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I dunno, that was just a random amalgamation of sounds.

Stuff has been ok! College is getting there, I baked the most amazing awesome cake twice and would bake a third if we weren’t out of Cranberries. Mine didn’t sink in the middle either. Granddad ate at least three slices. I will make that again, and I will make more stuff with that flaked almond topping, it would probably go well with Blueberries.

I dropped my shiny pen and it got scratched down one side. I was stupid and put it in my trouser pocket instead of my coat, and stupid pocket had a hole in it and it fell out and some old man stood on it. But it still works so it’s ok! At least I noticed it’d fallen out.

New chicken is settling in fine. We got four eggs today! So they’re all laying for once. That’s pretty awesome. I think the neigbours are going to start getting gifts of eggs soon.

The weather has been improving, went to a carboot with Granddad today but there was only six stalls, I guess because it rained yesterday and it’s been very windy. It’s been raining more but it’s not half as cold as it was, I’m glad. Gonna wire around the two slightly raised beds in the garden so that the chickens can’t trample them, and cut back the rose bush which suddenly grew to 12ft high last year for no disernable reason. I guess it liked me digging up the ground or something, because there’d been no sign of it before and it was a sort of wild-rose flower that it produced instead of the normal flowers. The bushes themselves are probably as old as the house which is pretty interesting.


Not entirely to scale

Gonna put the greenhouse next to the shed and move the chicken house. Could put a little fence and a gate at the bottom of the beds but then the dogs would be stuck in the little patio bit. The two trees are still only about 3ft tall.


Gonna send them the game out tomorrow, also sending your thing, Kirrus, sorry it took so long. :p

Tera your guinea pig is almost finished but I might add a bit more to it.

I need to clean and polish my boots. The weather has been getting better recently, a lot warmer but it’s not good enough to wear easy shoes yet. I have switched the outside tap back on through the little valve inside.

Jenny has offered me a greenhouse from her old place, but despite the fact it’s only a couple of streets away, the house is empty, we have a key, and I’d only have to go round the back anyway, for some reason I can’t go round there and get it until she’s got free time, and she’s sooo busy at college! I think she’s just stalling for time to see if she can sell it instead. It doesn’t have any panels in so I’d have to buy some, but that shouldn’t be too hard. I assume I can either buy dedicated panels or I can just get the right glass/plastic cut to size somewhere. If there’s anywhere you should be able to buy glass, it’s St.Helens

I want a greenhouse so bad, and if she keeps dragging her feet I might just buy a new one. Can get a decent looking one for like, £200 with panels and a 5-year guarantee. Plus it’d have assembly instructions.

Oh yeah, this post title is “Chickens!” that’s because we got another one. The RSPCA have our phone number, and a woman phoned wanting to get rid of a chicken, because she had two but one had died and the one that was left was lonely. It’s from the same farm/batch as Thorax and Abigail, and I can’t tell the two girls apart now, apart from the fact the new chicken, Daisy was she was already named, is a lot shyer.

We’ve had her a few days now though and she’s settling in, not running around with the flock yet, she goes off on her own a lot, but they’re not pecking her or outright rejecting her, and they all sleep together. The first day Emmy noticed she was new and went over to inspect her, at which point Thorax PECKED Emmy and Emmy hasn’t been near her since, but none of the other dogs even noticed as far as I can tell. They’re all scared of Thorax anyway. She’s also laying an egg every day! (The chicken, not Emmy)


Bought 3 Buddlea off eBay, 6 arrived. Planted two in the garden and shoved the other 4 in a pot until I can think of somewhere to put them, I think I’ll put one in the front with a fushia. My new tomatos are coming up, as are the free pack of Sweet Alyson he sent with them. Must be something about plant growers, they send you free shit…

The spinach is starting to flower (The other day we had spinach pie, spinach salad and pasta with spinach, and that barely dented it) and the cabbages I planted in the bed are huge and perfect, even if there’s no actual cabbage yet. The cabbages I planted in the growbag are still the same size they were when I put them in, and very slug-eaten. I’ve given them up for dead now and I just rolled a wheeliebin over the top of them. I found another two lavender plants clinging to life in random pots, I don’t think they’d even had water since last year, everything else in there was dead except for these two tiny but healthy little lavender plants, I put one in the greenhouse and one in with some hollyhock seeds I found in a drawer and they both seem thankful for it.

The round melon cucumbers are coming up, as are some marigolds and sunflowers. The apple tree flowered and is now thinking about producing apples and the strawberry plants have little green strawberries on. The pear tree hasn’t really done much yet but so long as it’s alive that’s all that matters for now.

Also, if you’re gonna buy a plastic greenhouse, be wary of the zips. They break. I wish we had the money for a real greenhouse but the lad next door would probably throw rocks at it, like he threw rocks at and managed to smash up the one 5 gardens away. (The woman who owned it came and knocked on the door, he opening line was “I hear you have a garden full of wild children, and they’ve smashed up my greenhouse” she wouldn’t believe that it wasn’t us and eventually stormed off looking annoyed.)


The second ASOIAF book is awesome. I have the second Dragonbone chair one sitting around somewhere but I can’t be bothered to start it. Unseen Academicals has been sitting on my shelf untouched since Christmas. I might order the third ASOIAF book now so it’s there when I finish this one, it’s split into two parts for the UK market so I’m not sure how that works but oh well.

The chickens are happy and healthy. Emmy jumped into the run yesterday with them but all she did was hump them until I removed her. It wound Lucy up a bit though. Really should get a couple more and they’re still not laying eggs. Eventually I suppose, it must be a surprise for them the first time they do it.

I think I’ll play Altitude for a bit now, I’ve alloted up around 12 hours since the free weekend and I’m really getting way too good at it.