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banana smoothie

Lego Gummy Bricks! I need to work out where to buy the stuff to make the mould.

I should buy the Kings Bounty expansion before the price rises again

This silly little MMO-Flash game is way too cute and way too addictive.

Went shopping for stuff today, bread, milk, squeezy-cheese to go on the bread.  I made pasta for dinner yesterday with tomato sauce. Tonight is frozen chips and frozen pies. ;p

Here, this took forever to upload, but my current fortress. All the little groups of circles/bits of wall at ground level are orcs.

That’s about it I guess. Spent most of the day playing the cute little mmo game and DF. Now watching S02 of Six Feet Under. Gonna download the stuff that was on telly that I missed and go back to playing DF.

Maybe I’ll update this again later.


Up to date on Dexter. Final few minutes of the final ep… YES. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES.


Murder of the week plz! S05 airs in Fall 2010 apparently. Another thing to add to my list. *Thinks about this, and makes a wordpress page listing things to wait for*

I took pictures of stuff, but the camera is downstairs and I’m lazy. People came round today, people ate food and handed out presents, people left again. Aunts kid was badly behaved and said “That’s stupid and boring” to every present he opened. Even to the lego! He did seem fairly happy with the recorder Terence got him though. Mainly because it wound Emmy up I think.

Didn’t get anything particually interesting. A mug  and some smarties and the promise of driving lessons.

I don’t really want to learn to drive… It seems so scary, I don’t get how people can do it.  I guess I’ve gotta learn, we can get a cheap car through DLA or something, but I dunno. I guess I’m just scared of change. And of crashing and dying horribly.

My foot is sore where I gouged a chunk out of it by standing on a spoon and I can’t find my comfortable shoes. :(