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day 06 – a song that reminds me of somewhere

Well, this is an album really. KT. Tunstall – Eye to the Telescope. It reminds me of sitting in a deserted pancake resturant/aquarium shop in the middle of Wales, with Jenny and Grandma and a very small Jonty, eating pancakes and looking at the koi carp while this played over the speakers.

Good song.

Played with PLCs again at college today, enquired about going on to do it at Uni or something, it was fun and I wouldn’t mind doing more, more than anything else I’ve done on this course so far. Got the results back last week for the Functional Skills exams, passed English, failed maths, nothing for IT but I know I passed it. It’s not going too badly, I’ll pass next time.

Played more Pokemon, 4th badge! New DS is nice too, it might just be because I’m not using the ezflash but I swear it holds a charge longer. Plus now mum’s got my old one she’s stopped complaining about how broken hers is, result!

WordPress is a bit of a pain about embedding videos…

Wrote this up last night and then forgot to post it.

day 05 – a song that reminds me of someone

Chibi – MSI – Stupid Motherfucker

Onni – Nick Cave – Nature Boy
I remember him sending me this, among of a lot of other songs.

I’ve always been bad at admitting I listen to music, it’s always just been easier to say “nah” then “yeah I like that” I guess because if I say “yeah” then I feel I have to justify it. I’m trying to get over that though. (One of the reasons I’m doing this and sticking with the last.fm)

Bought a new DS, well, preowned, but new to me. It’s turquoise! Got Pokemon with it and whee it’s fun! Ended up getting it from Game, the DSes were £10 more expensive but Pokemon was free, so it came out to the same price, only I have a reward card there.

I like it so far, it’s Pokemon, not much more to say, but I like the way they’ve gone with this version.

Day 3

day 03 – a song that makes me happy

Easy. This song makes me stupidly happy and I don’t know why. Protomen: Light Up the Night.

Didn’t really do anything today, brother was here, I found my DS and gave it to mum to replace hers and I’m gonna get a new one and Pokemon on Monday, I can walk into town at lunchtime. Also watched the second season of Misfits, verdict: worth watching. Like Heroes but without the bullshit saving the world stuff.

I forgot, I spent another £10 on die2nite a few days back, it was sort of an impulse buy. I did miss having the powers though.

I need to sit down and properly do my homework tomorrow. xD


Tired tired. But happy! I got lots of shiny loot. A pretty new powerball (Which I instantly <3ed for three minutes, before placing it lovingly, somewhere safe. Somewhere I assume it still is –;; Damn thing will turn up eventually I guess, but I wanted to play with it. ;_;) Couple of books,(latest Terry Pratchett and a random one) a lace making kit(I don’t know either), a wallet and a nice leather bag. Terence got me perfume for some reason, but at least nobody got me soap this year. Well, the woman across the road did, but she also tried to give me fugly second-hand size 4 clothes and keeps inviting me over to get pissed and such, which I keep politely declining.

Got brother an EzFlash cart for DS and GBA, need to get him a bigger SD card for it though, 2gb doesn’t seem to be cutting it. Need to buy another anyway, he’s currently using mine because I forgot to order one, and I’ve got a sudden urge to play Scribblenauts.

Thinking about it, I guess I don’t drink or do drugs or anything because I’m a bit of a control freak. The idea of losing control of what I say or do scares me. That’s probably why I only really have friends online, the time to think before what you say, the anonymity, it makes it easier. Also, I don’t like the woman across the road, she scares me with her loudness. :p I prefer to be home, alone, in a room lit by nothing but my computer screens.

But meeting Tera was still fun, even if it did take us a while to properly relax. :p Hope I do get to go over there again, don’t think I can leave stuff here for more than a week though…

My comp crashed again when I tried to upload pictures from the camera, that seems to be one of the trigger points for it. Might have found a fix for it, maybe.

Anyway, I’ll post pictures of stuff tomorrow if I can be bothered. For now… I dunno!

Happy Christmas, people.

(And for the record, I love how the computers in Dexter beep every time he so much as mouses over something)

Nom nom pear tart

Today arrived – 1 christmas tree, three DS chargers, 3 complimentary DS styluses and 2 free yorkshire-tea teabags. I also bought GalCiv, because for 61p

Neverwhere was fun. I don’t know what I was expecting, I guess I thought it was gonna be more of a kids book. I hadn’t really read anything about it beforehand, or even read the back, but I prefer to do that, otherwise I latch on to some stupid spoiler and then I spend the whole book waiting for it. Overall, it had a really surreal atmosphere, the bit where they try and convince him he’s actually nuts and just wandering the streets babbling, I was sort of waiting for that to be the case for almost the entire book. xD It was a good read though.

I’m not really fond of ebooks, reading them makes my eyes go a bit weird, and half the time they’re formatted horribly and everything is just one long massive paragraph. I think it was starting at a page of black text on a white background for too long that set the migraines off. I haven’t had another one since I went to the doctor, so who knows. Maybe I was just being empathic, it was around that week that grandma had the stroke, but I didn’t learn that till the migraines were gone.

Streaming Children in Need, not tried the iPlayer before, it’s actually pretty decent. News is on now, floods, swine flu, football… I’ve had the Swine Flu so I guess there’s no need for me to worry about that, it knocked me out for a couple of days, but I survived. The floods thing is pretty interesting, if you chose to live next to a lake/stream, though, you’ve gotta accept that floods are gonna be a possibility. Whoa, news footage of a MASSIVE bridge all chopped in half. Awesomeness. Yeah it’s sad the policeman died, but shit happens. I like how it looks like something’s just eaten part of the bridge.

Heh, apparently Sophie just managed to drink a bowl of wipped cream mixed with Advocaat, I’ve gotta go see this.

My DS is still a bit broken…

I have like… 4 people reading this, you’re the only one who comments here. :p But it’s good motivation for me to keep posting, I’m not very good at keeping up blogs. If I miss a week of posting I tend to forget about it and never go back.

Not sure about HTML in comments, I’ll look around for it. (- on testing, basic html tags work fine for me. It probably eats random brackets or links or something) I did enable avatars but I don’t think this theme shows them, oh well. There’s probably some nice easy way of making them show up but I’m not really bothered.

Took Sophie to the vet yesterday, mum wasn’t feeling well enough to go with me, but it was ok. Taking her back in 4 weeks (Monday the 30th, 2pm *notes*) for her second lot of jabs, and a week after that she can go on walks! She’s asleep on the floor next to me at the moment, using Emmy as a pillow. I’m glad they get along, maybe they won’t fight as much as Bella and Lucy do. Didn’t get a chance to take them for a walk today, as it rained steadily all day and it was dark by the time we got home from shopping anyway.

There we go! I’d never carved a pumpkin before! The cheeks should probably have been deeper, but I was getting bored by then. We bought an eating-pumpkin too and made it into soup, it’s a shame they’re so hard to get hold of here as it was good. Although I’m still not sure that pumpkin actually tastes of anything, and if it wasn’t just everything else in the soup that made it taste good.

Walking around the shops today, there’s nothing left of halloween, not even cheap sweets. Not a single pumpkin in sight anywhere either. Oh well, everything’s gone christmas now. They’ve put a christmas tree up in Tesco already.

Gonna try for that eye test some time this week, and also gonna take the whole bag of pennies I collected from around the house and pour it into the coinstar machine I spotted today, that should be fun, I’ve a bag of pennies so heavy that I can’t actually lift it without fear of the bags ripping, I think I’m gonna have to do a couple of trips. Been saving up for a couple of years and should be fun to see how much it goes for.

Long day

Went out shopping with mum today and I bought an oil burner, it’s pretty in an ugly sort of way, I’ll try and take a picture of it for tomorrow. I’ve been messing with the camera and it can do some shiny things when I press the right buttons. While we were out I also went to the post office and sent off my DS to the repair place. I hope it doesn’t get lost on the way, though. It feels like sending away a child or a loved pet, I worry for it’s safety and hope it writes lots of letters home, telling me what a lovely time it’s having and how it’s not binge drinking or having sex with strangers.

I cleaned out the hamsters yesterday, put all the bits of the cage in the dishwasher. It’s sad that Fluffy died, but at least I can use her cage to put the boys in while theirs in being cleaned. I also moved their cage out from where it was hidden in the corner behind the door, to next to my bed where Fluffys was. I can actually see them now, and they can see me! I looked around earlier for some reason, and there was just a little head poking out the sleeping-house, staring at me, watching my every move, but once he realised I’d seen him he hid again. I don’t think they’re gonna be properly handleable for a while yet, if ever, but at least they’re fun to watch.

I know I should work harder on taming them, even if just so I can health-check them every now and again, but why should I subject them to being prodded around when they’re perfectly happy as they are. Having them slightly feral also gives me an excuse not to get them out for my brother when he’s home, too. :p

Sigh. I’m still feeling very lost. I went through my playlist today and found this, it was the first song Onni ever sent me that really made an impact. That version there is strangely quiet, but it’s the only one with the video. I heard that and, I dunno, something clicked. Something changed in my head and suddenly there was all this different music I could actually listen to without getting bored and switching off. It still just feels so surreal that he’s gone. I keep seeing things he’d like to know, games I’d like to play with him. The news today has been full of the guy who says the Large Hadron Collider (Do I have to capitalise that?) is sabotaging itself from the future, that would have amused him.

Swamp Fic.

Hmm. I have the audio book of Neverwhere sitting in my “to be looked at” folder. Suppose I should give it another go. He wrote The Graveyard Book too, right? I got halfway through that before getting distracted.

I got a book this morning from Amazon, “Letters from Egypt.” It’s a Victorian book, letters home from a woman who went to Egypt for health reasons and lived as the Egyptians did. It sounded interesting on the website anyway, I go through phases.

Mums DS flash cart also arrived, suppose I’ll lend her my SD card until hers arrives, since I have to send my DS off for repairs anyway. The right hinge cracked last week and now the screen is all wobbly. I’m sure they’re going to charge me an extortionate amount to get it fixed, but it’ll still be cheaper than buying a whole new console.

Anyway, here’s the story I promised, I’ve run through it with a spellchecker, but no more than that. I know my grammar is atrocious, but there you go.

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