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Second half of the first year, Wednesday’s Journal.


We started digging out a dining hall, never before have I seen so much raw gold, they will spak of this in the legends…

I have claimed four of the new migrants (March, May, June and July) and an empty farm slot to train them in. A few beds and it makes an adequate barracks for now. If I’m stuck here then I want to have some defense at least, the wide open gate isn’t resting my fears at all and all my shouting about making a gate seems to have gone unheard.

Autumn has come.
The dogs are breeding like cats, Friday states he wants us to butcher all the males, but I say we keep them for war, right now no decision has been made and they’ve all been let live in peace.

The dining room is finished and we’ve started to furnish it, just a couple of tables and chairs so far but it’s looking pretty good for a lowly lit cavern, the gold in the floor really sparkles. I’m trying to convince Saturday and Thursday to dig a second level for it and I think they’re actually gonna do it.

Idiots! This should be entertaining.

Talking politics for a while, one of the new migrants heard of our retirement plans, and they want in. They figure they’re gonna have as much of a hand in founding this place as we are (Tell that to Thursday and Saturday, they dug just about all of it!) so they want bedrooms and retirement too. We said fine, but if the next lot asks I swear I’ll spear the lot of them.

Speak of the devil… There’s only four of them, so they named themselves after card-suits. Club, Diamond, Heart and Spade. Spade and Club have, ironically, been drafted for my little military unit due to their surprisingly reasonble fighting skills. (Guess what they were kicked out for!) and Diamond and Heart have been set to building a new outer-wall.

I’m going to set them on some badgers, see how it goes. Shouldn’t be too hard a fight, and we could do with some fresh meat.

Several Hours Later
Three of the beasts down, with no injuries or losses, not a bad days work! June swears she saw a wild panda, and now that I look I notice there’s more bamboo around here than normal, but I don’t think we’re up to dealing with that yet.

Late Autumn

A caravan is here! I think we shall order more weapons! I’m liking the look of the axe their guard is carrying. Monday has assigned himself trade minister, and I can’t hear any arguements, mainly because we have nothing yet to trade, gold nuggets are valubable, but we don’t want to advertise that while we lack a good defense force, and they’re worth more smelted anyway.

We found another gold veign while digging out the upper dining room, this place is a dwarf heaven to be sure…

Winter is upon you.
A section of the dining room ceiling collapsed, Saturday fell through and was stunned, but otherwise unhurt, those idiots need to be more careful in future!

Mid Winter
Life proceeds as normal. The upper story of the dining room is complete, they added walkways so we could access the gold more easily, but they can be easily carved out in the future, and rumors are that Sunday is producing masterful chairs and tables for the dining room. I wonder where I’d be now if I’d stuck with my carpentry… Maybe when I hit retirement I’ll get to find out.

Late Winter
We’ve struck yet another gold vein and dug some rough workshops around the edge of the upper dining hall. They were originally going to be bedrooms, but plans change, they’re in a good location. I’m going to put this journal down for now and focus on training my forces. Hard to believe we’ve been here almost a year…


Edit: Oh yeah, second map. http://mkv25.net/dfma/map-10471-axebolt

Diary of Wednesday, Axe Dwarf, Carpenter and Woodcutter


Early Spring, 557

New name, new home. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, I was hardly even involved. Either way I’ve been exiled, given an axe and sent a hundred miles into the middle of nowhere with a group of known idiots. “Use your axe” I was told, who knows what that means. Now we’ve set down in the middle of some forest and they’re talking about actually digging out a new “fortress”.

This won’t last long… At least I can carve us out some trade goods while they piss around, maybe by the time we hit the next village we’ll actually be able to trade for some booze.


Several days later

The nice soft sand they were digging into quickly turned into rock. I told them to give it up but then they found some rubbishy little gems and insisted they keep going.

Magpies, the lot of them. I’m never gonna get out of here. They insist this mountain is built of Jet, and that’s a good thing, but all I see is stones. Give me a good bit of wood any day.

557, Mid Spring.

Well they’ve gotten further than I thought they would, now they’re talking about making some elaborate staircase, something about a homage or tradition, I wasn’t really listening. I started carving us some nice beds, I’m tired of sleeping on the ground.
I put them in the hole they’ve dug along with the food, we’ll be cold, but at least we’ll be finally dry.


557, Late Spring

They started on their little stairwell, an ugly thing with levels and confusion, it doesn’t look efficient at all. They ooed and ahhed over ever silly little gem they found, but said nothing when they hit gold. It intersects with the stairwell on nine different levels, and that’s just a straight shaft downwards, who knows what we’d find if we branched out.

If we’re staying here then I want a bed with gold inlay. They can stick some of their silly little gems to it as well if they like.

I’ve insisted they start digging some farms at least, our booze stocks are running low.

557, Mid Summer.

Mid Dumber. Some migrants have arrived, more outcasts or just unlucky? Judging by their names I’ll assume they’re outcasts.

Monday – Good miner, good trader, not good at much else.
Tuesday – This guy’s in charge of our food, butcher, grower and cook.
Wednesday – That would be me! Good carpenter, woodcutter and axedwarf.
Thursday – Good miner, good metal crafter. Not much of a conversationalist.
Friday – Good brewer and awful fisherman. Good thing, I hate fish…
Saturday – This guy worries me a little, he likes carving bones, gems and stone, in that order.
Sunday – Reasonable engraver and stone worker.

January – Terrible miner, good at finding herbs though. Didn’t think those professions would go together.
February – Metal crafter and bone carver.
March – Good brewer but also a good fighter, once they dig me some barracks he’s in my squad.
April – Fisherdwarf, another bone carver.
May – Fish Cleaner, reasonable fighter.
June – Thresher and soap maker, but she says she wants to raise bees.
July – Cheese maker. That’s it.
August – Cheese maker too.


My fort Tonguecrafted fell (I got bored, to be honest)

Account of the years 551-553

Pages from a journal, dated Late Autumn 555

Map and final account of Tongecrafted in the year 556, found by those searching through the remains

And The map from 556, Early Summer, containing the final points of interest.

Gonna start a new one and be more diligent with setting up a military this time. Also I hope I find magma closer to the surface…

I’m really bad at getting dwarves organized, it’s not rare to see 50 idle and I never really did get the bedrooms sorted out. In the next fort I’ll do proper profession names and more organized workshops, and I think I’ll do the thing somebody said a few posts up with giving military dwarves proper professions.

A single page, from the bottom of a drawer.

Late Autumn, 555.

Despite my calls, we have not yet got a competant military, but we have found some of the demon metal in the caverns below the forges, and production of armor and weapons has started.

The sight of it drove one of the metal smiths insane, and he threw himself into The Funnel, but he has been replaced by Kadol, an immigrant blacksmith. She lost her husband and child in the last attack and states that she no longer wishes to see the surface.

We lost over 20 in the last attack, but the next time they come, they won’t be so lucky.

Bit overboard…

I might’ve gone a little overboard with the story, will be interesting to see where it goes!

Did this for a friend, trying to convince him to play the game. It sort of worked.

It starts here: http://mkv25.net/dfma/poi-27367-groundlevel

The First year of Tonguecrafted

Digging the Dining Room

We found the first ore-rich level and started to dig a dining room, we found many small pockets of gems along the way and enough tin ore to keep any metalsmith happy. Below this will be the food stores and, if we get lucky and find a cavern that we can use to irrigate the ground, the lower farms. We have not yet decided on the locations of the bedrooms or the workshops.


Digging the “Workshops”
I told the miners to “go wild” with the workshops, but I guess they rather took that to heart, as they obviously weren’t following any sort of plan, it’s not even properly symmetrical!

I almost told them to bulldoze it all and put in stud-walls, but maybe it can be re-purposed to confuse invaders or something. Our engravers were complaining they was bored, so I’ve set them to smoothing the walls in the outer hallway.

Our fisherdwarf said this morning that he could smell smoke on the breeze, and one of the dogs has disappeared. I hope it’s more traders, and not goblins.


They were migrants, bringing with them some lambs and young llamas. This will be good later for setting up a wool industry, if the ground here can handle it. We have started smoothing and installing furniture in the dining room and may soon need to expand the farms. There has been mutterings from the miners of digging down to find magma, but we’ve not even built bedrooms yet, it can wait.

I looked out this morning and several more migrants had arrived, following in the footsteps of the first. A milker, a tanner, a metal smith and a leather worker, behind them limped a small piglet and a yak calf.

They told me that originally their group had been much larger, but the roads are getting more dangerous and they have decided to stay. We should think about building a defensive wall on the surface. It’s late autumn now, and desert winters can be harsh.



The dogs have given birth to many puppies over the last season, with a heavy heart I ordered all of the males to be killed for meat, the new tanner will have work today. We don’t have enough room yet as it is, one male has been chosen to live, the biggest and strongest of our war dogs, hopefully the puppies he produces in the future will be female and strong.

We have both a male and female llama calf out in the pasture, both have been put up for adoption, hopefully they will find a loving owner who will protect them from accidental slaughter. They shall live outside and once they grow up, produce more baby llamas, and many wool blankets. The adoptive owner will recive a letter quarterly, it will go as follows.

This is $llama! You adopted me in $season, $year! I am doing well, I have had $digit babies this year and I am very happy, only $digitkilled of them were male!

I hope you continue to donate to my cause, yours lovingly, $llama!


Winter is nearly upon us, but a dwarven trade caravan has arrived. They heard of our predicament and bought replacement parts for our wagon, but that has long been torn up for wood. We will build them a new trade depot out of Bauxite, at the bottom of the entrance ramp. When it is done it will be the colour of blood, a memorial to the fallen puppies.

Despite the new workshop space only one level below, many workshops are still set up in the cavern, this will be fixed eventually but for now it is a fairly efficient way of doing things.

By the time we got the depot up, the merchants had left, they dropped in for a few mugs of wine but didn’t stay long enough to trade.

Their loss I suppose, we’re doing ok for ourselves, we did manage to request more wood for next time.


Late Winter
The winter was as I feared, snowstorms flew unabated, and the small pools we were using to fish have all dried up. The farm plot near the entrance way grew poorly, but it was only deep into the winter that I was informed we had no more barrels for alcohol, or, as it happened, alcohol itself.

I dreaded who I would have to send out to chop more wood, this was something we should have noticed much earlier, but as it was.

Just when we thought all hope was gone, a cry came from outside, the snow storm had eased and the pools had thawed, the water was cold and nasty, but it sated our thirst.

(Whoops, that what I get for leaving the game unpaused)


Spring has arrived! The rest of the winter was cold but uneventful, I may clear those workshops and build some better ones closer to the surface. I’m told that this sand is more solid than I originally thought and could withstand having rooms mined out of it.

On the door step this morning I found a huge group of dwarves, one of my friends, out original, handed me a note with this written on it:

Hunter, planter, Bower, Brewer, Trapper, Armorer, Stoneworker, Weaponsmith, Miner, Tanner, Hunter, Farmer, Stonecrafter, Glazer, Fish Disector, Trader (But I want to be a Fisherdwarf!), Animal Trainer, Diagnoser, Cheese Maker

After speaking to them and asking where they were travelling to, I was informed that they were coming here! Apparently we’re the big thing around the mountainhome, although we never got to trade, word got back and these are actual honest to god migrants.

Armok help us, we can barely feed ourselves as it is, without all these people hanging around. I’ve designated a whole kitchen and crafting area to be dug, we will have to designate more farms, they bought animals that will need pasture we don’t have… The diagnoser has been placed in charge of injuries, the hunter has been sent out hunting and some workshops for milking and such have been marked out on the surface. Those who requested it have been put down for active duty and will act as a military once we have a barracks and weapons sorted out.

We’re growing too fast. I’ve ordered farms to be placed where the finished goods stockpile was meant to be, I hope we can adapt before we starve.

It’s midspring in the year 552, and Tonguecrafted is 37 dwarves strong.

I suppose I’ll continue this somewhere else, unless nobody here has complaints. I started it and got carried away.

We have started building a wall around our fortress, and for good reason. The elves are here.

They say they merely wish to trade, but we have never done good business with elves. All our goods are shell and wood and I do not wish to trade rough gems. A gem-cutters shop has been set up in the crafting area, but if we do not get to trade with them in time, that’s no big loss.


They still stand in our depot and complain about the height of the ceiling. I told somebody to trade with them just to get them out of here, but nobody has yet.

Word gets back to me that we traded a single gem for several planks of wood, a panda and a wild Cogour. Why we would want that I don’t know. About the Panda, I know we will not have been able to keep it alive due to the lack of bamboo pastures on this map, so it has been designated to be killed, but even that is better than than to travel with the elves until it inevitably starves to death.


Mid Summer

Separating the gems out into two separate stockpiles, for two separate workshops. We have an abundance of food and two designated cooks now. The bedrooms are coming along and the dining room is almost smooth.

Our armorer has gone nuts, some say he was possessed, some say he was mad, either way he starved himself to death. The awkward workshops shall be where we store our dead, I have told the engravers to deal with it.

Our best carpenter says he does not feel well. He simply sits in his workshop and draws, I hope he isn’t coming down with whatever took poor Litast.


Late Summer

It is named WeatheredFlushed the Blue Mortality, an armour stand with a recurring pattern on it. It is dedicated to the armourer Litast, and the fact that we must all face our mortality eventually.


Mid Autumn

Just when we think we have achieved stability, more migrants arrive. Lists are being written and jobs will be properly assigned from now on.

We shall need Two cooks, Five Farmers, Two Brewers, One Butcher, One Tanner, One Gem Cutter, One Gem Encruster, One Beekeeper, One Carpenter, Four Masons, However many engravers we have now, but no more, One milker and cheese maker and One Shearer and Spinner.

Other professions may be required too, but that’s just off the top of my head. The fortress will run smoothly for now.



If my blog was more focused on a particular topic, titles would be easier to come up with.

Gave blood yesterday, it was interesting. Signed up to do it again next time too, my arm kinda aches today and I think it’s bruising, but it’s all good apart from that.

There’s a new Morrisons here, taking over where Netto was, nice to have somewhere to shop other than Tesco. (The Tesco here is terrible, no competition I suppose) It only opened on Monday but we looked earlier, and it was chock full of pensioners, just… Standing, annoyingly, or walking the wrong way. Anything’s better than Netto, although I don’t know where I’ll buy my massive boxes of broken biscuits now!

Been busy lately, catching up with college work, not much else going on. Playing Dwarf Fortress, just got my first goblin seige, all of them riding mounts, several riding mounts that could fly over my pitiful little walls! I survived, but my milita commander lost a leg and another guy lost an arm, and my alpaca and rabbit farm was decimated.

Bought the second book, haven’t read it yet though, guess I’ll go do that.

day 19 – favourite song from a game

day 19 – favourite song from a game

The Super Meat Boy soundtrack is pretty awesome, I managed to get the whole thing for free (without pirating it!) so that’s kinda cool. I really like the monologue at the start of A Reckless Disregard for Gravity too, although I can’t find a decent version of it and my copy appears to have been corrupted by GLaDOS. The original Pokemon music holds a special place in my heart too.

I think Super Meat Boy has the best game music I’ve heard in a long time.

I think I dislocated my little finger or something, I hit it as I was going downstairs and 3 days later it still hurts, doesn’t look bruised or anything, just hurts when I bend it. Annoyingness.

Got back into Dwarf Fortress (Also OpenTTD, but trains are hard) my first fortress was wiped out by the very first goblin ambush, because I hadn’t bothered to hook up the drawbridge yet. There’s now bee-hives, and birds produce eggs!

Which reminds me, I went into the garden yesterday to retrieve the kids next doors football and ended up giving them all eggs and letting them pet Hermia. Thorax is also dyed purple at the moment because Bella attacked him and pulled out some feathers, and I had a purple anti-peck spray I’d never had a chance to test out. He ran away when I was trying to catch him, but went all docile and wimpy once I’d got him in my arms. He does the chicken head-bob thing!



I couldn’t make it till Spring, it was just too slow. Points of interest are at the side, all of them except one have an accompanying note.

Two eggs today, except one was in the wrong nestbox, and while it was the same colour as Henriettas, it didn’t have the spots hers normally do.

Who knows.


Gilddeserts finally fell, not to goblins (Although a swarm of humans had recently wiped out my entire milita when I underestimated them) but to lag. I accidentally breeched hell and 15-20 fps was just too low. Not even race-car PC can cope with DF. :(

Will post an updated map once spring hits, then it’s done and I start anew.

Latest DF fort


Stupid thing keeps crashing though. Points of interest are at the side.