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Strike the Earth!

The second Dwarves book arrived this morning, just got done reading the first one through again. Trying to save the second one, otherwise I’ll read the whole thing in one sitting like I always do… Maybe I should only allow myself to read it after fulfilling useful tasks. ONE BLOG POST HERE I COME.

We took the dogs to the park today but didn’t do much else that I can remember… Emmy has lost all recall what-so-ever but she doesn’t dissappear off into the distance if you let her off the lead, she just doesn’t let herself get caught, so we let her and Sophie off today. I guess the next thing I need to do is mow the lawn, and I’m not entirely sure what to do about the front gate, can’t put the old one back on because it pretty much fell apart when I took the hinges off. (For future reference, they’re Strap Hinges, that took me quite a long time to find out) if I could get wood and a new saw I could make one a gate that fits properly. wtb motivation 1g /w me. I tried digging the front garden before realising I had absolutely no idea wtf I was supposed to be doing. Anyone got any good gardening resources to share?

Oh yeah, I was cleaning out the hamsters, and one of them escaped the cage, (I was trying to move him from one cage to another) jumped down onto the table, and then jumped off that table…

Plummeting 1 story over the banister and down the stairs.

He landed badly, but let me grab him before the dog ate him, after that jump he didn’t even want to jump down one stair, he peered over the edge and then backed away. But when I picked him up he made a noise and when I put him in the cage he was walking funny like he’d dislocated something… Sort of bent in the middle and dragging one leg. He seems a bit better now and has been eating/drinking, but if he’s still being odd in the morning I’ll take him to the vets… I know it’s only a hamster but I feel guilty and I don’t want him to be hurt. ._. Plus this vet is a lot cheaper than the one in Manchester.

I guess the last thing is I’m pretty much done with the antibiotics. God they taste horrible. Swelling is gone now and I should be going in for xrays tomorrow. I really am gonna try and get to Manchester to get it fixed, I really, really don’t want it out but we can’t afford to have it fixed privately, if it’s still even possible. Travelling makes me panic but if I plan enough I guess I should be ok. NationalRail says it should only be 20~ minutes on the train, but I’ve still gotta get to the place after that, and plan for delays I guess. They whine when you’re late.


Yesterday arrived – Two rolls of wrapping paper and one box of scented candles. Yay for M&S 3 for 2, christmas tree was included in it but that arrived a day earlier for some reason. Also, This is a really nice deal for buying Christmas presents or something. They have some fairly cheap stuff, charms and whatnot. Putting in glam10 at the checkout also gets you another 10% off.

Didn’t do much yesterday that I can remember. I went to bed about 4am, was woken up at 6am because Sophie had gone to sleep on mums bed and the big dog Bella was attacking her. Suppose we won’t try that again until she’s older. Oh yeah, I played DwarfFortress for a bit. It’s gonna be awesome when he finally puts the big update out, wonder if he’ll manage it before Christmas.

The hamsters are getting fat, I can see one of them sitting in the wheel now. Can you put a hamster on a diet? Is there really any need? Maybe they naturally go that shape when they grow bigger. *takes a picture of it, uploads it, looks around at hamster to see if he’s moved yet* *hamster is happily washing his balls* -_-;; At least he keeps himself clean?

Not much has happened today, I didn’t get up till well late, I had dinner, here I am. I think I’ll tidy my bedroom, and then do a bit more of the guide Tera’s trying to make me follow. I just get bored easily… Great, I can now make a thing that insults you if you have a short name, where’s the use in that. And my one wasn’t half as pretty as Teras. xD

I just ordered the Nail Gaimen – American Gods and Terry Pratchett – Nation off Amazon, anyway, so that gives me something new to read.

List of dates and obligations
November 30th – Take Sophie to vet for her final shots, pick up wormer for all the other animals. Ask about the fact Sophie is so much smaller and her gums are so much paler than Emmys.

Try and get to the German Market in Manchester some time.

December 12th & 13th – Interesting looking thing happening in St.Helens, some Victorian event with carols and guided tours and a craft market. Brother would enjoy going to that.

Christmas! (Shop for: Grandma, Granddad, Tera, Chibi (whut dus you want?), Mum, Terence, Jenny (Who have I forgotten?))

Jan.. Something… Tera’s birthday, don’t let me forget again this year. :p (When am I gonna come stalk you again?)

Do christmas shopping
Tidy my room
Give my little alarm a proper gui maybe, maybe not. It works ok as it is.
Play more of Dragon Age
Finish fixing the layout for this blog
Play more Dwarf Fortress <3

Yet I never give correct change…

For a long while, I collected all the change I got from everything, get home, put the change in the pig, ignore it. I was gonna save it up and buy something nice with it, but that never really happened.

I remember taking £25 out of it to get my nose pierced, all in pound coins. The guy in the bank was most impressed when I went to get it changed into notes. The pig also provided us with a few Chinese meals too and that’s probably why I only found two pound coins and a few 50ps in there when I was sorting it. There was an interesting article I read once about how genetics work on the same principle as a bowl of change, the rubbish but mostly harmless traits, the 1 and 2ps sink to the bottom of the bowl and are pretty much ignored, and all the good traits, the silver coins and better, get picked out over time. Sometimes you’ll go for something and find out it’s a washer or a key you don’t recognise, and that gets chucked in the bin. I think it might’ve been a speech by Dawkins, but I don’t really remember and the quick Google search I just did didn’t return anything.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to collect that much change again. I know the coinstar machine is gonna take a huge cut of it, but I really can’t be arsed to bag it all and deal with the people at the bank. Maybe the 20ps and up, but the rest can all just go into the machine.

You can click that for bigger. Took me an hour to just sort it that much.

Then afterwards, I went downstairs to wash my hands, and I found more!

As for pets… Four dogs (The two pups, and the two other dogs, who’re both around 8 now), the two hamsters and a cat (who’s getting on for 15)

I did have another hamster that I’d rescued off a stupid relative, but it died of old age a few weeks ago. Oh and there was another the dog ate, but we don’t talk about that. Stupid aunt… We went round to her house for something and I noticed her hamster had no water, at which point she said “Oh I haven’t seen it in a week, it’s probably dead.” the cage was practically lined with food, and she never cleaned it out. I think she just threw in a massive handful of food every time she passed and totally ignored it otherwise. It wasn’t dead, anyway, and I took it home and mothered it until it did eventually pass away.

She’s the same relative who had to surrender her rabbit because it got flystrike, and who’s guinea pig got an abscess the size of your hand on it’s back, which nobody noticed until my special-needs brother went round there to clean it out for her. Her cat died of kidney failure a month or so ago too, so she’s just gotten herself a new kitten… We’ll see how that goes. Grandma’s also been looking after her kid since she refuses to look after him herself, and the stress of that is most likely the reason she had the stroke…

In other news, I pre-ordered Dragon Age and downloaded the L4D2 demo, gonna wait for Christmas for the full thing though. I’ve not been out the house in a while as it’s done nothing but rain for the past week. Maybe I’ll go beg some coin bags from the bank if the weather’s better tomorrow.

Long day

Went out shopping with mum today and I bought an oil burner, it’s pretty in an ugly sort of way, I’ll try and take a picture of it for tomorrow. I’ve been messing with the camera and it can do some shiny things when I press the right buttons. While we were out I also went to the post office and sent off my DS to the repair place. I hope it doesn’t get lost on the way, though. It feels like sending away a child or a loved pet, I worry for it’s safety and hope it writes lots of letters home, telling me what a lovely time it’s having and how it’s not binge drinking or having sex with strangers.

I cleaned out the hamsters yesterday, put all the bits of the cage in the dishwasher. It’s sad that Fluffy died, but at least I can use her cage to put the boys in while theirs in being cleaned. I also moved their cage out from where it was hidden in the corner behind the door, to next to my bed where Fluffys was. I can actually see them now, and they can see me! I looked around earlier for some reason, and there was just a little head poking out the sleeping-house, staring at me, watching my every move, but once he realised I’d seen him he hid again. I don’t think they’re gonna be properly handleable for a while yet, if ever, but at least they’re fun to watch.

I know I should work harder on taming them, even if just so I can health-check them every now and again, but why should I subject them to being prodded around when they’re perfectly happy as they are. Having them slightly feral also gives me an excuse not to get them out for my brother when he’s home, too. :p

Sigh. I’m still feeling very lost. I went through my playlist today and found this, it was the first song Onni ever sent me that really made an impact. That version there is strangely quiet, but it’s the only one with the video. I heard that and, I dunno, something clicked. Something changed in my head and suddenly there was all this different music I could actually listen to without getting bored and switching off. It still just feels so surreal that he’s gone. I keep seeing things he’d like to know, games I’d like to play with him. The news today has been full of the guy who says the Large Hadron Collider (Do I have to capitalise that?) is sabotaging itself from the future, that would have amused him.

#2 Empty day

Spent most of today watching random American sitcoms, Flash Forward was interesting, the new series of HIMYM looks decent, The Good Wife was boring but mum wants it every week, so I guess I’ve got no choice. Dollhouse starts again tomorrow which will be nice. At this rate I’ll have something new to watch every couple of days.

Puppy has been squeaky and hyper all day, lots of running around and piddling where she shouldn’t. She’s asleep on my foot at the moment. I should put her in the crate but she sleeps so much better if she’s on my foot.

Feeling kinda lonely today but I don’t suppose that’ll ever go away.  I’m gonna miss him forever, I guess.

Gonna make sure I keep in touch with his family though, even if it’s just to scrounge free skiing lessons. :p (Hi~)

I need to do something to focus my time. Learn a language or something. Shame I have no drive, Teraa, you need to push me more. I suppose I have learnt some stuff over the last year, anyway. I can just about cook now, I can make pancakes or spagetti from scratch and it’s all generally eatable. I know how to properly feed and bandage a dog and I’m managing to sucessfully keep three hamsters and a puppy alive and in decent health. Here, have a picture of my two, male, hamsters.