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Henrietta laid a GIANT egg yesterday, it’s double the size of her normal egg. Hermia laid one the other day with a bit of a blip on the bottom and no shine on the shell. I’ll take a picture when I can find the camera, but it doesn’t even fit in the egg box, put it in an egg cup and it just perches on the top. But they’re laying 1 egg a day, 7 eggs a week each. They’re not supposed to, all the chicken books said they’d lay six at most and to expect less, but no, they’ve kept it up, even with the terrible weather.

Ordered the computer, with an expensive (modular!) power supply, because everyone freaked out when I added the £12 one to my basket. They said it would murder my pets and curse my unborn children. :( It should be good when it arrives anyway, graphics card comes into stock some time next week, and I’m not too bothered about waiting. I’ve read like, four books and I’ve taken up drawing, but it will be nice to be able to check my emails again.

Got my eye on an A8N-SLI, which looks like it should fit my ram and cpu and everything to get the old comp back to life. Then I fix it up to the telly and use it as a glorified DVD player! Mum seems quite keen on that idea. Got Windows 7 from here, which didn’t ask for any student confirmation or anything, and opted for the Media option instead of download, because I got fed up of burning discs for XP. The way things are going it should all arrive at about the same time!

Only thing I’m worried about is installing the motherboard. Dropping it or shorting it out or whatever, the most complicated thing I’ve done before was installing a very awkward CPU cooler, But I’ll deal with that when I come to it I suppose. Whee.

I love the internet

Sent Grandma a Moonpig card for her birthday. So much easier than having to do it in person! I think it should get there by tomorrow too.

Emmy stole another egg, one of Henrietta’s this time. Hermia also laid one without a shell which was interesting. I think she considered going broody this morning but I talked her out of it and stole her egg. It was all warm!

I’m in an odd mood, anyway. Back to watching Flame of Recca!