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Playing with GoogleChrome, I got an invite to the GoogleWave beta earlier and Opera couldn’t handle it, Opera was also having issues with some other sites. Chrome actually likes WordPress a lot more than Opera too it seems, this post suddenly has a spellchecker.

The only thing I’m disliking about Chrome so far is the fact you can’t change or disable keyboard shortcuts. I’ve downloaded this thing called “Autohotkey” to fix that, though, and I think I’m in love. It would be better by loads if Chrome came with it’s own shortcut editor, as you can’t change the ones that’re preset (I can’t have ctrl+n for a new tab instead of a new window, for instance, or ctrl+d for paste-and-go because it opens some stupid bookmarks thing) but you can work around those.


Ballistas are fun.

muu muu

Ordered a block of air-dry modeling clay, and it arrived this morning so I spent all day downstairs playing with that. I’m rubbish at painting, rubbish at drawing, but I do ok with clay. I’ll take some photos of the little bits I made next time I can find some AA batteries. (To take the photos of the coins I had to steal the batteries out my mouse and that’s more hastle than it’s worth)

Today hasn’t been too bad, I slept in a draft last night and my neck has been sore all day, but all’s been ok apart from that, I still haven’t left the house. :p Still playing Dragon Age though and I’ve been playing a bit of Left4Dead with Tera and Chibi. Watched a film earlier, think it was called “Don’t look now.” I’d have to watch it again I think, to really get it, a lot of it went over my head. It was all very odd and surreal and I think it was made in 1970-something.

The weather’s really getting cold now and it’s getting dark at around 5pm. Doesn’t stop the kids playing out till 10pm, though, at least not yet. Grandma’s at home, but she’s depressed, her telly isn’t working and she won’t let me fix it, (I keep offering…) and she can’t see well enough to read. She says she’s just sitting around, not doing much and being depressed… I hope she gets better…

Happy birthday, Onni. <3

I miss you.


Didn’t get to go out today after all… Mum wasn’t feeling well enough. She has good days and bad days. :/ It didn’t seem worth going on my own, so I made some pancakes instead. I’d have made a sponge cake too but we’re out of flour. I want a proper one, with lots of vanilla, and jam and wipped cream. Since we were out of flour, I used batter mix for the pancakes, but I wasn’t impressed, I think I’ll stick to my awesome american-pancake-mix recipe next time.

So yeah, I ended up just playing more Dragon Age today, according to the character sheet I’m 14% of the way through or something. It’s a lot of fun, I put my warrior to one side earlier and made a mage, it’s interesting to see everything again from a different point of view, my first character was a nice friendly dwarf warrior, second character is an elf mage with a chip on her shoulder. They put such an amazing amount of work into this game, the voice acting alone…

I washed both puppies yesterday, it’s funny how they both have such different personalities. Emmy sat down on the bottom of the shower, put her face in the water and enjoyed the whole thing. Sophie ¬†on the other hand, kept trying to run away, shook a lot and cried exactly like a baby. The whole time I was washing Sophie, Emmy kept trying to drink the water. I went back in there an hour or so later for something and Emmy followed me, sat down in the shower and barked, like she wanted me to do it again.

After I’d washed them and was having a quick shower myself, Sophie stood around and cried and shivered and looked generally miserable, while Emmy spotted the towel, dragged it onto the floor and then proceeded to roll around on it… Apparently Shih’Tzus are supposed to be untrainable, but I don’t think we’re gonna have any trouble with her! Sophie on the other hand…

Dragon… Age… Must.. Level…!

Dragon Age is so fun, I looked at the time yesterday thinking it was 10pm or so, and it was 2am! So far I haven’t had that many problems with the difficulty, sure I generally die the first time I do a fight, but that’s just added challenge! I always make it eventually.

Never die and it just becomes an interactive story, that’s the problem I had with Chrono Trigger in the end, I never beat it because I got bored of simply owning everything. The plot was nice, but there was too much easy fighting. (Plus, my DS broke and I can’t even charge it at the moment because Emmy ate both my chargers)

Oh well, back to playing I suppose! It still hasn’t stopped raining, but there’s a sort of craft-fair thing happening at the school around the corner tomorrow, gonna try and get to that. Should be fun to see all the tat I come home with


Dragon Age is FUN!

*dissappears again*