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day 02 – favorite cover version

Hmmm. I don’t listen to much covers, I don’t listen to much music to be honest, I should find more but I tend to just obsess over the same people in phases. So I’ll have to vote for this: Cake: Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town.

We went out today, I bought the first Paladin’s Legacy book, almost bought a new DS and pokemon White, but I’d forgotten my cash card, might go back on monday and do it, Pokemon is only £10 if you buy it with a DS and a preowned one is only £69. Pokemon on it’s own is £25-£30, and if I find my old DS I can give it to mum, she’s pretty much worn hers out and mine is in decent nick now it’s been repaired.

Then came home and played more SpaceChem, I wonder when the demo runs out.

Still watching Dexter, daamn. I’m liking it despite the fact I keep having to pause it to breathe, I don’t cope well with tension. (Almost done with ep10 now) (Scratch that ep11)

Lots of things today

30 Day Song Challenge

day 01 – my favourite song
day 02 – favorite cover version
day 03 – a song that makes me happy
day 04 – a song that makes me sad
day 05 – a song that reminds me of someone
day 06 – a song that reminds me of somewhere
day 07 – a song that reminds me of a certain event
day 08 – a song that you know all the words to
day 09 – a song that I can dance to
day 10 – favourite music video
day 11 – a song from my favorite band
day 12 – favourite song from a movie
day 13 – a song that is a guilty pleasure
day 14 – a song that no one would expect me to love
day 15 – a song that describes me
day 16 – a song that Iused to love but now hate
day 17 – a song that I hear often on the radio that I love
day 18 – my  romantic song
day 19 – a song from my favorite album
day 20 – a song that I listen to when I’m angry
day 21 – a song that I listen to when I’m happy
day 22 – a song that I listen to when I’m sad
day 23 – a song that I want to play at my wedding
day 24 – a song that I want to play at my funeral
day 25 – Most played song on my itunes
day 26 – Favourite collaboration
day 27 – Song that reminds of drunk/party times
day 28 – Favourite should have been a single song
day 29 – a song from my childhood
day 30 – my favorite song at this time last year

Could be interesting. I don’t think I have a favorite song, it changes depending on my mood, but I guess at the moment these two are vying for top spot: The Butthole Surfers: Pepper and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Today’s Lesson.

I tidied up the garden today, dug over the two beds, picked up the plastic greenhouse from where the winds a few weeks ago had left it. Spent about two hours on it I guess, it looks better now. The apple tree has buds on! While I was digging the two beds Emmy decided to help, she started off by digging with me, but then ended up just rolling in it. I had to hose her down before I could even take her into the house to shower her. When the plastic greenhouse fell over it left mud everywhere, to the point you could probably grow plants on the patio without pots, so I hosed all that away into the beds and Emmy helped there too by drinking it and rolling in the mush whenever she got the chance.

Sophie stood in the kitchen and barked.

It was frosty this morning, all the water was frozen and there was about a 10ft visibility due to heavy fog, but by the time I got home a couple of hours later I could work in the garden without a coat on, it’s improving fast!

Been playing the SpaceChem demo today and watching s05 of Dexter, went into college but only had one lesson, CAD, which is pretty fun. Got to play with PLCs on Tuesday, making lights go on and off and stuff, fun fun. I wouldn’t mind doing more of that. Ink cartridges arrived so I can use my fountain pen again! I think when these run out I might move onto bottled ink but we’ll see. Apparently they’ve discontinued making that pen, shame, I was considering buying another one.

I finished the Kethani book Kirrus sent me, not bad although I kept waiting for a twist or revelation that never appeared. (Which I suppose is a twist in itself)  it says at the end they were mostly short stories published at different times, and that makes it make a bit more sense. I liked it.

Also finished Oath of Gold (Thankyou :D) it got more interesting towards the end even if it did make me a bit uncomfortable reading it on the bus, considering buying the next one and I will read more of her stuff.

I never did finish the second Dwarves book, I think that’s up next.


New series of Dexter! I totally missed it.


Watching Life On Mars, I missed it first time around.

Pretty fun.

Dexter Season 5 will premiere on September 26, 2010 , and will consist of 12 episodes.

Need to get the latest eps of Survivors and Being Human too.


Time to go outside and burn meat!


Sucks. Life’s a bitch and then you get cancer. At least two family members have it at the moment… Seems to be what everyone dies of eventually… But hopefully he’ll be fine!

That fortress I made fell to orcs when dwarves refused to pull the lever to get the bridge to go up. Next time I won’t build it outside. It doesn’t seem entirely worth playing, the whole time, I’m waiting for the next release to come out.

MSPA update for today. Damn. Worth watching through even if you’re not following it. I can see why he sells the music too.


*finally remembers to grab torrents of the new eps of Survivors and Being Human* I managed to miss them being on telly, kept tying to sky+ them but it wasn’t playing. Should pick up the new years Doctor Who, I missed that too… I really am not good at sitting down and watching telly. xD

They’re both exactly the same size, lets see which downloads first! So far Being Human is in the lead by 1.5%!


It rained today, most of the snow is gone now, can see the road and the grass in the back garden for the first time in ages. Oh well, maybe it’ll snow again, maybe it won’t. At least things will deliver properly now.

There’s some racing game for freeplay on Steam at the moment, gonna see how that works tonight. Should be fun. I miss Onni so bad though… He woulda played it with me. He would have been prodding me to play it with him, even after he lost his arm it didn’t stop him for long. He gave me so much motivation to do things, he’d prod me into playing new things or listening to something or whatever… At the moment, nothing seems worth doing, all I want to do is sleep.

I’ve had a headache all day, time to go find some dinner…


Up to date on Dexter. Final few minutes of the final ep… YES. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES.


Murder of the week plz! S05 airs in Fall 2010 apparently. Another thing to add to my list. *Thinks about this, and makes a wordpress page listing things to wait for*

I took pictures of stuff, but the camera is downstairs and I’m lazy. People came round today, people ate food and handed out presents, people left again. Aunts kid was badly behaved and said “That’s stupid and boring” to every present he opened. Even to the lego! He did seem fairly happy with the recorder Terence got him though. Mainly because it wound Emmy up I think.

Didn’t get anything particually interesting. A mug  and some smarties and the promise of driving lessons.

I don’t really want to learn to drive… It seems so scary, I don’t get how people can do it.  I guess I’ve gotta learn, we can get a cheap car through DLA or something, but I dunno. I guess I’m just scared of change. And of crashing and dying horribly.

My foot is sore where I gouged a chunk out of it by standing on a spoon and I can’t find my comfortable shoes. :(


Tired tired. But happy! I got lots of shiny loot. A pretty new powerball (Which I instantly <3ed for three minutes, before placing it lovingly, somewhere safe. Somewhere I assume it still is –;; Damn thing will turn up eventually I guess, but I wanted to play with it. ;_;) Couple of books,(latest Terry Pratchett and a random one) a lace making kit(I don’t know either), a wallet and a nice leather bag. Terence got me perfume for some reason, but at least nobody got me soap this year. Well, the woman across the road did, but she also tried to give me fugly second-hand size 4 clothes and keeps inviting me over to get pissed and such, which I keep politely declining.

Got brother an EzFlash cart for DS and GBA, need to get him a bigger SD card for it though, 2gb doesn’t seem to be cutting it. Need to buy another anyway, he’s currently using mine because I forgot to order one, and I’ve got a sudden urge to play Scribblenauts.

Thinking about it, I guess I don’t drink or do drugs or anything because I’m a bit of a control freak. The idea of losing control of what I say or do scares me. That’s probably why I only really have friends online, the time to think before what you say, the anonymity, it makes it easier. Also, I don’t like the woman across the road, she scares me with her loudness. :p I prefer to be home, alone, in a room lit by nothing but my computer screens.

But meeting Tera was still fun, even if it did take us a while to properly relax. :p Hope I do get to go over there again, don’t think I can leave stuff here for more than a week though…

My comp crashed again when I tried to upload pictures from the camera, that seems to be one of the trigger points for it. Might have found a fix for it, maybe.

Anyway, I’ll post pictures of stuff tomorrow if I can be bothered. For now… I dunno!

Happy Christmas, people.

(And for the record, I love how the computers in Dexter beep every time he so much as mouses over something)


Up to s03 of Dexter. The timing on this show is good… They build it up and do suspense so well.

Tidying up Terence’s room, which is mainly used as a store room. He’s coming home for Christmas tomorrow. Christmas is so close now! I got him a badge maker. Well, I got “him” a badge maker. :p Should be fun to play with, got one of the ones that does three different types of badges (big, small and square!)

Bought a polish thing from Tescos and cleaned up my boots. I only get to wear them for a couple of months each year because they’re so heavy, but I wouldn wanna go out in snow without them. Snow, which by the way, still hasn’t melted! yay~ Watch it all melt on Christmas eve, just to deny us a white Christmas. (Having to capitalise Christmas every time is really annoying. I was gonna make an autohotkey thing to do it for me, maybe I still should, but it seems a bit pointless now so close to the date. I ALWAYS type it christmas and then have to go back and fix it.)

Got a sort of compost heap thing in the garden, and I’ve been hanging up bird feeders. That’s fun to watch, lots of little birds dodging the cats and dogs. Pigeons and blue tits and little brown sparrow type birds and other birds I dunno the name for. The blackbirds own the compost heap though, there’s one female that just stands on the fence and chases every other bird away, and when I hung up the bird feeders I hung one on the shed, at which point the cat instantly sat on the shed roof, with her back to it, looking around surreptitiously every now and again. She’ll never catch anything, but she is funny to watch.

Had toast and pate for lunch, whee. I’m in a decently good mood now. Guess I’ll watch a bit more of Dexter and then go back to tidying.

And oh yeah, happy birthday. :p

Mince Pies and Toilet Seats.

Dexter has really awesome opening credits. It’s rare that I’ll actually sit through credits but I actually like these.

It feels like I didn do much today, even though I sorta did. Had to wake up early this morning because Sainsburys failed to deliver the turkey when they delivered the shopping yesterday and had to send it this morning instead. Honestly, with meat? I don’t like roast dinners… I like the meat, but I like it cold and in sandwiches more than I like it hot with other stuff. Trying to convince mum of this, getting there slowly.

Went to Boots, picked up mums perscription. Bought some stuff from Wilkinsons and some sandwiches for lunch. All the snow got trampled down, then froze solid, so it’s like walking on an icerink out there. I dunno though, I kinda liked the challenge.

Went back home, fitted a new toilet seat (Well it amuses me…) Then mum made mince pies and… Something something something big memory blank. All I remember is mince pies and cups of peppermint and ginger tea. Oh, and I ordered a proper copy of 28 Days Later. Got the 2-disc version of just that, instead of the one including 28 Weeks Later, I wasn’t as impressed with the second film.

Hmm. Mouse is still working, clicker-wire is still gone. I suppose I could salvage a bit out of another mouse but I dunno if it’s worth it. It’s actually kinda nice to have a smooth scroll.

I dunno what else. Dun think I’ll sleep tonight. In too good a mood. Might go have a shower in a bit though.

They canceled Dollhouse, that makes me a bit sad but Americans are so focused on ratings, I guess it was inevitable eventually. They seem to shoot their stuff one ep at a time and can cancel it at any moment, while the British just churn out a whole series then see how it goes. I want the new Doctor Who and the new Being Human already.

Oh well. Soon enough.