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I love how easy wordpress is to upgrade…

No fucking around with uploading and backups and shit. Just OK THX BYE.

Tera and his friends stayed here overnight on.. Thursday I think. It was shiny even if I was a terrible host.

Thinking about getting an Orpington chicken to replace Peep Peep. They’re huge and fluffy and when I went to get the Light Sussex there were two there raising the chicks and I wanted them. (They make good mothers, they go broody quite a bit and THEY’RE MASSIVE) Hopefully we can get hold of one or we’ll wait till Henrietta or Hermia go broody and let them raise a couple of eggs.

This thing here looks fairly interesting. I hope they get the funding to finish it. I remember going on Newgrounds a lot when I was younger, but I haven’t been back in a while. There was some great stuff on there but there was some total crap too. Might donate a couple of $ to it if it’ll let me although I’m not a great fan of Kickstarter.

Been playing a lot of Dwarf Fortress the last week, but my current fort pissed me off so I’m going to play Crawl for a bit instead.

Oh well

Emmy (I think) killed Baby Peep Peep, no marks on her except for a few lost feathers and her neck wasn’t broken. I think she just worried her until she died.

I’d noticed earlier on that Peep Pee wasn’t going around with the flock, she was just sitting on the compost heap by herself and sleeping. I fed her a little bit of wormer and she didn’t struggle when I picked her up. She wasn’t growing at the same rate as the others or putting on any weight either. (As a comparison, it takes me at least 5 minutes to catch the other two if I want to look at them or anything, and then they scream and struggle and try and flap their wings)

One of the dogs bought her up and left her on the landing for us to find. When Lucy killed the hamster she laid it out neatly in the dogs bed so it could have been her I suppose, but I don’t think so.

The chickens have free roam of the garden at the moment, the big two protect the little two and Emmy can’t really get near them, when they see her they all rush to the compost heap and wait until she goes away. Henrietta and Hermia stand on top of the chicks until it’s safe again.

Emmy did come in with an egg in her mouth yesterday, I extracted it and put it in the egg box, unbroken. I also extracted the unbroken fledgling and set it free in the garden, twice. Third time the chickens killed it I think. Pickle also bought me an unbroken bird, that one went to the RSPCA (Was before Emmy, but I didn’t feel safe setting it free in the garden) She came up to me in the garden with it in her mouth and went “moewph?” and then tried to run away, I thought it was dead but when I caught her she dropped it and it ran off.

It’s been an interesting couple of days.


Tera’s gone on holiday. No eggs yesterday, just one from Henrietta today. I think Emmy might have stolen them yesterday because I found some shell on the stairs… The terrible weather might be depressing them a little too, although it’s been pretty nice the last couple of days.

(I hope it goes shit again and we get more thunderstorms, they’re so fun!)

Chick (Which mum seems to have named “Baby Peep Peep”) still doesn’t seem brilliantly well, but on a better note, they’re roaming the garden and the dogs don’t care! When they see the dogs they rush back to the compost heap but Emmy totally broke down the fence a couple of days ago and there’s been no incidents.

Went outside and staked up all my tomatoes so they can get more light, although they might have nitrogen deficiency because a lot of the leaves are yellowing. They’re only in a tiny pot, I’m hoping the ones in the ground will do better, they’re already starting to flower some of them.

We ate one of the cabbages the other day. Whoa, not something I’d normally eat but it was damn good. I’m planting them again (further apart!) next year. It’s funny, the ones I planted in the ground went WHOOOSH and got huge, but the ones I planted in the growbag are still the same size, if not smaller, than when I put them in. All the Spinach went a bit ropey and into flower, so I pulled it up to make room for tomatoes and the cabbages.

Been playing and messing with the SDK for Alien Swarm, it’s been out a week or so now and it’s pretty awesome, even if the campaign does just feel like a tech demo. There’s some awesome mods coming out for it already. Waiting for Tera to come back off holiday so we can play it, although he has threatened to turn up on the doorstep, that would be fun.


Hermia missed an egg a couple of days ago, and the new chicks are settling in ok. Having to keep Emmy locked inside to stop her from standing on them though, she just jumps straight over the fence. They look a bit like this. The breed is Light Sussex and they’re probably around 10 weeks old.

Title Goes Here

I saw another steam train go by the other day, about 23:30, the smoke was all lit up orange from the sparks and all the passenger carriages were lit up through the trees. It was pretty.

The chickens are still layin two eggs a day and I’m going with granddad to get them a couple more friends tomorrow. Need another bag of pellets too. The feedstore is only two miles away but I have no way of carrying the bag home.

I walked the dogs 4 miles or so the other day, found a nice stream Emmy and Bella could swim in without drowning and they all enjoyed it, even if Sophie was too nervous to jump in and her sheep-wool-like coat absorbs water like a sponge. I’m not allowed to walk them for the next few days though because they went to the groomers yesterday and they look and smell nice at the moment. (She coats them in perfume or something, if they’re not walked, the smell stays for around a month)

I watched the first season of Merlin the other day, not the best thing I’ve ever seen, but not bad either, I watched all of Flame of Recca, caught up on the Hunter x Hunter manga and read some of the Flame of Recca manga again. Might watch the HxH anime though again just for the hell of it, I have the real thing on DVDs but the subs are pretty terrible.

Me and mum made jam yesterday, it came out pretty well. Strawberry and Redcurrant, and Elderberry. There’s more redcurrants and some gooseberries in the fridge so we need to use those up too.

I dunno. Worked out that if I go through the park, I can walk the dogs 4+ miles only crossing three roads (Well, three there three back) and having to walk 50m or so up one. That’s kinda nice, it takes longer to put the leads on than they’re actually being used. I guess it’s not too bad around here I still miss Manchester but I guess that won’t go away. We couldn’t have had four dogs there, or chickens really.

It seems the pulled muscle I’ve had in my leg has finally healed, (it stuck around for like, three weeks and came back every time I walked over a mile) so I should start messing with my bike again.

The dog warden came round and chipped the dogs the other day, I already got Emmy done at the vet (£27) but the dog warden will come to your house and do it for £5 a dog. Not bad! We got the big two done, we weren’t gonna at the prices the vet was charging, but for £5 it’s pretty good.

So yeah, apart from that I’ve just been playing games. I’ve thrown 21hrs into King’s Bounty, 25 into Audiosurf and am trying to play Altitude more, but it’s a little dead in the evenings which is kinda annoying. More damn people need to own and play this game!

Oh and I bought Necrovision during the sale and it’s the only thing so far that can reliably make my computer reboot itself! (It does so when I try and open it) does this mean it’s likely a graphics card problem? I have a shitty cheap graphics card. (Radeon 3600 or something)

To be honest I need a new computer…

Henrietta’s First Egg!

Still warm!



Chickens have laid one egg every day since then. I think it’s Hermia that’s laying them but I guess it could be Henrietta. She tends to pull all the hay out of the nestbox and then lay them in the sawdust, I think she’s sitting the wrong way round, with her arse over the edge. Oh and the eggs taste awesome, better than shop-bought eggs for some reason.

Emmy keeps getting into the chicken coop and just kind of standing on the chickens. I think she thinks they’re other puppies or something, it’s totally non-aggressive. Sadly, the two big dogs go absolutely nuts when they see her in there and I had to pull Henrietta’s head out of Bella’s jaws the other day. She lost a few feathers but seems fine. Was the day before we started getting eggs and she’s not been off her food or anything.

I’ve been spending most of my time playing the new Defense Grid DLC, finally managed to get all gold medals on it. Just need all golds on the story mode challenge now! I love this game so much, I’ve managed to log 45hours so far (26.9hrs in the past two weeks) and that’s only on the Steam version, I’m sure I must’ve played at least 10 on my PlayGreenHouse version before I forgot where I’d bought it and my login details and generally everything about it.

Halfway through the first part of the third A Song of Ice and Fire book. It’s made of awesome. In fact, I think I’m more than halfway.

Drama ahoy!

Last week our internet connection went real slow, I’d never paid it much attention but it dropped down to 386k from around the 3mb it was before. So I plugged the router in downstairs to see if it made a difference, when it didn’t we phoned Sky and they muttered something about a cap and pressed a button and it shot up to 6.6mb, 8mb in the engineers test socket. Yay. I plugged the router in upstairs and it dropped to 1.something, I left it there for a couple of days and bought 30ft of cat6 cable, some ends and some crimpers off ebay, plugged the router back in downstairs and made a hazard of the stairs for a few days. I really don’t want to be wireless. xD

Anyway, a couple of days ago it dropped back down to 386k. Idiot on the phone said “WE ARE RUNNING A DYNAMIC LINE MANAGEMENT TEST CALL BACK ON FRIDAY” and nothing I could do would make him say anything else.

Tried phoning back again, “Clear your cookies and reset your router to factory settings!” despite my insistence that wouldn’t do anything that was all he would say. I did it anyway and it did nothing and by that point he’d put the phone down.

So whatever, we waited till today (Friday), an hour on the phone and four different idiots, we finally got somebody competent. It’s now at 4mb but the guy says there’s still errors on the line somewhere between here and the exchange, he did push it up to 8 but it was too unstable to do anything with. An engineer is coming over in the morning to take a look at it for some reason. The guys on the unofficial Sky support forum have also convinced me that a new faceplate for the main socket would be a good idea but I haven’t bought it yet, it’s not too expensive, but lets see what happens!

Oh, we live near the railway line and I saw a steam train go by the other day! Couldn’t see the actual train but it sounded different to a normal one and there was a big plume of steam. Don’t know if it was a special service or what. (It was going from Earlestown towards Newton station)


one of the chickens just laid an egg!


Bought 3 Buddlea off eBay, 6 arrived. Planted two in the garden and shoved the other 4 in a pot until I can think of somewhere to put them, I think I’ll put one in the front with a fushia. My new tomatos are coming up, as are the free pack of Sweet Alyson he sent with them. Must be something about plant growers, they send you free shit…

The spinach is starting to flower (The other day we had spinach pie, spinach salad and pasta with spinach, and that barely dented it) and the cabbages I planted in the bed are huge and perfect, even if there’s no actual cabbage yet. The cabbages I planted in the growbag are still the same size they were when I put them in, and very slug-eaten. I’ve given them up for dead now and I just rolled a wheeliebin over the top of them. I found another two lavender plants clinging to life in random pots, I don’t think they’d even had water since last year, everything else in there was dead except for these two tiny but healthy little lavender plants, I put one in the greenhouse and one in with some hollyhock seeds I found in a drawer and they both seem thankful for it.

The round melon cucumbers are coming up, as are some marigolds and sunflowers. The apple tree flowered and is now thinking about producing apples and the strawberry plants have little green strawberries on. The pear tree hasn’t really done much yet but so long as it’s alive that’s all that matters for now.

Also, if you’re gonna buy a plastic greenhouse, be wary of the zips. They break. I wish we had the money for a real greenhouse but the lad next door would probably throw rocks at it, like he threw rocks at and managed to smash up the one 5 gardens away. (The woman who owned it came and knocked on the door, he opening line was “I hear you have a garden full of wild children, and they’ve smashed up my greenhouse” she wouldn’t believe that it wasn’t us and eventually stormed off looking annoyed.)


The second ASOIAF book is awesome. I have the second Dragonbone chair one sitting around somewhere but I can’t be bothered to start it. Unseen Academicals has been sitting on my shelf untouched since Christmas. I might order the third ASOIAF book now so it’s there when I finish this one, it’s split into two parts for the UK market so I’m not sure how that works but oh well.

The chickens are happy and healthy. Emmy jumped into the run yesterday with them but all she did was hump them until I removed her. It wound Lucy up a bit though. Really should get a couple more and they’re still not laying eggs. Eventually I suppose, it must be a surprise for them the first time they do it.

I think I’ll play Altitude for a bit now, I’ve alloted up around 12 hours since the free weekend and I’m really getting way too good at it.

I forgot to update this at all.

The chickens are happy and fine, they’ve not been eaten by the dogs yet, although Lucy would still like to try. I am going to build them a bigger run when I get the chance though. Out old garden gate rotted and fell apart and Granddad built us a new one, so I guess I can take the old one apart for stakes. They don’t need to be brilliant.

Been trying to get into riding my bike. It’s at the point where it’s more-or-less safe now, even if the front brakes don’t work too well. Going to take it down to the bike shop tomorrow or so and get them to service it and fix it up properly. Every time I ride it I wobble slightly less, which is good, but I think the gears are messed up because at the moment, no matter what I do, it feels like I’m riding up a mountain. I know it’s a mountain bike, but still. Surely I should be able to get a little further than the .3 of a mile I managed this morning before getting off and walking. I can walk a couple of miles no effort at all.

On top of that, I don’t know the area around here at all, Google Maps shows lots of green open space, but isn’t that all owned by farmers? I know there’s a 10-mile heritage trail around the area I could have a go at when I get a little better but for now I’m just trying to ride at 5:30am when it’s quiet and I’m not likely to get run over or laughed at for my silly helmet.