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Dentist lady booked me in, going back tomorrow, 12:35. Ibuprofen is a miracle drug and I’ve basically been overdosing on it today, so I guess it’s probably an abscess. It’s not getting any smaller. Abscess is also a really weirdly spelt word.

Put a new motor in the Dyson, £16 refurbished off eBay, + special star-shaped screwdrivers. Still a lot cheaper than getting a new Dyson. I think the motors are £40 new. I managed to break the old motor, it’s… Complicated. It’s now sitting outside for the scrap metal guy anyway.

Still haven’t done the front gate, but I did tidy up the front garden a bit, gonna go out tomorrow if I get a chance and buy screws and metal spray, apparently we used up the previous can, and I can’t find the bag of screws that was in the toolbox.

Apparently there’s a Picross 3D due out in English in a day or two, that should be fun. Mum finished the DS game she’s been obsessing over and is currently a bit lost.

Hmm. According to Amazon, both Dragon Haven and The War of the Dwarves come out tomorrow, so that should be good assuming they arrive on time, there’s a couple of other books I’m thinking of getting too.

Currently trying to read The Dragonbone Chair, but it’s just not grabbing me so far. I’ll stick with it though as long as I can be bothered, it’s got some good reviews and I got a really nice copy off eBay for a couple of quid, it’s well read and soft and easy to read.

Time for more painkillers I think.


Friggin migraines. At least I don’t have to be able to see to type.

Apart from the fact I’ve GONE BLIND again. (And had the whole “OMG MY BODY IS NUMB” thing while on holiday) everything is going ok. Still playing the roguelike, despite being absolutely terrible at it, I’ve made it to the temple once, at which point I was killed by AN ANT. Also been messing on WoW due to Blizz giving me a free 7 days when I logged into battle.net to register Starcraft. Damn my gear is outdated . A lot has changed interface-wise too. They didn’t have cross-server instancing when I left, which I guess was just before 3.3. My tankadin rotations still work though so that’s good, even if I can’t hold agro against rogues doing 5k dps yet. (Friggin rogues.)

Vision is coming back a little. Maybe it’s related to not eating? All I’d had was a packet of pom-bears. Or maybe it’s that. I don’t remember eating anything weird last time it happened though.

You know how in a movie, when they do dream sequences it goes all fuzzy around the edges? That’s a bit what it’s like now. Maybe I’m dreaming? *checks*

Nope, fingers are all there, but I have no peripheral vision on my left side what-so-ever. Quite iritating.

Bella is on heat, again. I swear she does it more often than a normal dog, just to make up for the fact Lucy never does. (Lucy is a weird dog, she’s had one season in her entire life and she lifts her leg to pee)

Hmm. Peripheralvision is coming back. I guess the whole thing lasted around half an hour? No headaches or anything, just varying degrees of blindness.

Stapled some chicken wire over the front gate and the gaps in the fence where Emmy could squeeze through. Now all I need to do is nail a plate to the gate that says “PLEASE SHUT THIS PLEASE.” Bought a new gate though as the old one is so rotten it’s falling apart. Emmy has a thing for escaping at the moment, and then just running up and down the pavement at high speed. She’s impossible to catch and since she hit the teenage stage all recall has gone out the window.

But nobody ever shuts it. -_-;

I want summer already. And thunderstorms, and proper heavy rain.

Mince Pies and Toilet Seats.

Dexter has really awesome opening credits. It’s rare that I’ll actually sit through credits but I actually like these.

It feels like I didn do much today, even though I sorta did. Had to wake up early this morning because Sainsburys failed to deliver the turkey when they delivered the shopping yesterday and had to send it this morning instead. Honestly, with meat? I don’t like roast dinners… I like the meat, but I like it cold and in sandwiches more than I like it hot with other stuff. Trying to convince mum of this, getting there slowly.

Went to Boots, picked up mums perscription. Bought some stuff from Wilkinsons and some sandwiches for lunch. All the snow got trampled down, then froze solid, so it’s like walking on an icerink out there. I dunno though, I kinda liked the challenge.

Went back home, fitted a new toilet seat (Well it amuses me…) Then mum made mince pies and… Something something something big memory blank. All I remember is mince pies and cups of peppermint and ginger tea. Oh, and I ordered a proper copy of 28 Days Later. Got the 2-disc version of just that, instead of the one including 28 Weeks Later, I wasn’t as impressed with the second film.

Hmm. Mouse is still working, clicker-wire is still gone. I suppose I could salvage a bit out of another mouse but I dunno if it’s worth it. It’s actually kinda nice to have a smooth scroll.

I dunno what else. Dun think I’ll sleep tonight. In too good a mood. Might go have a shower in a bit though.

They canceled Dollhouse, that makes me a bit sad but Americans are so focused on ratings, I guess it was inevitable eventually. They seem to shoot their stuff one ep at a time and can cancel it at any moment, while the British just churn out a whole series then see how it goes. I want the new Doctor Who and the new Being Human already.

Oh well. Soon enough.

Nom nom how the hell is it 4am already

Just noting, I added a background to the comments, the blankness was iritating me. It’s not perfect but it’ll do. Everything below this is filler.

I also managed to sort-of break my mouse. Took it apart because it was spazzing out and managed to lose the little metal bit that makes the scrollwheel click. It still works fine though, just feels odd. It’s an MX700 with a shell from an MX500. (Basically the same mouse with a textured casing and not wireless)

I love this mouse, it’s heavy and it’s been working a good 5 years without breaking for more than a few minutes. I’d buy a new one, exactly the same, but they don’t seem to sell them anywhere anymore.


Here, have a picture of some rocks. The one at the back is pretty but it doesn’t photograph well.