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So yeah, I’ve been really neglecting this.

What’s happened… I fucked up college, I’m on anti-depressents (which are making a lot of difference really, I’m not half as OCD or panicky or frustrated as I was…)

Done most of my Christmas shopping, just need to ship out a couple of things to people and have a few new things arrive. We have a real tree this year, I carried it home on the bus and everything. Terence will be home for Christmas too so we have to make an effort! (But I wanted the real tree!)

I got a lovely box of stuff from Pavili… If you’re reading this, thankyou, you need to go on MSN more so I can thank you proper!

Got the book and the glow stars from you too, thanks :p They’ve been put under the tree.

Bought some presents for the kids next door :3 I hope they like them, some chocolate, some bits and pieces, and some of these bath beans. They love anything you give them, I gave one of them a peanut in it’s shell once and they had to run off to show their mother. I think we’re also compensating for the fact cousin is such a pain in the arse to buy for, he didn’t even like the bath goo last year, he said it was disgusting, he didn’t like the farting goo I got him either, wouldn’t go near it, and his mum played with the plasticine more than he did. :( The year before he said the lego helicopter was “boring” and that he didn’t want it. I kept it and built it myself… He said the real stethoscope was boring too… It’s hard to know what to get!

Oh well, nevermind… We got him some dinosaur stuff and if he doesn’t like it then tough shit.

New years resolution is to get back into this I suppose, felt more, uh, give up chocolate again? That last one after Christmas, obviously.


Here, I felted some ornaments for the Christmas tree. Have all the other random pictures off my phone/camera too.


Unwashed sheep wool is greasy, I should wash it properly with some shampoo or whatever. It’s nice to have though just as an unexpensive base.

Gonna try and make Tera a Guinea pig for his birthday, this was my first attempt, just a tiny one to see how the shape worked.

Could be better. But I’ll get there!

Other than that, college has been pretty hectic, exams last week, I should have passed the English, I know I passed the IT and I’m pretty sure I didn’t pass the maths. But IT exams done on actual computers! That was nice. Apart from the fact my first one refused to print and finally crashed.

Had an odd dream last night, at one point I picked up a Christmas card, on the front was a generic christmassy picture, but captioning it was this:

“When you fall into the piranah pool, switch to the shadow world, where simple day changes to the whole night ahead of you, where you are safe from the things you simply thought”
Very odd. The back was a whole monologue from the maker of the card going on about how weird it was.


College is over until after Christmas! I added £10 to my Steam wallet and have been spending it on games over the past couple of weeks. (Roughly £1.50 to £2.00 a game) Things could be worse!

Super Meat Boy is awesome, I can only stand playing it in small bursts, but it’s still good! I just wish it wouldn’t crash quite so randomly.  Normally right after I’ve got a bandage and I’m on the winning lap too.

Bob Came In Pieces is a very cute little puzzle game, it’s on sale today and tomorrow for something like £1.75, you should check out the trailer on Steam. Zombie Driver is on sale too but I don’t think I’ll bother getting it. I have too many games already.

I bought the second Humble Indie Pack, it’s a “pay what you want” sale but if you pay under something like 5p, Paypal eats it all and then charges them extra. I’ve not had a chance to play with it yet but I’m building up a nice little pile of installers, I’d been meaning to buy Braid so that’s good. The first one suddenly appeared on Steam a week or so ago, about a year after the first “pay what you want” sale, and everyone who’d bought it got a code, which is pretty awesome.

I got shatter, which is is Breakout but it’s not bad. The Steam achievement for it is impossible but oh well.  I’ve had some fun playing with the story mode and the music is decent.

There’s a few games I’m watching out for next year. Rock of Ages looks pretty cool, Diablo 3 I haven’t been paying much attention to but I will grab when it’s released. Onni forced me to play through D2 and it was fun. Portal 2 is a given.

Found this Dungeon Keeper remake thing earlier that looks worth keeping an eye on

Some of the stuff I ordered for Christmas still hasn’t arrived, but I think it may be at the post office, I have to go out anyway. Wish whoever is delivering some stuff (A dedicated courier, not Royal Mail) would stop throwing stuff over the back gate into the garden, I don’t see it before I and all the dogs and the chickens tread on it and that’s no fun.

Thorax is developing a magnificent tail, him and Abigail look like this now, they’re much bigger than the Black Rocks, but I guess that’s because they’re designed as a dual purpose breed as opposed to just egg layers. He’s starting to develop some good behaviour, he protects the girls from the dogs now (Sophie charges them sometimes out of sheer excitement and he stands in front of them and pecks at her now, which serves her right) and he won’t eat before they do now, he just stands and looks manly.

It’s all fun.

Tidied my desk and have managed to keep it that way for almost a whole week.

I’m neglecting this!

Die2Nite is fun. This college course is gonna fall to bits before a year is out due to absolutely nobody giving a shit.

I bet you know the electronics teacher though. He went on for an hour about how awesome phones and switchboards are (were) and how it’s a shame we’ve lost all that now it’s all done on computers. He wasn’t even supposed to be talking about phones, the lesson was on magnets.

It snowed a little bit! But it’s all melted now. I enjoyed it and I’m glad I wore in my awesome boots. Bought another waterer for the chickens because it keeps freezing solid when I forget to bring it in overnight.

I hope it snows again soon.

Go go stream of conciousness.

*goes blind from glare*

Bought some proper wax and brushes and polished up my boots. I’m breaking them in again for winter and building up my leg muscles again so I can actually lift them off the floor. But they look like new again now and I’m happy. They’re over 3 years old now and the only thing that doesn’t look like new is they’re starting to wear at the back at the top. They were a lifesaver last year in the snow.

Helena, one of the chicks, has been renamed to Thorax, as she is apparently a man. So we now have Henrietta, Hermia, Abigail and Thorax. Still getting two eggs a day, wonder if I should have been feeding the chicks growers pellets instead of layers, but it’s too late now and they seem healthy and happy enough. And before you ask, no,  he’s not going for soup or Sunday dinner.

Every time Granddad comes round he has to go outside and look at them and nod sagely, every time he phones he asks how they are. I think they’re pets he secretly wouldn’t mind, a useful production animal! Might be a good idea to get another bag of pellets soon though.

College is good!

My head is broke

When I ordered my computer they sent a free 2gb pen drive with it, “WORLD’S SMALLEST” as proclaimed by the packaging. I’ve lost it 4 times so far, but it’s always managed to turn up again, I’ve got it tied to my purse now, which kinda defeats the fact it’s supposed to be so tiny, but oh well. Emmy ate my 8gb Corsair one, it still works but it’s not got a case, so it’s useless for now.

Shit like this totally breaks my head, though.

I am in love with dropbox. <3

Course is fun, got to play with a lathe, and file a bit of metal, it’s not as full-time as I was expecting but it’s all good!

Uhh, the chicks are getting big, they should start laying eggs soon I hope, I bought “Digest on the diseases of birds” and I just paid out £100 for a bus pass because £4/day, 4 days a week was  getting way too expensive.

Went to a carboot with granddad, didn’t buy much. He finally got round to taking me flying a few weeks ago, it wasn’t what I was expecting. (I was kinda more thinking like this)

That’s all I guess.

Migraines seriously knock me out

Been playing Recettear, had the demo going on the laptop but it was playing at 15fps, I love this computer.

Finally managed to get a case fan in it, thought the old mounts would do but they’d all perished, and I ended up sitting with the case open for a week because it was getting incredibly hot. Tempted to buy a second fan for it, even though it runs 20 degrees cooler than my old computer.

Having a computer that can handle sleep mode is fun! The old one just stuttered and refused to come out until you did a hard shut down. Windows 7 is pretty unobtrusive too.

Not sure when college starts, went to the induction day and it all seems fun, hope I can get a bus pass because £4/day bus fare is painful. It’s probably gonna be a full time course, a level 3 diploma over two years, and an NVQ as well to fill the rest of the week. (Apparently the NVQ is mostly practical and the diploma is mostly academic)

Looks fun anyway!


I can’t seem to make a Chrome extension work, and I can’t find a decent virus scanner, but everything is awesome apart from that.

It wouldn’t accept my Windows7 key, so I had to do a regedit thing to make it listen, but that’s been the only problem so far. Everything is so shiny! And huge! And FAST!

Terence was here over the weekend, and threw a mood going home, ending up with one of the dogs covered in wax, (not on purpose) It’s gonna take all night to groom that out, and she’s gonna smell like lemons for weeks.

Windows7 has been ok so far, the OMG YOU SURE? announcements haven’t been too bad so far because THIS COMPUTER IS SO FAST and I managed to make the taskbar look mostly like XP, I don’t like combined stuff

They decided they were never gonna get that graphics card in stock, so I upgraded to the 5770 for £30 more, but they did throw in a free 2gb pen drive and upgraded it to a saturday 7am delivery for free.

It wasn’t as hard to build/didn’t take as long as I thought it was going to. So that’s ok.

Now I get to play with it until some time next month, at which point college starts!

I signed up for a mechanical engineering course, I’m gonna get to do welding!