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Eggs and stuff

It’s Hermia laying the eggs, she’s only missed one so far.

Except today there wasn’t one.

I think Emmy stole it… I went downstairs and found egg on the kitchen floor, perfectly cracked but no shell. Bits of shell on the stairs and no egg in the nestbox. None of the other 3 dogs care about the chickens but Emmy gets in there no matter what I do to keep her out. Need to buy some bits of 2×4 and build a proper little fence but I can’t without a car… Maybe there’ll be some affordable stuff on ebay.

Oh, and Steam is having a sale. Everyone in the world needs to own Altitude.


Chickens have laid one egg every day since then. I think it’s Hermia that’s laying them but I guess it could be Henrietta. She tends to pull all the hay out of the nestbox and then lay them in the sawdust, I think she’s sitting the wrong way round, with her arse over the edge. Oh and the eggs taste awesome, better than shop-bought eggs for some reason.

Emmy keeps getting into the chicken coop and just kind of standing on the chickens. I think she thinks they’re other puppies or something, it’s totally non-aggressive. Sadly, the two big dogs go absolutely nuts when they see her in there and I had to pull Henrietta’s head out of Bella’s jaws the other day. She lost a few feathers but seems fine. Was the day before we started getting eggs and she’s not been off her food or anything.

I’ve been spending most of my time playing the new Defense Grid DLC, finally managed to get all gold medals on it. Just need all golds on the story mode challenge now! I love this game so much, I’ve managed to log 45hours so far (26.9hrs in the past two weeks) and that’s only on the Steam version, I’m sure I must’ve played at least 10 on my PlayGreenHouse version before I forgot where I’d bought it and my login details and generally everything about it.

Halfway through the first part of the third A Song of Ice and Fire book. It’s made of awesome. In fact, I think I’m more than halfway.

Drama ahoy!

Last week our internet connection went real slow, I’d never paid it much attention but it dropped down to 386k from around the 3mb it was before. So I plugged the router in downstairs to see if it made a difference, when it didn’t we phoned Sky and they muttered something about a cap and pressed a button and it shot up to 6.6mb, 8mb in the engineers test socket. Yay. I plugged the router in upstairs and it dropped to 1.something, I left it there for a couple of days and bought 30ft of cat6 cable, some ends and some crimpers off ebay, plugged the router back in downstairs and made a hazard of the stairs for a few days. I really don’t want to be wireless. xD

Anyway, a couple of days ago it dropped back down to 386k. Idiot on the phone said “WE ARE RUNNING A DYNAMIC LINE MANAGEMENT TEST CALL BACK ON FRIDAY” and nothing I could do would make him say anything else.

Tried phoning back again, “Clear your cookies and reset your router to factory settings!” despite my insistence that wouldn’t do anything that was all he would say. I did it anyway and it did nothing and by that point he’d put the phone down.

So whatever, we waited till today (Friday), an hour on the phone and four different idiots, we finally got somebody competent. It’s now at 4mb but the guy says there’s still errors on the line somewhere between here and the exchange, he did push it up to 8 but it was too unstable to do anything with. An engineer is coming over in the morning to take a look at it for some reason. The guys on the unofficial Sky support forum have also convinced me that a new faceplate for the main socket would be a good idea but I haven’t bought it yet, it’s not too expensive, but lets see what happens!

Oh, we live near the railway line and I saw a steam train go by the other day! Couldn’t see the actual train but it sounded different to a normal one and there was a big plume of steam. Don’t know if it was a special service or what. (It was going from Earlestown towards Newton station)


Bought 3 Buddlea off eBay, 6 arrived. Planted two in the garden and shoved the other 4 in a pot until I can think of somewhere to put them, I think I’ll put one in the front with a fushia. My new tomatos are coming up, as are the free pack of Sweet Alyson he sent with them. Must be something about plant growers, they send you free shit…

The spinach is starting to flower (The other day we had spinach pie, spinach salad and pasta with spinach, and that barely dented it) and the cabbages I planted in the bed are huge and perfect, even if there’s no actual cabbage yet. The cabbages I planted in the growbag are still the same size they were when I put them in, and very slug-eaten. I’ve given them up for dead now and I just rolled a wheeliebin over the top of them. I found another two lavender plants clinging to life in random pots, I don’t think they’d even had water since last year, everything else in there was dead except for these two tiny but healthy little lavender plants, I put one in the greenhouse and one in with some hollyhock seeds I found in a drawer and they both seem thankful for it.

The round melon cucumbers are coming up, as are some marigolds and sunflowers. The apple tree flowered and is now thinking about producing apples and the strawberry plants have little green strawberries on. The pear tree hasn’t really done much yet but so long as it’s alive that’s all that matters for now.

Also, if you’re gonna buy a plastic greenhouse, be wary of the zips. They break. I wish we had the money for a real greenhouse but the lad next door would probably throw rocks at it, like he threw rocks at and managed to smash up the one 5 gardens away. (The woman who owned it came and knocked on the door, he opening line was “I hear you have a garden full of wild children, and they’ve smashed up my greenhouse” she wouldn’t believe that it wasn’t us and eventually stormed off looking annoyed.)


The second ASOIAF book is awesome. I have the second Dragonbone chair one sitting around somewhere but I can’t be bothered to start it. Unseen Academicals has been sitting on my shelf untouched since Christmas. I might order the third ASOIAF book now so it’s there when I finish this one, it’s split into two parts for the UK market so I’m not sure how that works but oh well.

The chickens are happy and healthy. Emmy jumped into the run yesterday with them but all she did was hump them until I removed her. It wound Lucy up a bit though. Really should get a couple more and they’re still not laying eggs. Eventually I suppose, it must be a surprise for them the first time they do it.

I think I’ll play Altitude for a bit now, I’ve alloted up around 12 hours since the free weekend and I’m really getting way too good at it.

Notes to various people

Youtube : Thankyou for finally fixing shuffle on playlists. (Not 100% kid-friendly, just click through very fast if a song about truckers comes on ^^)

Whoever invited BBCode : Great, thanks, now I’m so used typing out all links instead of pressing the button WordPress wants me to press that it’s really distracting.

Whoever said the new chicken coop could house 5 chickens : You liar. It’ll hold three at most, but it was nice and easy to put together!

My finger is doing a really irritating thing where it keeps locking and crunching. *relearns to type without it* Tera says my touch-typing is weird anyway. I guess because I taught myself and I have kinda big hands.

Took the dogs to the park today. Lost the ball within 5 minutes, Emmy walked over a whole pile of broken glass then complained her foot hurt. It was still going ok though until we got near the exit, two girls started petting the pups and Sohpie shook herself all over one of them (it was raining and she was also muddy) the girl roared at her and Sophie ran away. Right out of the park.

I walked the other three home, resigned to being yelled at and having to spend the rest of the day searching.

Stupid dog had run all the way home, scratched at the door to be let in and jumped into mum’s arms. xD We’re only like 10 doors down form the park, but still. She knows where she lives!

We really do need to get them chipped.

Mum’s sister Fran died a week or so ago. We sent flowers but can’t get to the funeral… It’d been coming for a long time, but yeah…


1. Emmy fetched a stick yesterday and kept bringing me tennis balls to throw the whole time I was doing the garden, today. A dog that fetches sticks, wtf, none of the other three showed any interest.

2. Taking Bella to the vet tomorrow, she’s suddenly really showing her age and has put on weight, gonna get her weighed and see that yet says.

3. I tidied the back garden, mowed the front and back lawn then dug over half a flowerbed, fuck that’s hard work.

4. Politics is fun, fuck anyone who don’t listen to my ramblings.

Emmy really isn’t scared of anything, if I’m hoovering she comes over and tries to feed it toys to get it to play with her, if I get out the clippers and buzz them on her she just sniffs them.

Both pups went to the groomers and are now bald and amazingly ugly, pictures will ensue.

My arm hurts, bed time!

Kocoro cancels update : Interrupted by Dwarf Fortress

Hmm. People came round yesterday, the deaf anorexic, her kid and the man with no feet. It was fun, we went for a walk, he did remarkably well.

Still playing the new DF release, one patch has been released so far but it’s still buggy as hell. Very few things that’re game-breaking for me so far, though, just one fort where everyone refused to use the main stairwell. In my current fort I seem to be having issues taming wild animals, but it might be just because I don’t have a dungeon master yet. (Edit : it is)

I hope. ;_; I have three wolves, a breeding pair of foxes and a couple of deer all sitting in storage.

I wonder which rocks are magma safe… Having my metal industry 150 z levels down is kinda slow. Using burrows to make a metal crafter live down there permanently but stupid dwarves keep going down there to drink his dinner, sit on his chair and sleep in his bed, ignoring the fact there’s all those things over ONE HUNDRED levels closer to home. Managed to fix both of it with restricted pathing (setting one square to mean 80 steps or whatever) but it’s still a pain. I can’t just seal him in totally because then the upstairs dwarves freak out.

Pif. About half an hour after I typed all that, the game bugged the hell out over a couple of inconsequential ramps that weren’t even inside the main fortress and I had to give up, I wish channeling worked properly. Digging a 5-level pit shouldn’t require micro management to the point of each individual square. I wanted a pit shaped like this (side view) x being open space and – being solid wall. It could have worked if the miner wasn’t an idiot.


Instead I got something like this.


My “best” miner threw himself all the way down it, broke both his legs and then complained he couldn’t path properly to dig himself out. He’s now lying on the floor of the hospital while my diagnostition drinks heavily.

And I’ve not even tried getting a military going yet.

Anyway. I booked the pups in for the groomers on Monday, Emmy is well cute with her long fur but it’s started to get really badly matted if I don’t brush her twice a day. Time for it all to go! I tried trimming Emmy’s bum and almost two days later she still hasn’t forgiven me. I offered her a pigs trotter earlier as a truce, so she’s not as upset as she was.

Somebody mailed me requesting a copy of Strawberry Magic, that was amusing. I sent one off. Most of my (very few) hits seem to be from people searching for that, (STRAWBERRY MAGIC 90S PC GAME OMG PHYSICAL COPIES STILL EXIST?!!), which is kinda amusing.

I think I’m gonna go to bed and see if my fort has sorted itself out in the morning.

Uploaded this at the same time.

May as well give it it’s own post.

They should all have descriptions. Click and click again for big!

Apparently the alt-text option doesn’t work. Irritating.


Watching a duck hatch, playing random games (huh, typing site:site.com search into the chrome address bar actually does a search on the website in question, not just Google. Shiny.) and reading forum topics. Bought The Longest Journey (last link) due to it being on sale, $5 with the discount applied at the checkout.

Not done much today, can’t take the dogs out because Emmy is on heat (And I mean it, I should be following her around with a mop, and the sheet over my bed is never going to look the same again. Forensics would come in here, assume there’d been a murder and arrest me on the spot.). I guess that means she’s a fully grown dog now, but don’t tell her that, I like her as a puppy. She’s still much smaller than the two big dogs. (Who have just celebrated their ninth birthday) but they’re both suddenly looking their age. Bella can’t walk as far as she used to and she’s getting stiff in her back legs, and all the fur on Lucys face has gone grey over the past year.

The cat isn’t showing her age at all, though. She’s something like 14 now and she still even has most of her teeth! She has become a lot more of a house-cat since we got the pups though, I was sitting on the sofa the other day and she actually came in for fuss while the dogs were there, she’s never done that before. I guess getting them sort of upset the thing she had going with Bella and Lucy, and forced a change in positions. They’re a lot more tolerant of her now than they were before.

My eyes are irritating me so I’m gonna leave this as it is.

Dig On For Victory

Lots of things today!

Mothers day presents arrived. I got her “Birdman: The Many Faces of Robert Stroud” (He wrote a recommended book about chickens) and two WW2 book reproductions. Eating and Digging for victory, she seemed pleased enough with them and the gardening one is interesting. They had “Make do and Mend” too but it didn’t seem as fun.

I cleared up my little bookshelf in the hall which is stocked entirely with Robin Hobb and Tamora Pierce (Fantasy writers write way too many books) and then hoovered up all the sawdust the hamsters reject from the cage and everything. Was good because Terence insisted on dragging his social worker up there to show her the hamsters later on. Still get slightly paranoid about anything being untidy when they come round, all the years of sudden inspections. :/

Then we had lunch! I tidied downstairs and then got bored of sitting around watching mum wrap birthday presents and started to tidy the front garden. Dug out the little flower bed between the house and the path down to the alleyway, threw some flower seeds all over the place. Then raked at all the dead grass on the front lawn for a while. I managed to get rid of about 4 years buildup of dead grass and leaves and in the process found flowerbeds, complete with flowers! Then I mowed the lawn with the mower blades on the lowest setting, so it’s basically just soil and the odd stubborn weed now. I guess I should throw some lawn food at it or something to get it going again. Digging the flowerbed was interesting, I found bricks and all-sorts buried in it.

Terence and his social workers arrived just as I started mowing, I finished though and then we went out.

Me and mum went to Ikea and M&S yesterday and got him nice stuff, teddies and cake, he got those today but we’re gonna have another little party for him on Sunday. While we at Ikea there I got a disco lamp for my room that hangs from the ceiling… Gonna put it up tomorrow! I’ve always wanted a proper one.

I had a disco lamp that sat on the floor, when we first got Emmy. I put it on and she chased the lights around the room for a while, then just sat staring at it, pawing it occasionally. Then it kinda died because I think the bulb I was using was too strong and nothing I could do would revive it. The next day though she went up to it and started pawing at it, and when that didn’t work she went and tried to plug it in! Seriously, she looked at the plug, looked at me, looked at the plug socket and whined. She’s too smart for her own good.

Anyway, we went out, and then we got lost! xD It was like, a three-mile drive and it took us over an hour. She’d forgotten her satnav and the directions we’d been given were vague. It was a fun night though once we got there, it was his 18th today and that means he’s finally moving away from all the social workers who’ve looked after him for the last 10 years. (Moving from child services and into adult, or something)

All-in-all, it was a good day. Gonna try and do the back garden tomorrow and see how long I can keep it up.