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And star-struck he goes drowning

Didn’t take the dogs to the park yesterday, the vets appointment was at 4pm, and mum wanted to go shopping a bit, (leaving me to wait outside and take random questions from every child and middle aged woman within a mile) so it was dark by the time we got home. We did take them out today and I did manage to take pictures, so I’ll upload those in a bit. The vet says Sophie sounds much better, her heart is fine and there’s only a tiny bit of noise left in her lungs. She’ll get her first set of jabs next monday, she could have had them this week but the vet thought it’d be safer to wait until she was fully recovered.

So, Geocities is gone. I guess I feel that deserves a mention, I remember spending a few hours sitting in the UNoT chat setting up my first site and talking to everyone as I did it. It was good fun. When I heard they were going down, I made sure to back all my little sites up, although I’d forgotten how annoying the geocities bandwidth limit was. On a vaguely related note, I think I’ll see about getting myself a 1tb~ harddrive for Christmas, this 100gb thing really isn’t cutting it anymore. It forces me to not horde stuff, which is nice, but it’s starting to get full with just games.

I feel bad when anyone asks me what I want for Christmas as all I can think of is computer hardware, which is something nobody would want to buy me. New HD (or two :p) new graphics card. Maybe something so I can use my monitor as a telly, even if just for consoles. It’s bigger than most tellys, so seems a waste of space to buy a proper TV. Getting this monitor for my birthday was a good buy, even if the sheer size of it freaked me out at first.

I Suppose while I’m at it, I should work out how to connect mums PC to the telly, we’ve got this massive TV and we end up watching stuff on her tiny monitor, right next to it. (Teraaa :p)

– Koco then wanders off for half an hour, and gives the puppy a shower –

She’s going absolutely nuts now, running in circles and grabbing things and throwing them in the air and doing backflips and shit, barking at random objects. Guess I’ll go entertain her before she destroys the whole room.

(This is quite fun)

(“And all the jolly horses love and burn”, and the title line are the best two I’ve gotten)