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I forgot to put a title on this post, which makes things all kinds of difficult.

So, Christmas happened. I got an awesome leather jacket, some “science kits” which should be fun, “build rocket propelled bouncy balls” and a “worm farm” got some Jelly Beans which I just realised I haven’t eaten yet, and I spent way too much on other people.

Also got a 3.6v electric screwdriver off Jenny and a Dremel tool off Granddad, not sure what’s going on there but I’m sure they’ll come in useful.

I got mum a teapot, but as an afterthought I also got her a needle felting kit and a book. Best present ever. I’ve made more with it than she has, but we’re already at the point of “We should order more wool… And more needles. And ohh that book looks good!”

I’m not sure how long it’ll hold my attention but it’s a lot quicker than knitting and I’ve only made myself bleed three times.

New year was good. Went to Grandma and Granddads with Terence, Jenny and Jonty were there too, I fixed his R4 and we had a long conversation about Digimon.

Some sweets from Finland arrived. God they’re so good, I am such an addict. :( Some sweets from Tera are supposed to have arrived too, but nothing yet. I hope Customs haven’t eaten them.

That’s that I guess. Got an exam on the 11th and the 13th but the’re nothing major.

Poring from RO, with a sword, an apple and an unidentified hat.


Put the Christmas tree up, it’s held down with lots and lots of duct tape so Emmy doesn’t knock it over. I made bacon and sausage and eggs and beans. If you ever find asda online selling “Manchester Sausages” buy them, they’re not full of custard and bananas like I was expecting, or drugs like mum was, but they’re pretty nice.

I’m sitting here with my two screens and Terence’s laptop open, I feel like I should be controlling an aircraft or something.

I might tidy and rearrange my bedroom, it’s still full of boxes from when I moved.

Gah I dun wanna do this next assignment, it’s so boring. T_T

Christmas is coming!

Lots of things have been arriving. Today arrived something mum refuses to disclose, some tea I bought for myself (Happy early Christmas, me!) and a bright pink, glitter covered two headed resin dragon I got for Jenny. Oh and some bath goo for Johnty! I’d love this stuff if we still had a bath. Hopefully he reacts better to it than he did the lego helicopter we got him last year. Which was greeted with “That’s boring, I don’t want that *tosses it down*”

I kept it and built it myself. :( How can anyone be bored with lego!

Bought mum a teapot but it hasn’t arrived yet… Got grandma a mug with “THE BEST GRANDMA” and some words on it, she’ll like that. No idea what to buy granddad so I’ve given up.

All the ice has melted, which I’m kinda relived about. It would have been ok if it’d kept snowing, but instead if just snowed a little, then melted and froze into a slide. I managed to slip twice even in my awesome boots.

Still hanging out on Die2Nite, should be doing homework.

Wondering if I should be joining in the protests. I went to a little one in St.Helens but it was sparse. Cutting EMA is the worst, EMA was one of the few things that kept me going into college when I was doing my GCSEs again.

Oh well.

Christmas Pics

IrfanView will mass-resize images, that’s nice to know.

On that note, here are some pictures and whatnot from Christmas. Doesn’t crash so long as I only get a couple at a time.

I didn take many.


Up to date on Dexter. Final few minutes of the final ep… YES. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES.


Murder of the week plz! S05 airs in Fall 2010 apparently. Another thing to add to my list. *Thinks about this, and makes a wordpress page listing things to wait for*

I took pictures of stuff, but the camera is downstairs and I’m lazy. People came round today, people ate food and handed out presents, people left again. Aunts kid was badly behaved and said “That’s stupid and boring” to every present he opened. Even to the lego! He did seem fairly happy with the recorder Terence got him though. Mainly because it wound Emmy up I think.

Didn’t get anything particually interesting. A mug  and some smarties and the promise of driving lessons.

I don’t really want to learn to drive… It seems so scary, I don’t get how people can do it.  I guess I’ve gotta learn, we can get a cheap car through DLA or something, but I dunno. I guess I’m just scared of change. And of crashing and dying horribly.

My foot is sore where I gouged a chunk out of it by standing on a spoon and I can’t find my comfortable shoes. :(

Christmas Eve! Whee~


Some people try too hard with their Christmas lights but I’m just putting it up for the music really. TSO is awesome.

We’ve just got a very basic tree this year, but some of the people in the street have the full house-covering, seizure-inducing displays. I meant to take the camera and walk around the neibourhood, for Pavili, but I forgot. All the snow is melting now and it all looks a bit of a mess anyway, but typically, there’s more forecast for the day after tomorrow. The snow came down massive about midnight last night, and has been melting ever since, I guess that was it’s last gasp. I’ll post some videos on youtube once I can be bothered, I stuck the camera out the window and recorded the best bits of snow a couple of times.

So! Christmas Day tomorrow! And my two main presents have yet to be ordered. xD (Decent HD and L4D2, but that’s down to £20 on Steam until Jan 3rd, so I guess I’ll grab it there) The two things I ordered for mum haven’t arrived either, but one of them is coming from Australia and I only ordered it a couple of days ago and the other is Threadless, which is always slow.

Comp hasn’t crashed in a while, I guess whatever I was doing to make it pissy, I stopped. It probably took against DragonAge or something, I’m certain it wasn’t overheating anyway. I never did get round to running the memtest thing but I will do it if I crash again.

What else, what else… 28DaysLater DVD arrived, maybe I’ll watch it with the audio commentary later. My shirt from Threadless arrived too, I’ll wear it tomorrow.

Up to s04 of Dexter. If a series starts that looks interesting, I generally follow it weekly, but eventually I’ll miss a week and then suddenly I’m 6 weeks behind and it just seems easier to wait. I very rarely watch stuff on telly, I sometimes get distracted by whatever mum’s watching, but I rarely got out of my way for it. Doctor Who is one of the few exceptions.

Mum made mince pies and sausage rolls and cold-ham sandwiches and cake and trifles and I think she cooked one of the turkeys. Brother helped, sort of. Busy day, Grandma’s coming round on Boxing Day so we’re having to tidy up extra so she doesn’t trip over anything or whatever.

Hmm, I wanna play Defence Grid now. (I can’t spell Defence with an s, no matter how hard I try, my fingers just don’t want to do it!) I bought it for Tera yesterday when it was £1.70, it’s gone up to £5.something now but it’s still worth a go. I like tower def games, they’re fun.

Time for a shower methinks.

Maybe I could get my blog to work without titles

I had a really screwed up dream earlier, so here I am.

Been really busy the last few days, sorting things out for Christmas. Tidying, messing it all up, tidying again. The kitchen looks good. Spent all of yesterday just clearing out the cupboards, organizing them, all the things mum uses a lot are at the bottom now, and all the things I use or she uses rarely are at the top where she can’t reach ;D Mum’s made mince pies (which we then ate all of over the course of an evening, they was good), a christmas cake and lots of interesting things. I might make another lemon sponge, but am probably gonna spend tomorrow tidying the living room.

Damn, it’s Thursday already. Think we’re gonna put the Christmas tree up on Saturday. Brother will be here on sunday and as long as mum’s ok and the weather’s good, we’ll go into st.helens for the Victorian thing they’re putting on.

Day before yesterday, we lost Emmy. Was eating dinner and realised she wasn’t jumping all over me. Called her, no response. Put dinner down and went to look for her.

Half an hour later I’m putting my coat on, getting ready to go walk up and down the street, when we hear a very muffled “mrrrr!”

Stupid, stupid dog had managed to jam herself under the cabinet behind the sofa. I guess the gap is about handwidth with all fingers spread. She still hasn’t really recovered, she’s been very quiet and subdued, and for most of yesterday she was actually content to just sit on somebody’s lap, she never does that! She’s resting her chin on my hand right now, makes it kinda hard to type but oh well. I dunno what happened down there or how long she’d been stuck before we started looking (I went upstairs for 45mins before dinner, mum wasn’t really watching her) but it definitely traumatised her somewhat.

I thought she was dead. I thought something had fallen on her or she’d suffocated somewhere and that we were gonna find the body by scent in a months time. Dunno why she didn’t bark or make a noise while we were looking for her, maybe she was embarrassed? :p “I can wiggle out of here, I totally can, they’ll never have to know, I can get out of this!”

Don’t think I’ve let her out of my sight since. xD

My computer has crashed twice today, in two different ways. One is a CPU or driver problem, the other is just XP throwing errors at me. I’m gonna start backing shit up, gathering drivers and all that, and then after Christmas when I’ve got a nice new hard-drive, I’m totally reformatting. I would do it now but since I’m gonna have to after Christmas anyway…

Question of the day. If you got £80million tomorrow, what would be the first things you’d buy? I’d buy myself a really nice, really expensive computer first off. Second things I’d buy would probably be a financial advisor and a holiday cottage. ;p

Day… Something

Overslept this morning. Fucking pissed at myself for that. -_- I set my alarm well loud, when I woke up, it was carefully turned off. Here, click the link. I think I’ll set my webcam to record, just to see wtf I do, if I’m actually awake and I just don’t remember it, or what… It requires getting out of bed, walking over here, and messing with the selotape over the volume knob on the speakers. I need more tape I think…

Gonna rearrange my room tonight I think. Guess I’ll get started on that once I’m done with this.

Took Sophie to the vet, in a week she can be taken for walks! Think Bella is off heat now too and all the dogs are fully wormed as of today. Wormer needs to be once a month for the pups and once every 3 months for the big dogs. I wonder if you have to cycle through the different brands like you do with horses…  Probably not. I also need to drop the vaccination card in at the vets some time because I forgot to take it with me today.

The vet here is cheap! £27 for 6 wormer tablets and Sophies shots today, the time we took Sophie for a checkup on her chest, they only charged us for the wormer, £1.27 or something in total. Never would have gotten that in Manchester, they practically charged you £25 just to walk through the door there. Normally no more than a 10-15 min wait here either.

I do miss Manchester sometimes though.

I went to the co-op earlier to get some stuff for dinner, and I saw 7 houses all with Christmas decorations up. Like, the full blown flashing lights and Christmas trees. They get started early around here… Pretty though, I like walking in the dark and seeing all the houses warm and lit up with decorations.

There was one house that was really pretty, I wanted to take a picture of it.  Maybe I’ll take my camera with me the next time I go out. They’d gone all out on the lights and tinsel and had a big Christmas tree in the corner, but it was still fairly tasteful, no inflatable santas or whatever.

For dinner I made a sort of selection-plate-thing, carrot sticks and celery and tomatoes and squares of cheese, and other things I don’t remember, with dips. It was nice, I’m really not in the mood for meat at the moment…

[ Insert Imaginative Title Here ]

Hopefully the thing in the comments won’t be too bad, I got the most readable one I could find and I used a nice small set of related words for it. :p I don’t like being spammed, I’ll get nothing for months and then suddenly, bam, two hundred YOU HAVE A COMMENT emails until I lock the post. And I locked it and they moved into another post!

Anyway. I wanna try this. I figure, why not. I never leave the house anyway, and it’ll actually motivate me to shower MORE. (I generally shower every couple of days or so, more if I’m feeling depressed or it’s hot weather xD I don’t wash my hair every day, because otherwise it goes totally nuts and after I’ve washed it it goes all frizzy and mad) Plus we go through shampoo and conditioner like nuts.

Nothing to lose, anyway.

Christmas list is now Tera, Chibi, Mum, Grandma, Granddad, Terence. I still need to get something else for Chibi. I want to get him a book named “Stray Thoughts and Nosebleeds” by Duncan Sarkies, but it’s impossible to get hold of for less than £20 secondhand. I found my copy in a holiday cottage and read it out of boredom, after I’d read it, I had to steal it. It changed my life, I don’t know in what way it changed it, or how big an impact it’s really had, but it goes straight to the top of my list of books. He won some award for it, but I can’t find any reviews or anything.

Looking at Amazon, he bought out another book a while ago and it’s still relatively easy to get hold of. *makes note to grab it some time*

Huh, some girl performing one of the skits. Not bad. Shame about the camera problems. If you can get hold of a copy of the book, do it. I found a pdf version of the script from the book. Here. Read it. It’s not that long.

Haven’t done much today, went to bed at 9am, hoping to not go to bed at all tonight, see how it goes.  Had a shower, failed to nap, here I am. Maybe I’ll go find some food.