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Wrote this up last night and then forgot to post it.

day 05 – a song that reminds me of someone

Chibi – MSI – Stupid Motherfucker

Onni – Nick Cave – Nature Boy
I remember him sending me this, among of a lot of other songs.

I’ve always been bad at admitting I listen to music, it’s always just been easier to say “nah” then “yeah I like that” I guess because if I say “yeah” then I feel I have to justify it. I’m trying to get over that though. (One of the reasons I’m doing this and sticking with the last.fm)

Bought a new DS, well, preowned, but new to me. It’s turquoise! Got Pokemon with it and whee it’s fun! Ended up getting it from Game, the DSes were £10 more expensive but Pokemon was free, so it came out to the same price, only I have a reward card there.

I like it so far, it’s Pokemon, not much more to say, but I like the way they’ve gone with this version.


day 02 – favorite cover version

Hmmm. I don’t listen to much covers, I don’t listen to much music to be honest, I should find more but I tend to just obsess over the same people in phases. So I’ll have to vote for this: Cake: Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town.

We went out today, I bought the first Paladin’s Legacy book, almost bought a new DS and pokemon White, but I’d forgotten my cash card, might go back on monday and do it, Pokemon is only £10 if you buy it with a DS and a preowned one is only £69. Pokemon on it’s own is £25-£30, and if I find my old DS I can give it to mum, she’s pretty much worn hers out and mine is in decent nick now it’s been repaired.

Then came home and played more SpaceChem, I wonder when the demo runs out.

Still watching Dexter, daamn. I’m liking it despite the fact I keep having to pause it to breathe, I don’t cope well with tension. (Almost done with ep10 now) (Scratch that ep11)

Tooth pain and two different types of antibiotics.

Hmm. Why when I open this does my youtube video break? It should motivate me to write this shit faster anyway, normally I start typing, write 100 words or so and then get distracted by videos or chickens, and only remember it four hours later.

So yeah, I went to the dentist today, he looked at it, shrugged, charged me £16.50 and said he could take it out, I could go back to Manchester and get it sorted there, or I could pay £500~ and go private, which we can’t afford to be honest. I really, really don’t want it taken out. ._. Gonna look into how far the dental hospital is from the train station and what journey time is like, but knowing them, they’ll put me on a waiting list for a year+ before seeing me anyway.

I’m on ibrpoufen and two different types of antibiotics now, anyway, the abscess started going down on it’s own at about 5pm, I took the antibiotics at 7pm, supposed to take one every 8 hours or so, three times a day so I guess the next one is due at… 3am? Maybe I should go Polyphasic again, that was fun.

Out of randomness, the back of the antibiotics packet says “OMG DO NOT DRINK BOOZE WHILE TAKING THESE” the woman in the pharmacy said “OMG DO NOT DRINK WHILE TAKING THESE” and the dentist also said “YOU SHOULDN’T DRINK WHILE TAKING THOSE!”

…It does make me curious to find out what happens if I drink while taking them.

Still reading, The Dragonbone Chair did get more interesting after 100 pages in, as one of the reviews said it would, but it is a very stereotypical fantasy book, not that that’s a bad thing I suppose. I guess I like reading Fantasy because it’s easy. Real-world stuff doesn’t interest me much and I’ve never really been able to get into a proper sci-fi book. Neither of the two books that were released today have arrived yet, I’m hoping they’ll come tomorrow but I don’t really mind if it takes a couple more days, I’ve gotta finish this one now anyway and order the second in the series.

I still haven’t managed to get to Wilkinsons to buy screws or spray paint, was gonna do it today but failed and ended up shopping with mum instead. We went to St. Helens and wandered around the shops, found a shop that sells remaindered books (but most of them were rubbish), I got one full of classic horror stories anyway.

I’ve actually got quite a backlog of books to buy now, most of them to do with either writing or chickens, but I’m thinking of buying this first, a book on how to edit your writing. It seems like an interesting and useful read, and I often struggle with editin, these paragraphs are all over the place, I start on something and then abandon it and then pick it up again five minutes later. Stream of consciousness.

They were unveiling a statue of one of the Saints players today, they put it on like, a verge in the middle of the road, between Tescos and a multistory car park, I reckon it’ll be hit by a car within a month, but it wasn’t the best statue I’ve ever seen. We missed seeing all the Saints players by about five minutes, the bartender lady in Wetherspoons was very disappointed that she was stuck indoors watching when she could see what was going on through the window.

I poured £6 of pocket change into the Coinstar maachine and found a “Dime” underneath. I have no idea how much it’s actually worth, but it’s kinda cool. I’ll post pictures on here in a bit camera is uploading right now, it’s just remembering to do it.

And I’ve hit my word-count. Yay! *Edits badly and posts*

Good lord


Look at those graphics! Time dulls even the most vivid of memories.

Went out today, had an interview with a woman about getting Carers allowance, which basically means I’d have a bit of money, instead of absolutely nothing! She helped fill in the forms and everything. Then we went to Tescos, bought some Boczek (Basically really fatty, ready to eat ham. The English wiki page just redirects to “Bacon”) and some more Pukka tea. The Three Mint is made of awesome and they don’t sell it in the Tescos near here… (They don’t sell much really, middle of absolute nowhere…) also had a veggie burger at the pub nearby before getting a taxi home.

I really, really miss being able to get to a bookshop. I want a nice, second hand bookshop, where I can just seek out the scifi section and stare blankly for ten minutes before grabbing something random off the shelves. All that’s within a bus ride is… *gets distracted by google maps* Apparently there is one book shop, hidden away, selling mostly “sports and celebrity books” oh well. The only other thing that’s there is a WH Smiths, and their books are so expensive. What few they have.

Amazon is great, but it isn’t the same.

All in all, it was a long day, but good I guess. After that we came home, put the shopping away, and I played Dwarf Fortress for a bit. My favorite dwarf died though! ;_; She ran out the front gate for some spurious reason and detected a goblin ambush with her face.







Here’s the map of my current fortress, anyway. I added a load of Points of Interest at the side. It’s interesting to see how it grows over time. I didn’t know the DFMA linked maps together like that.

Mince Pies and Toilet Seats.

Dexter has really awesome opening credits. It’s rare that I’ll actually sit through credits but I actually like these.

It feels like I didn do much today, even though I sorta did. Had to wake up early this morning because Sainsburys failed to deliver the turkey when they delivered the shopping yesterday and had to send it this morning instead. Honestly, with meat? I don’t like roast dinners… I like the meat, but I like it cold and in sandwiches more than I like it hot with other stuff. Trying to convince mum of this, getting there slowly.

Went to Boots, picked up mums perscription. Bought some stuff from Wilkinsons and some sandwiches for lunch. All the snow got trampled down, then froze solid, so it’s like walking on an icerink out there. I dunno though, I kinda liked the challenge.

Went back home, fitted a new toilet seat (Well it amuses me…) Then mum made mince pies and… Something something something big memory blank. All I remember is mince pies and cups of peppermint and ginger tea. Oh, and I ordered a proper copy of 28 Days Later. Got the 2-disc version of just that, instead of the one including 28 Weeks Later, I wasn’t as impressed with the second film.

Hmm. Mouse is still working, clicker-wire is still gone. I suppose I could salvage a bit out of another mouse but I dunno if it’s worth it. It’s actually kinda nice to have a smooth scroll.

I dunno what else. Dun think I’ll sleep tonight. In too good a mood. Might go have a shower in a bit though.

They canceled Dollhouse, that makes me a bit sad but Americans are so focused on ratings, I guess it was inevitable eventually. They seem to shoot their stuff one ep at a time and can cancel it at any moment, while the British just churn out a whole series then see how it goes. I want the new Doctor Who and the new Being Human already.

Oh well. Soon enough.

x amount of days till Christmas! The sign I passed earlier announced 8 but I think it was wrong.

You think Southport’s bad? Try going to Llandudno in the late afternoon/early evening. Walked along the beachfront there with grandma, and there was a good 1/4 of a mile of old people packed onto the benches, and a guy going up and down playing music at them. Grandma ran away, determined to dye her hair, lose weight and never be associated with any of them.


I got fed up a while ago of my start menu filling the whole screen, so I took an afternoon and organised it, it’s much easier now.

Anyway, I got up at 8:30 today, fed the puppies, slept until 10am then went to the options at 11. He says my vision is perfect in one eye and isn’t perfect but still could be a lot worse in the other, not bad enough that he thinks I need to wear glasses if I don’t wanna, and not bad enough to cause migraines. I felt sorry for the two old people in there, though. They were a couple and every time they thought they could leave, he’s announce something along the lines of “NO WAIT NEED TO TEST YOUR PERIFERAL VISION STILL” they were there being tested before I got in, and still being tested when I left. At one point he made the above announcement, and then took me away instead of them! And since they were a couple, neither could leave before the other.

Went into Superdrug, was unimpressed, went into Boots, bought myself a new hairbrush. Woulda bought mum something for Christmas, but there’s nothing interesting to buy around here, and the theme this year seems to be “Cosmetics.” Makeup and shit that she wouldn’t be interested in. I’ve gotta go into St.Helens again anyway beofore Christmas as I managed to break the thing we bought Granddad for Christmas so I’ll pick something up then. Gonna go back into M&S with it and blag that it was like that when I bought it and we just didn’t notice. ;p

Helped mum wrap some Christmas presents (Closing my eyes and looking away at the points where she was wrapping mine) got a fair amount done. And that was today!


I’d name mine “Your Grandma”


Went to the Victorian thing in St.Helens, it was kinda fun. Apparently most of the interesting stuff happened on Saturday, but there was still a table selling good cakes and a room showing a film from 1897 and 1900. All the old horse-drawn and steam-trams. Tera, I woulda bought you a copy if it’d been for sale. ;p It was really interesting, all being narrated by a guy in a wheelchair. Bits of Manchester and Liverpool from 1900 too, all the sailboats and other interesting stuff. I liked how all the trams were sponsered by people like OXO and Hovis, and how it was mad-dangerous to cross a road, even back then. xD

I didn’t win anything in the raffle and we didn’t get to do the tour of the Mayors Parlour because some woman in a big hat shouted at us.

Huh, “Residents from local care homes will be offered transport to join in the activities and share their early Christmas reminiscences with local historians. That explains a lot. There were old people in wheelchairs EVERYWHERE. The room with the tea and cake was worst affected.

That was most of today, anyway. Brother went home at 8 and I got distracted by a book. “Spindle’s End” I found it in the bookcase, it’s a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story, a kids book that’s been lying around for years and I’ve never bothered to read. (I think Grandma bought it for me) but it’s quite fun. I like the idea of magic it presents. Something chaotic that people just try and work around, to be avoided if at all possible. Interesting that it hasn’t gotten any ratings above 4 stars, but taking it for what it is, it’s not bad. It filled an evening, started it at around 7pm, it’s 11pm now and I’m about 3/4 of the way through it.

– Go AFK for 5 mins and make yourself a cup of tea!

Now I has mint tea and a gingerbread man! Well, had a gingerbread man. Nom nom :D Half tempted to pay my WoW account again but eh. It doesn’t seem worth it anymore. Left4Dead2 is down to around £18 now. Mysterious commenter, you tried L4D? What did you think of it? I should play it more but I lack motivation and get distracted so easily. I want the new Dwarf Fortress release already… I’m not whining… I want it finished already. xD All the new stuff he’s adding sounds like it’s gonna be shiny awesome. Battle is currently one of the weak points of DF, I’ve found. You encase yourself, lock all the doors, problem solved.

I’ve prodded myself into wanting to play DF again now… Damnit. Think Dragon age, think Dragon Age, think Dragon Age… I’ve gotten pretty far, for me, but I keep putting it down and forgetting to play again. ;D

Market day

Don’t really remember doing anything yesterday, but apparently I made biscuits, and mum made mincemeat for the mince pies, and I tidied the kitchen again. The biscuits were fairly inedible, but apparently you’re supposed to use them as christmas tree decorations or something? I forgot to poke holes in them before I baked them, anyway. Gonna tidy the living room tomorrow and put the tree up, brother is here on sunday and we were gonna do it with him, but since we wanna go out there wouldn’t really be time.

Took the pups to the groomers today, got their faces trimmed. They’re unrecognisable! Groomer lady said they were both utterly bonkers and that we should try and desentatise them to having their faces and eyes touched. Hair in the eyes is probably always gonna be a problem with them, so I guess it’s a good idea.

Booked myself in for an eye test on Monday, went to Tescos, bought lots of fruit. They’re finally doing those orange-type-things they only do at Christmas that’re really easy to peel, bought like, 10 of those and I’ll probably eat them all. I have two on my desk waiting at the moment. (Along with a beef-paste sandwich, some oreo cookies, some grapes, some cheese footballs and one very hopeful Emmy – edit 5 mins later, scratch the sandwich :D nom nom)

Had a hotdog and a waffle in the only cafe in town (Stupid middle of nowhere place, there is a McDonalds but it’s so out of the way it’s not worth going to. His hotdogs are really awesome though, best I’ve ever had. Better than ikea ones!) then walked around the market, bought a couple of pretty rocks that I’ll take a picture of later. One is a very lumpy turquoise, the other looks like marble or something, I liked it because it looked like somebody had painted it.

The groomers was expensive, but worth it, they plucked their ears and everything. Walked both pups there, but had to carry Sophie home, she was falling asleep in the ladys arms while I was paying. Walking there was her first time on the lead, she tried to fight it a bit, but overall she did ok. Was funny watching her walk a few steps, and then suddenly fight it like mad, and try and backflip into the road, then walk normally again.

Was a fun day.

My back aches

Thing about being allowed to sleep, is that it makes me lazy. That and I don’t have time at 5am to just churn out blog posts. Well, apart from that awesome dream I had, which I had to get up at 3am to write down.

Went shopping today, bought some christmas stuff, stocking fillers for brother. Got Grandma a little digital photoframe for her keyring, she might not be able to see it, but it was cheap, and I will try and find something else for her.

Bought some nice tea too. Ginger root, something else, Turmeric and liquorice root, it’s nice… (Oh look, here it is) Been into ginger tea the last few days, bought it to see if it’d help mum with her feeling sick all the time due to a fucked up stomach, which it does seem to do. That and I need something caffine free and hot to drink. Ginger tea does have a nice kick to it. Oh I bought a new bottle of Lavender oil too, the one I got when I got my nose pierced is finally almost gone.

There was a craft fair on in St.Helens, I bought two very pretty rocks but mum is insisting on wrapping them up for christmas, so no pictures. :p

Mum, Grandma, Granddad, Terence, Tera, Chibi, Johnty (For some reason, the “strike” option won’t stick)

I dunno what mum or granddad want for Christmas, I guess I’ll get him some novelty present, those amuse him and I bought mum a bracelet today but I’ll have to get her some other bits too.

Spoke to Grandma earlier, the stroke left her totally blind in one eye, and mostly blind in the other, and screwed up her short-term memory a bit. Doesn’t look like she’ll ever be allowed to drive again, they’ve given her a white stick and everything. Must be rough on her, she hates having downtime. When her first kid was born, she stayed at home for 3 months then went and begged for her job back, she was so bored, and she’s never really changed from that. Now it looks like she’s gonna be stuck at home for good. She sounded depressed on the phone, and is apparently buying me driving lessons for christmas… Wonder how auntie Jenny is coping on her own now she’s worn Grandma out.

Last note, I started, and finished, Nation last night. It was good. You might wanna look into getting hold of a copy of “Island of the Blue Dolphins“, if you liked it. Not sure if it’s still in print or not, but it’s a sort-of similar story.

Nation was interesting though, just from reading it I probably wouldn’t have known it was a Terry Pratchett book, it was better than that. Not that his stuff is bad, but it’s always very jokey and you know everyone’s gonna pull through in the end and everything’s gonna go back to (sort of) normal. This was different I guess. I liked it.

Bought a book today named “Rise of the Iron Moon” by Stephen Hunt, lets see how that fares.

In the money!

I finally got round to lugging all those coins to Tesco, earlier. Got the bus there, it’s not far but my shoulder was killing me before I’d even gotten to the end of the road. I was gonna take it in two trips, but decided in the end to just get it over with all at once.

I was expecting maybe, £50? I should have taken my camera as the lady wouldn’t let me keep the recipt (I guess they need it to get the money back off coinstar) I do know though, there were 0 £1 coins, 0 £2 coins, 0 50ps and 422 2p coins.

In the end, it totaled £132.86


It was all “Would you like to give this to children in need :D?”

Hell no. xD That’s my Christmas shopping paid for.