open with a piece of string but after I’d put them to bed the string was just loose. Emmy attempted to steal it, grabbing it, running away and then jerking to a half as the slack ran out.

Played more Pokemon and generally did very little today that I can remember.

So pretty!

Made the background in Photoshop, it’s not too much, is it? I love it. *_*

Reading through this blog and tagging old posts, one thing I’ve realised is that I really miss the Polyphasic thing. I was happy, more organised and more motivated when I was doing it, I updated this every day (and more) and generally enjoyed the experience. I’d try again in a hearbeat if I didn’t have to stick to such a schedule for college.

Maybe in the holidays I will try it again, I have a better schedule now to base it off, going to bed at midnight and getting up at 7-8am every day instead of what I had before, which was just staying up until I pass out and then getting up at lunchtime. The 25 minute alarm I made for doing it has been invaluable, even just as a snooze button for my morning alarm or for sitting and reading without losing track of time.


I need to tidy up the garden but the weather has been rubbish, the chickens aren’t enjoying it. When summer comes I may try and pen them in, just because they’ve totally trashed the garden, but I caught Thorax perching on top of the fence yesterday and he must’ve jumped 5ft to get up there so who knows, he may value his freedom too much.

He’s been getting aggressive, most of the time he just stands up to me if I walk at him, but sometimes if I turn my back he randomly attacks me. When he does I chase him round the garden, or if he’s really gone for me I pick him up and hold him in my arms until he gives in, he’s not gone for me in a while so I think he dislikes that. He attacks Terence a lot more than me though, he won’t even let him in the garden without pecking him. Terence insists “He pecks me because he loves me!!”

The days are getting longer, which is nice, it’s no longer dark when I get home from college. The apple tree we got last year has got buds on, I haven’t checked the pear, just noticed when I was letting the chickens out. Mum saw a bat and the birds are singing in the evenings again. Spring is here, I can’t wait for it to finally be warm again.


Sitting here, drinking Jasmine tea and putting off doing my homework. Things have been going ok, still playing die2nite. This last week was half term, and some idiot made me buy a book which I then spent the rest of the week obsessing over. :p

Rewatching House, which is another reason I’ve not finished my homework.

Random unconnected statements: Apparently there’s gonna be a new Chickam around March! One of the hamsters killed and ate the other hamster… We got six eggs (?) yesterday. One Hentietta and then five white ones. Two may have been from the day before and I’d not seen them but it’s still odd.

Can’t think of anything else…

Cocka doodle.. doo?

Thorax sounded the dawn alarm this morning. It wasn’t that loud but mum woke me up to listen since he’d not shown any signs of crowing before.

There was another egg with no spots in the other nestbox, I dunno if it’s Abigail or not, chickens are supposed to make great efforts to all lay in the same nestbox, and then always go back to the same place. Efforts to the point if there’s an egg in the other nestbox they don’t like, they’ll roll it over into theirs just to make themselves feel better, and if there’s another chicken in their spot they’ll pile up on top of each other or queue up.

Everything happens at once!

First spam comment!

Just got my first spam comment since I installed the captcha.

Found three eggs in the nestbox the other day. Not sure but I think Henrietta may have laid two, also found a shellless egg in the house, so maybe Abigail is working herself up to it.

Moved the chicken house yesterday so it’s facing the path, and I don’t have to go onto the mud three times a day to open/close/check it. Gotta finish tidying up the garden for winter at some point, although I did a bit yesterday. I took the garden bench apart a while ago and put it in the shed, gonna sand it and paint it come spring, as the chickens took to using it as a roost.

I like how the little bedroom looks when all the sawdust is new and clean, like a rabbit hutch! Apparently you can’t really keep chickens in with rabbits, and I think the dogs would have a bit much fun with it.

I looked out the window yesterday and Emmy was having it off with one of the chickens, who, strangely enough, didn’t seem to mind. The other chickens were just watching. They get nervous around the other dogs, but I think they’ve realised Emmy is pretty harmless. She went into heat a few weeks ago and I think it’s still wearing off. Took her to the vet and got her boosters done, dunno if I mentioned that. I probably did. Sophie should be due soon enough.

Hi winter

Chickens water froze last night, I should start padding the nestbox with extra hay and stuff I suppose. Need to finish tidying the garden but it’s so damn cold!

*goes blind from glare*

Bought some proper wax and brushes and polished up my boots. I’m breaking them in again for winter and building up my leg muscles again so I can actually lift them off the floor. But they look like new again now and I’m happy. They’re over 3 years old now and the only thing that doesn’t look like new is they’re starting to wear at the back at the top. They were a lifesaver last year in the snow.

Helena, one of the chicks, has been renamed to Thorax, as she is apparently a man. So we now have Henrietta, Hermia, Abigail and Thorax. Still getting two eggs a day, wonder if I should have been feeding the chicks growers pellets instead of layers, but it’s too late now and they seem healthy and happy enough. And before you ask, no,  he’s not going for soup or Sunday dinner.

Every time Granddad comes round he has to go outside and look at them and nod sagely, every time he phones he asks how they are. I think they’re pets he secretly wouldn’t mind, a useful production animal! Might be a good idea to get another bag of pellets soon though.

College is good!