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Not doing my homework!

Guinea pig is coming along ok. I also spent 10 minutes making a pin cushion to hold the needles I’m not using. It wasn’t supposed to be ridiculously cute! It was just red and cream and then suddenly it wanted eyes and a mouth! I’m starting to build up a collection of Porings…

(Those’re the felting needles stuck in it)

Paid for a month of hero on die2nite, it was around £10, well expensive, more expensive than a month of WoW even, but I’ve put a lot of time into it so it’s nice to give something back. I doubt I’ll buy a second month at that price though.

I managed to explode a fountain pen cartridge all over myself the other day, that was interesting. Pen I got is lovely, makes me happy every time I write with it, but due to buying the wrong thing, I only have one cartridge that fits it and a load that don’t fit anything so I have to transfer the ink with a syringe. At least they’re the same size, I think when these run out I might just buy a bottle of ink instead, at least it’ll be harder for me to explode that.

Got another guy asking about the Strawberry Magic game. I think brother’s got it at the moment.

Thorax has taken to crowing loudly, but I really like having him around. Three of the dogs went for him the other day and he not only stood up to them, he won! They’re shit-scared of him now. I hope he learns to stfu though, I really don’t want to have to get rid of him… He’s so big and heavy that he’d be on somebody’s plate before you could say “shut the hell up you stupid chicken”


Unwashed sheep wool is greasy, I should wash it properly with some shampoo or whatever. It’s nice to have though just as an unexpensive base.

Gonna try and make Tera a Guinea pig for his birthday, this was my first attempt, just a tiny one to see how the shape worked.

Could be better. But I’ll get there!

Other than that, college has been pretty hectic, exams last week, I should have passed the English, I know I passed the IT and I’m pretty sure I didn’t pass the maths. But IT exams done on actual computers! That was nice. Apart from the fact my first one refused to print and finally crashed.

Had an odd dream last night, at one point I picked up a Christmas card, on the front was a generic christmassy picture, but captioning it was this:

“When you fall into the piranah pool, switch to the shadow world, where simple day changes to the whole night ahead of you, where you are safe from the things you simply thought”
Very odd. The back was a whole monologue from the maker of the card going on about how weird it was.

I forgot to put a title on this post, which makes things all kinds of difficult.

So, Christmas happened. I got an awesome leather jacket, some “science kits” which should be fun, “build rocket propelled bouncy balls” and a “worm farm” got some Jelly Beans which I just realised I haven’t eaten yet, and I spent way too much on other people.

Also got a 3.6v electric screwdriver off Jenny and a Dremel tool off Granddad, not sure what’s going on there but I’m sure they’ll come in useful.

I got mum a teapot, but as an afterthought I also got her a needle felting kit and a book. Best present ever. I’ve made more with it than she has, but we’re already at the point of “We should order more wool… And more needles. And ohh that book looks good!”

I’m not sure how long it’ll hold my attention but it’s a lot quicker than knitting and I’ve only made myself bleed three times.

New year was good. Went to Grandma and Granddads with Terence, Jenny and Jonty were there too, I fixed his R4 and we had a long conversation about Digimon.

Some sweets from Finland arrived. God they’re so good, I am such an addict. :( Some sweets from Tera are supposed to have arrived too, but nothing yet. I hope Customs haven’t eaten them.

That’s that I guess. Got an exam on the 11th and the 13th but the’re nothing major.

Poring from RO, with a sword, an apple and an unidentified hat.