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Holiday stuff

So yeah, spent the week in Amsterdam with Tera. (8th – 15th)

Monday : Arrive
Tuesday : Stuff?
Wesnesday : Sleep
Thursday : Go out possibly
Friday : Sleep
Saturday : Go out
Sunday : Sleep mostly
Monday : Sleep and then go home.

There you go. Now I’m home. It wasn’t the most eventful holiday ever, but it was fun. I acquired a frying pan and some sweets for mum.

Over the week we watched…

All 3 of the Austin Powers movies,
Time Bandits (That was actually seriously awesome, if a little dated looking)
Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal (Also surprisingly awesome)
All 3 of the LotR films,
Enter The Dragon (Yeah. It was a bad-movie night and apparently I do a pretty decent running commentary)

There might’ve been more but if there were, I don’t remember them, and I don’t think videos about trains count. LotR took up a lot of time but it was a lot shinier than I remembered, I guess the last time I saw it was in the cinema. DEATH BED was so bad it was amazing

But yeah, we didn’t go out much. It was all fun though and the inflatable bed was much more comfortable than the camping mattress thing I slept on last time.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get tickets and go again some time, it was fun.


I keep going to write this, and then getting distracted by shiny objects. I have like, six webcomics on my “to check out” list and yush. Emmy is barking at me, I don’t know why.

Had pizza for dinner, they apparently opened a Dominoes around here somewhere, must be the first time I’ve had that in like, almost two years. xD

Emmy is chewing my shoes now…

Booked the plane tickets for feb, Tera paid for them but I’ll pay him back. Should be fun! I will go back to Finland eventually, promise. When I can drive and we can hire a car or something. Plane ticket company keeps sending me emails now. “HIRE A HOTEL” “HIRE A CAR” “GET TICKETS FOR ALL THE AWESOME ATTRACTIONS”

I got the lava lamp working, bulb AND fuse had blown. I uhh… slept a lot… I dunno, I’m sure there’s other things but I can’t think of them.

I evicted Emmy from under my desk (where she was, worryingly, making “nom nom nom” noises) and she’s now lying on her back and attacking a clear plastic box.

I am in love with this webcomic. <3

Taught Emmy to stand on her hind legs. She has lots of tricks now! She gets bored so easily if left on her own… Not like Sophie, who falls asleep if you just stand still long enough.

Oh yeah, I Found my pendrive!

Thing to put on it

1. Some terrible films.

2. All the Austin Powers movies.

3. Dwarf Fortress~ <3

4. …Dunno. Thunderbird I suppose, emails are always useful. 8gb of space to fill, although, movies fill that pretty fast.


Thing to take:


Insurance card and metro card thing I stole from Tera by accident. :(



Birthday and Christmas present, bought magazines too…

What shoes do I take! *spazzes out*

nom nom meaty meat

Had a roast dinner for.. dinner, Terence made some fairy cakes which came out absolutely TERRIBLE and seem to consist of nothing but sugar. His recipe ended up something like, one handful of flour, one tablespoon of butter, half a bag of sugar, one egg. He insists they’re perfect and they’re supposed to be crispy, flat, hollow and once you get into them, slightly chewy, but I’m not arguing with him.

Played L4D2 last night. It was awesomeness. Me and Tera also looked up prices and dates for going back to visit. It shouldn’t be that expensive, but what with me having no money what-so-ever at the moment and me being nervous to leave mum alone incase she ends up in hospital again… Date at the moment is Feb 8th until Feb 15th, or something. Feb 8th until Feb 14th was £10 more expensive.

I applied for an ID-Card application form and it arrived. Guess I should go for it, my passport only lasts a year, being an emergency one and runs out in September. ID card is more limited, but cheaper.

Messed around with Autohotkey and made my capslock into a button of awesome. Having an Enter key all the way over there is so nice.

It hasn’t snowed again, but it has been frosty all day, so you never know.

Started watching the film Intacto, but got distracted by The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and mum finding things for me to do every 7 minutes. (She managed to call me three times in 20 minutes, I’m not even sure what she wanted. Normally it’s “fill in this line on this game” or “watch this funny moment on telly” and it ends up taking me half an hour)

Missed Doctor Who earlier, will have to iplayer it. I’ll post about the film when I’ve had a chance to finish it.

x amount of days till Christmas! The sign I passed earlier announced 8 but I think it was wrong.

You think Southport’s bad? Try going to Llandudno in the late afternoon/early evening. Walked along the beachfront there with grandma, and there was a good 1/4 of a mile of old people packed onto the benches, and a guy going up and down playing music at them. Grandma ran away, determined to dye her hair, lose weight and never be associated with any of them.


I got fed up a while ago of my start menu filling the whole screen, so I took an afternoon and organised it, it’s much easier now.

Anyway, I got up at 8:30 today, fed the puppies, slept until 10am then went to the options at 11. He says my vision is perfect in one eye and isn’t perfect but still could be a lot worse in the other, not bad enough that he thinks I need to wear glasses if I don’t wanna, and not bad enough to cause migraines. I felt sorry for the two old people in there, though. They were a couple and every time they thought they could leave, he’s announce something along the lines of “NO WAIT NEED TO TEST YOUR PERIFERAL VISION STILL” they were there being tested before I got in, and still being tested when I left. At one point he made the above announcement, and then took me away instead of them! And since they were a couple, neither could leave before the other.

Went into Superdrug, was unimpressed, went into Boots, bought myself a new hairbrush. Woulda bought mum something for Christmas, but there’s nothing interesting to buy around here, and the theme this year seems to be “Cosmetics.” Makeup and shit that she wouldn’t be interested in. I’ve gotta go into St.Helens again anyway beofore Christmas as I managed to break the thing we bought Granddad for Christmas so I’ll pick something up then. Gonna go back into M&S with it and blag that it was like that when I bought it and we just didn’t notice. ;p

Helped mum wrap some Christmas presents (Closing my eyes and looking away at the points where she was wrapping mine) got a fair amount done. And that was today!


I’d name mine “Your Grandma”

Post #1 : The start of another life.

Saw a thing on the news this morning about them finding water on the moon, that’s quite interesting. Maybe we will have moon-bases one day after all. Anything is possible I guess.

Nothing much interesting happened today, the main dog seems to be getting on better with the puppy, but she gets into moods. One moment she’ll be washing her, the next, she’ll be trying to eat her and make her squeak by bashing her with her paw. The other dog is still terrified of her but hopefully that’ll change in time.

The pup has grown up so much in the short time we’ve had her, I think she’s practically doubled in size and her fur has gotten a lot lighter in colour. I really hated her at first, but I suppose I’m getting used to it now, she arrived at a really bad time on a really bad day, but you can’t blame her for that, blame the stupid woman who sold her to us, and wanted her money NOW instead of in three weeks time.

Meeting Tera was awesome, and Finland was so, so pretty, but I hate myself for everything that happened and for not taking a bigger role, for not getting over there sooner. I try and live by the motto “no regrets,”  but sometimes it’s hard. My emotions are all over the place at the moment. That’s why I’m updating this, maybe I can make some sense of everything if I type it all out here.

Onni, if you’re reading this, somehow, somewhere.

I miss you.