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Day 3

day 03 – a song that makes me happy

Easy. This song makes me stupidly happy and I don’t know why. Protomen: Light Up the Night.

Didn’t really do anything today, brother was here, I found my DS and gave it to mum to replace hers and I’m gonna get a new one and Pokemon on Monday, I can walk into town at lunchtime. Also watched the second season of Misfits, verdict: worth watching. Like Heroes but without the bullshit saving the world stuff.

I forgot, I spent another £10 on die2nite a few days back, it was sort of an impulse buy. I did miss having the powers though.

I need to sit down and properly do my homework tomorrow. xD

I likes it

New blog theme is go! Wondering if I can work out a rotation thing so it can have different header images, but I like it. It feels clean, and having more column width feels a lot better, screw anyone with smaller screens.

Joined a new town on die2nite with a group of people from IRC and forums, this one should be pretty awesome but also might just be a drama filled mess, so far it’s looking great.

Almost up to date on House, then I guess I’ve just gotta catch up on Dexter. Watched Misfits the other day and that was pretty shiny.

Book review time!

The set of books I’m reading (Sheepfarmer’s Daughter, Divided Allegiance, Oath of Gold) I like em, but I think I liked the first book the most. I’m halfway through the third now, the second book made me cry (Just a bit!)

First book : A lot of building, it was interesting to see where it was going, even if it did remind me of a lot of other books. (The “Protector of the Small” series by Tamora Pierce and “The Forging of the Sword” by Mark Robson both are similar, although they’re both more aimed at kids)

Second book : Still reminded me of the Tamora Pierce, even down to the “abused horse nobody can touch but me” but I enjoyed it even if the whole village started to drag a bit. The end threw everything into a loop and made me sad but in a good way.

Third book : I’m about halfway through. The end of book 2 is quickly righted and suddenly the character is all knowing and awesome and **ON A MISSION FROM GOD**, it’s still good, but I don’t think it’s as good as the last couple of books. I’ll finish it and buy some of her other stuff, but yeah.

Books I have also read recently : City of Ember and The Hunger Games. Both good and both apparently have sequels. I have the second City of Ember on audio, just have to get round to listening to it. I decided against buying the second Hunger Games book, maybe I should, it was a fun read but I didn’t want a sequel, I was happy to just leave it there, if that makes sense. Don’t get that often…

Picked up “The Left Hand of God” Don’t bother with it, I got about halfway through and just couldn’t be bothered with it, enough so that I’ve given it away. Some guy writing his violent fantasies, which doesn’t mean terrible, but just didn’t grab me, but then again, neither did The Blade Itself and everyone raves over that.

Also took an hour or so to read all the Hatchet books again, since there’s apparently 5, not 3. Damn that guy’s written a lot of stuff.

I’m done!


Not doing my homework!

Guinea pig is coming along ok. I also spent 10 minutes making a pin cushion to hold the needles I’m not using. It wasn’t supposed to be ridiculously cute! It was just red and cream and then suddenly it wanted eyes and a mouth! I’m starting to build up a collection of Porings…

(Those’re the felting needles stuck in it)

Paid for a month of hero on die2nite, it was around £10, well expensive, more expensive than a month of WoW even, but I’ve put a lot of time into it so it’s nice to give something back. I doubt I’ll buy a second month at that price though.

I managed to explode a fountain pen cartridge all over myself the other day, that was interesting. Pen I got is lovely, makes me happy every time I write with it, but due to buying the wrong thing, I only have one cartridge that fits it and a load that don’t fit anything so I have to transfer the ink with a syringe. At least they’re the same size, I think when these run out I might just buy a bottle of ink instead, at least it’ll be harder for me to explode that.

Got another guy asking about the Strawberry Magic game. I think brother’s got it at the moment.

Thorax has taken to crowing loudly, but I really like having him around. Three of the dogs went for him the other day and he not only stood up to them, he won! They’re shit-scared of him now. I hope he learns to stfu though, I really don’t want to have to get rid of him… He’s so big and heavy that he’d be on somebody’s plate before you could say “shut the hell up you stupid chicken”

I’m neglecting this!

Die2Nite is fun. This college course is gonna fall to bits before a year is out due to absolutely nobody giving a shit.

I bet you know the electronics teacher though. He went on for an hour about how awesome phones and switchboards are (were) and how it’s a shame we’ve lost all that now it’s all done on computers. He wasn’t even supposed to be talking about phones, the lesson was on magnets.

It snowed a little bit! But it’s all melted now. I enjoyed it and I’m glad I wore in my awesome boots. Bought another waterer for the chickens because it keeps freezing solid when I forget to bring it in overnight.

I hope it snows again soon.

Go go stream of conciousness.