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Dig On For Victory

Lots of things today!

Mothers day presents arrived. I got her “Birdman: The Many Faces of Robert Stroud” (He wrote a recommended book about chickens) and two WW2 book reproductions. Eating and Digging for victory, she seemed pleased enough with them and the gardening one is interesting. They had “Make do and Mend” too but it didn’t seem as fun.

I cleared up my little bookshelf in the hall which is stocked entirely with Robin Hobb and Tamora Pierce (Fantasy writers write way too many books) and then hoovered up all the sawdust the hamsters reject from the cage and everything. Was good because Terence insisted on dragging his social worker up there to show her the hamsters later on. Still get slightly paranoid about anything being untidy when they come round, all the years of sudden inspections. :/

Then we had lunch! I tidied downstairs and then got bored of sitting around watching mum wrap birthday presents and started to tidy the front garden. Dug out the little flower bed between the house and the path down to the alleyway, threw some flower seeds all over the place. Then raked at all the dead grass on the front lawn for a while. I managed to get rid of about 4 years buildup of dead grass and leaves and in the process found flowerbeds, complete with flowers! Then I mowed the lawn with the mower blades on the lowest setting, so it’s basically just soil and the odd stubborn weed now. I guess I should throw some lawn food at it or something to get it going again. Digging the flowerbed was interesting, I found bricks and all-sorts buried in it.

Terence and his social workers arrived just as I started mowing, I finished though and then we went out.

Me and mum went to Ikea and M&S yesterday and got him nice stuff, teddies and cake, he got those today but we’re gonna have another little party for him on Sunday. While we at Ikea there I got a disco lamp for my room that hangs from the ceiling… Gonna put it up tomorrow! I’ve always wanted a proper one.

I had a disco lamp that sat on the floor, when we first got Emmy. I put it on and she chased the lights around the room for a while, then just sat staring at it, pawing it occasionally. Then it kinda died because I think the bulb I was using was too strong and nothing I could do would revive it. The next day though she went up to it and started pawing at it, and when that didn’t work she went and tried to plug it in! Seriously, she looked at the plug, looked at me, looked at the plug socket and whined. She’s too smart for her own good.

Anyway, we went out, and then we got lost! xD It was like, a three-mile drive and it took us over an hour. She’d forgotten her satnav and the directions we’d been given were vague. It was a fun night though once we got there, it was his 18th today and that means he’s finally moving away from all the social workers who’ve looked after him for the last 10 years. (Moving from child services and into adult, or something)

All-in-all, it was a good day. Gonna try and do the back garden tomorrow and see how long I can keep it up.

Strike the Earth!

The second Dwarves book arrived this morning, just got done reading the first one through again. Trying to save the second one, otherwise I’ll read the whole thing in one sitting like I always do… Maybe I should only allow myself to read it after fulfilling useful tasks. ONE BLOG POST HERE I COME.

We took the dogs to the park today but didn’t do much else that I can remember… Emmy has lost all recall what-so-ever but she doesn’t dissappear off into the distance if you let her off the lead, she just doesn’t let herself get caught, so we let her and Sophie off today. I guess the next thing I need to do is mow the lawn, and I’m not entirely sure what to do about the front gate, can’t put the old one back on because it pretty much fell apart when I took the hinges off. (For future reference, they’re Strap Hinges, that took me quite a long time to find out) if I could get wood and a new saw I could make one a gate that fits properly. wtb motivation 1g /w me. I tried digging the front garden before realising I had absolutely no idea wtf I was supposed to be doing. Anyone got any good gardening resources to share?

Oh yeah, I was cleaning out the hamsters, and one of them escaped the cage, (I was trying to move him from one cage to another) jumped down onto the table, and then jumped off that table…

Plummeting 1 story over the banister and down the stairs.

He landed badly, but let me grab him before the dog ate him, after that jump he didn’t even want to jump down one stair, he peered over the edge and then backed away. But when I picked him up he made a noise and when I put him in the cage he was walking funny like he’d dislocated something… Sort of bent in the middle and dragging one leg. He seems a bit better now and has been eating/drinking, but if he’s still being odd in the morning I’ll take him to the vets… I know it’s only a hamster but I feel guilty and I don’t want him to be hurt. ._. Plus this vet is a lot cheaper than the one in Manchester.

I guess the last thing is I’m pretty much done with the antibiotics. God they taste horrible. Swelling is gone now and I should be going in for xrays tomorrow. I really am gonna try and get to Manchester to get it fixed, I really, really don’t want it out but we can’t afford to have it fixed privately, if it’s still even possible. Travelling makes me panic but if I plan enough I guess I should be ok. NationalRail says it should only be 20~ minutes on the train, but I’ve still gotta get to the place after that, and plan for delays I guess. They whine when you’re late.


My teeth hurt. If this doesn’t clear up in a week I’m going to the dentist and paying to get it fixed. x_x Was halfway through a root canal when we had to move house and it just never got sorted out. The fact it’s hurting a lot is probably a bad sign, but the more it hurts, the more I chew at it and prod it with my tongue, and the more it hurts.

Things I need to do!
1. Attach new garden gate (Take the hinges off of the old one, spray paint them, attach them to the new gate that’s sitting in the living room) The gate that’s on at the moment is totally rotten and bits keep falling off. I’ll probably do this tomorrow.
2. Dig out a flowerbed in the front garden, even if I don’t put anything in it, there obviously used to be ones there but they’re all about 5+ years overgrown. Would make mowing the lawn easier too since I wouldn’t have to mow the flowerbeds as well. I’ll say I’m gonna do this tomorrow but in reality, I won’t.
3. Clear the back garden up, dig beds, buy bricks and mortar and concrete and build a raised vegetable bed, plant vegetables in it.
4. Learn to drive so I can move heavy things around.
5. Buy wood
6. Turn wood into chicken coop
7. Buy chickens.

8. Cry when dogs eat chickens
9. Dog-proof chicken run and buy more chickens

Ok, maybe not all of that is gonna happen any time soon. But chickens would be awesome, and I really do need the clear the garden. The weather is finally improving and it’s about the right time of year I guess. Need to get the patio bit resurfaced too, as well as clear out the shed.

New Years Eve.

The long new-years rant I wrote? Not posting it. xD I got so annoyed typing it out that I ended up slamming doors and shouting at people. Lets just say 2009 was a really, really, really shit year, and leave it at that.

Happy just-about-new-year! Lets hope it’s better than 2009. Not that that would be difficult.

Aims for 2010!!

1. Survive to 2011.  Seems a decent enough goal.

2. lrn2program. srsly. Motivation is the key! Problem is, I don’t get motivated unless I have something I actually want to make, and the guides are boring. I should make that Dwarf Tera keeps going on about. Make it awesomely over complicated and break all the rules Tera has carefully ingrained in his head. Again.

3. lrn2drive. Interestingly, Googling “lrn2″ brings up driving lessons, I thought it was a WoW thing.

4. Meet Tera and Chibi. Under not quite such awful circumstances this time hopefully. Although no circumstances could be that bad again.

5. Visit Finland again (Although this one is fairly unlikely it would be nice)

– 5.5 If I visit Finland at the right time, lrn2ski. :p Pavili promises she’ll teach me and Tera if we go back and there’s snow. <3

6. Keep this blog going as long as I can.

7. Stretch septum piercing one size up, maybe two. What’s the point of having a bull-ring if it’s all thin and weedy. Only restriction at the moment is money. Always money. :/

8. Get a tattoo. I’ve been considering it for well over a year now, time to find out prices. Same restriction as above, though.

– 8.5 Break it to mum. Took me like, two months to admit the nose piercing, tattoo is less easy to hide.

9. Go Polyphasic again, putting this off because I’ll have to ditch it if I go meet Tera again. In the long term, it’s fun but impractical.

10. Teach Emmy something useful, like “crap outside” or “don’t chew that” at the moment all she has is “sit” and “alert Koco I want the light off by barking at the light switch”

Maybe get another piercing, read more books, watch more tv shows. Finish watching Dollhouse and wait patiently for the next series of Dexter and Being Human (And Survivors!). Catch up on How I Met Your Mother and House. Play more Dragon Age and L4D2. Be more religious about mowing the lawn and doing gardening. Write a book and keep this blog going. Lots of shiny things.



Up to s03 of Dexter. The timing on this show is good… They build it up and do suspense so well.

Tidying up Terence’s room, which is mainly used as a store room. He’s coming home for Christmas tomorrow. Christmas is so close now! I got him a badge maker. Well, I got “him” a badge maker. :p Should be fun to play with, got one of the ones that does three different types of badges (big, small and square!)

Bought a polish thing from Tescos and cleaned up my boots. I only get to wear them for a couple of months each year because they’re so heavy, but I wouldn wanna go out in snow without them. Snow, which by the way, still hasn’t melted! yay~ Watch it all melt on Christmas eve, just to deny us a white Christmas. (Having to capitalise Christmas every time is really annoying. I was gonna make an autohotkey thing to do it for me, maybe I still should, but it seems a bit pointless now so close to the date. I ALWAYS type it christmas and then have to go back and fix it.)

Got a sort of compost heap thing in the garden, and I’ve been hanging up bird feeders. That’s fun to watch, lots of little birds dodging the cats and dogs. Pigeons and blue tits and little brown sparrow type birds and other birds I dunno the name for. The blackbirds own the compost heap though, there’s one female that just stands on the fence and chases every other bird away, and when I hung up the bird feeders I hung one on the shed, at which point the cat instantly sat on the shed roof, with her back to it, looking around surreptitiously every now and again. She’ll never catch anything, but she is funny to watch.

Had toast and pate for lunch, whee. I’m in a decently good mood now. Guess I’ll watch a bit more of Dexter and then go back to tidying.

And oh yeah, happy birthday. :p