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More films

The Road to Eldorado, I hadn’t seen that in so long.

Brazil. I’m not entirely sure I understood it. Interesting film though. I guess I should watch it again next time I have 10 hours to kill.

Fuck that film was long.


Trainspotting was pretty good too.


Finally got round to sitting down and watching Intacto.

Fuck that was a good film.

Holiday stuff

So yeah, spent the week in Amsterdam with Tera. (8th – 15th)

Monday : Arrive
Tuesday : Stuff?
Wesnesday : Sleep
Thursday : Go out possibly
Friday : Sleep
Saturday : Go out
Sunday : Sleep mostly
Monday : Sleep and then go home.

There you go. Now I’m home. It wasn’t the most eventful holiday ever, but it was fun. I acquired a frying pan and some sweets for mum.

Over the week we watched…

All 3 of the Austin Powers movies,
Time Bandits (That was actually seriously awesome, if a little dated looking)
Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal (Also surprisingly awesome)
All 3 of the LotR films,
Enter The Dragon (Yeah. It was a bad-movie night and apparently I do a pretty decent running commentary)

There might’ve been more but if there were, I don’t remember them, and I don’t think videos about trains count. LotR took up a lot of time but it was a lot shinier than I remembered, I guess the last time I saw it was in the cinema. DEATH BED was so bad it was amazing

But yeah, we didn’t go out much. It was all fun though and the inflatable bed was much more comfortable than the camping mattress thing I slept on last time.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get tickets and go again some time, it was fun.

Curry for dinner agaaain!

The racing game was fun… Tempted to gather together £20 and buy four copies of it. It wasn’t overly brilliant, but I still liked it. The football bit was the best, a bit like trying to play football on a bike, on grass.

Torrents, haven’t ever really had a problem with them. There’s the odd thing I found hard to get, an obscure film mum wanted, Serenity (For some reason I could only find one torrent and it always stuck at 95% and was packed into a rar, maybe Firefly fans don’t pirate what they can buy…) the odd very obscure game. I try and buy films and what-not if I can, I bought all the Firefly DVDs and Tera got me Serenity eventually. I bought 28 days later and Fight Club the other day too, but I dunno, it’s like a demo, why should I spend money on something if I’m not even sure I’m gonna like it. DVDs are so cheap now anyway though…

Yesterday was ok. Brother came round, he was in a bad mood but he’s got an awesome new laptop, I filled it up with games for him, but he kept whining about wanting different things I couldn’t get. (An obscure PC game named Strawberry Magic. It was a puzzle/adventure game about a kid who got turned into a strawberry or something. If anyone can find even a mention of that, beyond a single “OMG YOU’VE HEARD OF IT OMG” then you are a better man than me. If you can find an actual copy of it, you are God.)

I have a sudden urge to play dos games now, having done that for him. There was a CD with 99 games on it that I loved as a kid, managed to dig it out of the “these shouldn’t actually work anymore but somehow they do” spindle and installed that for him. (All you actually need is fun.exe and the GAMES folder)

I also managed to disable the bullshit security school had put on his laptop. Whoops! They’d disabled him from downloading any .exes but at the same time hadn’t bothered to put any safesearch or anything on. Had to turn off his (about to expire) virus protection for a while too… *whistles* Windows 7 is pretty shiny though, I hadn’t had a chance to play with it before, it looked pretty decent but I think I’ll stick with XP for now. The whole taskbar “LETS SHOVE EVERYTHING INTO ONE ICON AND THEN MERGE IT WITH THE QUICKLAUNCH SO YOU CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE” thing confused me a little but I’m sure it was curable.

Granddad also came round. By the time he left, I’d been volunteered as an aircraft catcher/hunter/fence hopper or something. Should be interesting if he remembers to ever pick me up. He does something with model airplanes but I’ve never been 100% sure what, apparently they have motors in or something, I just thought he chucked them and hoped they flew.

I dunno, I’ve never really had a real conversation with him, I know I should, I just get shy around people. I get scared I’m gonna say the wrong thing and that they’re gonna dislike me for it or use it against me, even though I know they won’t.

Then we had a curry and brother went home and I played Dwarf Fortress for a few hours while I tried to unwind my brain. The end!

I think I’ll go install DOSBox…

Snow snow snow! :D

Watched the first season of Six Feet Under, for lack of anything better to do. Downloading Heroes S02 at the moment, because I feel I should see if it gets any better after s01, and I kinda wanna see where it goes, while at the same time not really caring.

I played some Multiwinia (Turn your speakers down before you click that) and Bullet Candy. I love having two screens, I can watch shit on one, and play games on the other, both at the same time! I’d hate to have to go back to one now… I admit I paniced at the sheer size of this thing when it arrived, but it’s been well worth it.

It started snowing last night and it kept it up for about 18 hours. Good eight inches or so of snow. I ran around in it and built a very small snowman, which Emmy then ate. Emmy ran around in it too, it was deeper than her shoulder, so she kept mainly to my path. Sophie went out too, fell in, had to swim back to the house and decided no, that wasn’t the life for her. They were so funny to watch though. I should try and get a video of Bella bounding through it, she can’t just walk like normal, she has to jump like a rabbit. There was another moment where Lucy ran at me, veered off the path so she didn’t hit me, sank into the snow and came to a very sudden halt, she had to kind of turn around and go back the way she came.

It’s so awesomely pretty and shiny and it’s like running around in icing sugar! I watched the news for a bit and it lots of rambling about how this is the most snow in 30 years or whatever and how we’re all gonna grind to a halt and die and how everyone who leaves the house falls over on their front door step and breaks both their legs and then has to wait six hours for an ambulance to arrive. But I’ll admit, I’ve never seen more than a couple of centimeters before, (that I remember) so it’s all new for me.

There’s a giant hedge-tree thing out back, it’s in somebodys untended garden and it covers like, three gardens now, it’s huge and all the birds live in it, bats too, and it’s totally collapsed under the weight of the snow! A lot of birds are very unhappy, but on the bright side, I can see loads of houses and gardens I’ve not seen before! Spying is fun.

Oh yeah, unrelated, I also watched Rocky2. It was ok I guess. A different sort of film, but it didn’t grab me that much. I’m sure I’ll get through the whole series eventually.

I’m gonna go out tomorrow and buy milk or something. Just for an excuse to run around in the snow. Whee! I’ll take my camera with me too.

nom nom meaty meat

Had a roast dinner for.. dinner, Terence made some fairy cakes which came out absolutely TERRIBLE and seem to consist of nothing but sugar. His recipe ended up something like, one handful of flour, one tablespoon of butter, half a bag of sugar, one egg. He insists they’re perfect and they’re supposed to be crispy, flat, hollow and once you get into them, slightly chewy, but I’m not arguing with him.

Played L4D2 last night. It was awesomeness. Me and Tera also looked up prices and dates for going back to visit. It shouldn’t be that expensive, but what with me having no money what-so-ever at the moment and me being nervous to leave mum alone incase she ends up in hospital again… Date at the moment is Feb 8th until Feb 15th, or something. Feb 8th until Feb 14th was £10 more expensive.

I applied for an ID-Card application form and it arrived. Guess I should go for it, my passport only lasts a year, being an emergency one and runs out in September. ID card is more limited, but cheaper.

Messed around with Autohotkey and made my capslock into a button of awesome. Having an Enter key all the way over there is so nice.

It hasn’t snowed again, but it has been frosty all day, so you never know.

Started watching the film Intacto, but got distracted by The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and mum finding things for me to do every 7 minutes. (She managed to call me three times in 20 minutes, I’m not even sure what she wanted. Normally it’s “fill in this line on this game” or “watch this funny moment on telly” and it ends up taking me half an hour)

Missed Doctor Who earlier, will have to iplayer it. I’ll post about the film when I’ve had a chance to finish it.


Reformatted, because, why not. Almost back to normal now.

Still crashes though.

I guess it probably is the CPU itself, but if I want a decent new one, I apparently need a new motherboard and then things seem to get horribly complicated. Oh well. That’s what I get for buying stuff off eBay. Onni I miss you. ._.

Maybe I’ll try and save up pocket change for a new PC and not get a laptop for my birthday. I only want it so I can sit in bed and watch stuff on my desktop and still be on IM at the same time. ;p

I think this PC was around £500 new, without monitor or anything, but that was a good few years ago and bits have been replaced since then. (it only had 1gb ram, graphics card that blew up, single core cpu that’s still in the drawer next to me for if things go horribly wrong) but suppose I’ll start looking into it. Paid extra to get this one put together for me, but I think I can probably manage now, that brings costs down slightly.

I found my powerball! It was in the pile of clean washing. I guess I put it down there and then washing got put on top of it. *spins it happily and watches the pretty lights*

I watched 28 days later with commentary, it was interesting. They made it all with a tiny budget and the empty city bits by pleading with people to stop their cars. I watched half of Dawn of the Dead before getting bored and going to sleep.

Most of the snow and ice has melted, there’s only a little bit of ice left where the sun doesn’t melt it as easily. It was nice while it lasted though.

Final thing. I wanna go polyphasic again, waking up and realising it’s 3pm or whatever is annoying. Maybe I’ll do that after going over to see Tera again, but for now I’m gonna find some breakfast. I HUNGER.

Christmas Eve! Whee~


Some people try too hard with their Christmas lights but I’m just putting it up for the music really. TSO is awesome.

We’ve just got a very basic tree this year, but some of the people in the street have the full house-covering, seizure-inducing displays. I meant to take the camera and walk around the neibourhood, for Pavili, but I forgot. All the snow is melting now and it all looks a bit of a mess anyway, but typically, there’s more forecast for the day after tomorrow. The snow came down massive about midnight last night, and has been melting ever since, I guess that was it’s last gasp. I’ll post some videos on youtube once I can be bothered, I stuck the camera out the window and recorded the best bits of snow a couple of times.

So! Christmas Day tomorrow! And my two main presents have yet to be ordered. xD (Decent HD and L4D2, but that’s down to £20 on Steam until Jan 3rd, so I guess I’ll grab it there) The two things I ordered for mum haven’t arrived either, but one of them is coming from Australia and I only ordered it a couple of days ago and the other is Threadless, which is always slow.

Comp hasn’t crashed in a while, I guess whatever I was doing to make it pissy, I stopped. It probably took against DragonAge or something, I’m certain it wasn’t overheating anyway. I never did get round to running the memtest thing but I will do it if I crash again.

What else, what else… 28DaysLater DVD arrived, maybe I’ll watch it with the audio commentary later. My shirt from Threadless arrived too, I’ll wear it tomorrow.

Up to s04 of Dexter. If a series starts that looks interesting, I generally follow it weekly, but eventually I’ll miss a week and then suddenly I’m 6 weeks behind and it just seems easier to wait. I very rarely watch stuff on telly, I sometimes get distracted by whatever mum’s watching, but I rarely got out of my way for it. Doctor Who is one of the few exceptions.

Mum made mince pies and sausage rolls and cold-ham sandwiches and cake and trifles and I think she cooked one of the turkeys. Brother helped, sort of. Busy day, Grandma’s coming round on Boxing Day so we’re having to tidy up extra so she doesn’t trip over anything or whatever.

Hmm, I wanna play Defence Grid now. (I can’t spell Defence with an s, no matter how hard I try, my fingers just don’t want to do it!) I bought it for Tera yesterday when it was £1.70, it’s gone up to £5.something now but it’s still worth a go. I like tower def games, they’re fun.

Time for a shower methinks.

Typed this out over the course of a day, pretty much.

(4am) Going through my downloads folder, looking for something to do, I found the first episode of Dexter. No idea what it’s about or anything, just put it on and watched it.

Whoa. That was quite fun. *Goes to look for the rest*

(5am ish) Next… Oh look, I downloaded 28 Days later.

Verdict :
Damn. Seriously. I’ve gotta buy a copy of that now. Took me about 6 hours to watch it because mum kept interrupting me. But still… I can see where L4D got a lot of their influences too. *Goes to look up prices on Amazon*

I guess it’s a bit like “I am Legend” only done right. I am Legend was a terrible film but the book was decent, the only relation the film had to it was the title. And that reminds me, I had The Omega Man sitting in my “to watch” folder for a while, which was another film based on the same book, but never got round to looking at it. Wonder if it’s still around.

It keeps hailing and showing. Always both at the same time. Funfun. Makes a sound like frying bacon or steam when it hits the ground.

28 Weeks Later has finished downloading, lets see how it goes.

I’ve actually spent most of the morning reading Jack London’s “People of the Abyss” (you can read it here) and trying to discourage the kids from throwing snowballs at my window. :p It was funny, one kid was chucking snowballs and I just went and sat by the window, he was about to throw another one and then he saw me, and casually redirected it to next door, as if he was totally innocent.

28 Weeks Later verdict:

Well that wasn’t bad but I enjoyed the first one more. Is this the Horror genre I’ve heard so much about? I’ve never really paid any attention to it.

Think I’ll download this next. Amazingly unrelated to everything else I’ve watched today, but maybe I’ll learn something. Was tempted to buy it, but Christmas eats money.