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Sitting here, drinking Jasmine tea and putting off doing my homework. Things have been going ok, still playing die2nite. This last week was half term, and some idiot made me buy a book which I then spent the rest of the week obsessing over. :p

Rewatching House, which is another reason I’ve not finished my homework.

Random unconnected statements: Apparently there’s gonna be a new Chickam around March! One of the hamsters killed and ate the other hamster… We got six eggs (?) yesterday. One Hentietta and then five white ones. Two may have been from the day before and I’d not seen them but it’s still odd.

Can’t think of anything else…


Put the Christmas tree up, it’s held down with lots and lots of duct tape so Emmy doesn’t knock it over. I made bacon and sausage and eggs and beans. If you ever find asda online selling “Manchester Sausages” buy them, they’re not full of custard and bananas like I was expecting, or drugs like mum was, but they’re pretty nice.

I’m sitting here with my two screens and Terence’s laptop open, I feel like I should be controlling an aircraft or something.

I might tidy and rearrange my bedroom, it’s still full of boxes from when I moved.

Gah I dun wanna do this next assignment, it’s so boring. T_T