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Been watching Heroes S02 and playing Dwarf Fortress. I wish Toady would release the next version already. Redownloaded the thing for Ruby and messed with the DragonDwarf, I’ll try and get more into it tonight.

Problem I’ve found with Heroes is:

I don’t want them to save the world. It would be so much more interesting if they didn’t. I don’t really give a shit about any of the characters and if a couple of them died and everything else went all angsty and actually INTERESTING, I’d be a lot more inclined to keep watching.

But oh well, I’m only up to series2. Maybe it’ll improve, but I doubt it.

Oh look, now the only character I liked is dead.

Thanks very much.

This series irritates me ever so slightly. And those were the most stereotypical Irish accents I’ve heard in a while.

Oh apparently nevermind the whole dead thing.

Trying to make a decent waterfall in DF, every other time I’ve tried it I’ve flooded the whole fortress, lets hope I don’t do that this time. :D~

15 minutes later : shit, I forgot about power. Wonder if a windmill will work. I also placed it badly… It’s not even my main dining room! I suck at this. xD

Noo, my best miner has been posessed! In other news, windmills work, sort of. There’s bugs with gears and axles and zlevels and crap. And one windmill isn’t enough.

Huh, two might not be enough either. And my dwarves have drunk all the water…

…I think I need to look up how vertical axles work.

Seriously. This is confusing, I got the power to transfer to the right zlevel but now it’s there nothing I connect to it will do anything? I’m so confused. xD

Think I’m done for now. This is a rubbish post but I can’t be arsed to do anything with it. Think of it as about 2 hours of my life.

Snow snow snow! :D

Watched the first season of Six Feet Under, for lack of anything better to do. Downloading Heroes S02 at the moment, because I feel I should see if it gets any better after s01, and I kinda wanna see where it goes, while at the same time not really caring.

I played some Multiwinia (Turn your speakers down before you click that) and Bullet Candy. I love having two screens, I can watch shit on one, and play games on the other, both at the same time! I’d hate to have to go back to one now… I admit I paniced at the sheer size of this thing when it arrived, but it’s been well worth it.

It started snowing last night and it kept it up for about 18 hours. Good eight inches or so of snow. I ran around in it and built a very small snowman, which Emmy then ate. Emmy ran around in it too, it was deeper than her shoulder, so she kept mainly to my path. Sophie went out too, fell in, had to swim back to the house and decided no, that wasn’t the life for her. They were so funny to watch though. I should try and get a video of Bella bounding through it, she can’t just walk like normal, she has to jump like a rabbit. There was another moment where Lucy ran at me, veered off the path so she didn’t hit me, sank into the snow and came to a very sudden halt, she had to kind of turn around and go back the way she came.

It’s so awesomely pretty and shiny and it’s like running around in icing sugar! I watched the news for a bit and it lots of rambling about how this is the most snow in 30 years or whatever and how we’re all gonna grind to a halt and die and how everyone who leaves the house falls over on their front door step and breaks both their legs and then has to wait six hours for an ambulance to arrive. But I’ll admit, I’ve never seen more than a couple of centimeters before, (that I remember) so it’s all new for me.

There’s a giant hedge-tree thing out back, it’s in somebodys untended garden and it covers like, three gardens now, it’s huge and all the birds live in it, bats too, and it’s totally collapsed under the weight of the snow! A lot of birds are very unhappy, but on the bright side, I can see loads of houses and gardens I’ve not seen before! Spying is fun.

Oh yeah, unrelated, I also watched Rocky2. It was ok I guess. A different sort of film, but it didn’t grab me that much. I’m sure I’ll get through the whole series eventually.

I’m gonna go out tomorrow and buy milk or something. Just for an excuse to run around in the snow. Whee! I’ll take my camera with me too.

Sleepy Sleepy

I am watching Heroies (s01) just for the hell of it. Up to like, ep6 now.  It’s something to do.

I dunno what to write, didn do much today, tidied up a bit, ate… I don’t really remember. I guess I spent most of the day watching Heroes. I just wanna see how s02 panned out, I never got back into watching it after season 1. Had a shower, ate like, 6 oranges.

We’re out of fruit again. ;_; I ate all the nice oranges in like, two days. I’m in a fruit-mood at the moment. If I get hungry, I eat fruit! Better than eating crisps or crap. At the beginning of this year I ate practically nothing but chocolate, that was annoying.

Although, there are some of those white chocolate oreos downstairs…

Hmm. I dunno. :p Think I’ll stay up late tonight. I’m in a mood to just start typing and see where it goes.