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This post didn’t have a title. I have fixed that.

Things to do, in no real order.

1. Pay up website

2. Look into getting a bus pass

3. Find pen. Don’t loose ink cartridges while looking for pen or you’ll be back to stage one.

4. Buy chicken corn.

5. Write a book. Oh wait maybe that’s more of a long-term goal.

6. Consider writing a book. That’s more like it!

7. Buy an xbox 360 controller

Picked Bella up from the groomers, she was getting to the point her face was all matted. She smells like talcum powder now.

Ate a thing of mini hotdogs a couple of days ago and it gave me a headache, maybe it’s cheap pork that messes me up. One thing I will say, Migralive give me lucid dreams. Two days in a row! First I was just annoyed I couldn’t wake up and ended up forcing myself back to sleep, the second I was walking around the grounds of my primary school, all as I remembered it. Thinking “Damn this is well made, my mind did this? I can properly see it and everything, and it’s all as I remember it!” looking at all the other kids and stuff. (Although they were just kinda posed like statues, I could manipulate them and everything by concentrating on it) Then I started hearing “Shaa-ron” “Shaa-ron” “Shaa-ron” echoing from nowhere and I couldn’t make it shut up, eventually I woke up to see what it was.

Turned out Sophie was lying on my head and snoring.


I’ve been half  blind for a good four hours now and it’s fucking annoying. I’ve got a damn headache and migralive done absolutely nothing.

Sigh. Went out and for some reason it started the moment we walked into Boots, worked through all the symptoms and then got home. The moment I came inside they all came back, I think it was the light change set it off. That and the sausage sandwich I had for lunch.


The migraine last night was seriously weird, lasted about two hours before I went to sleep. First blindness, a blind spot that moved from the lower right up to the center right of my vision, I took ibproufen. About half an hour later my arm and face went numb, nothing odd there, but then I realised I couldn’t talk.

I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t even type properly, the words just kept coming out wrong no matter what I did. Watching telly a bit I used the word custard instead of person, that sort of thing. It was seriously weird but also kinda fun.


Random migraine. Wonder what that’s all about.

*Can’t find the post button to actually post this*


Friggin migraines. At least I don’t have to be able to see to type.

Apart from the fact I’ve GONE BLIND again. (And had the whole “OMG MY BODY IS NUMB” thing while on holiday) everything is going ok. Still playing the roguelike, despite being absolutely terrible at it, I’ve made it to the temple once, at which point I was killed by AN ANT. Also been messing on WoW due to Blizz giving me a free 7 days when I logged into battle.net to register Starcraft. Damn my gear is outdated . A lot has changed interface-wise too. They didn’t have cross-server instancing when I left, which I guess was just before 3.3. My tankadin rotations still work though so that’s good, even if I can’t hold agro against rogues doing 5k dps yet. (Friggin rogues.)

Vision is coming back a little. Maybe it’s related to not eating? All I’d had was a packet of pom-bears. Or maybe it’s that. I don’t remember eating anything weird last time it happened though.

You know how in a movie, when they do dream sequences it goes all fuzzy around the edges? That’s a bit what it’s like now. Maybe I’m dreaming? *checks*

Nope, fingers are all there, but I have no peripheral vision on my left side what-so-ever. Quite iritating.

Bella is on heat, again. I swear she does it more often than a normal dog, just to make up for the fact Lucy never does. (Lucy is a weird dog, she’s had one season in her entire life and she lifts her leg to pee)

Hmm. Peripheralvision is coming back. I guess the whole thing lasted around half an hour? No headaches or anything, just varying degrees of blindness.

Stapled some chicken wire over the front gate and the gaps in the fence where Emmy could squeeze through. Now all I need to do is nail a plate to the gate that says “PLEASE SHUT THIS PLEASE.” Bought a new gate though as the old one is so rotten it’s falling apart. Emmy has a thing for escaping at the moment, and then just running up and down the pavement at high speed. She’s impossible to catch and since she hit the teenage stage all recall has gone out the window.

But nobody ever shuts it. -_-;

I want summer already. And thunderstorms, and proper heavy rain.


I just realised, that “Curry for dinner!” was my 100th post.

Other than that, I think I’m getting a migraine. Mint tea and food is helping, it’s probably because I didn’t make any food until 7pm, just had one apple when I got up.

Won the ebay bid on the Strawberry Magic game and donated £1 to Haiti too. Also bought some bulbs for a lava lamp I’ve had for years, sitting totally dead, and some new screen protectors and a new screen for mums DS. She’s managed to wear it out or something, in just over a year.

Also bought a new SD card for my flash cart but it hasn’t arrived yet, gave my one to brother at Christmas, he’s getting great pleasure out of Pokemon Platinum.

Headache. I’ve slept most of today, I’m so lazy…

I’ve been trying to write this for about 4 hours, I give up. afk.


The latest XKCD, I want that as a poster. My migraines haven’t come back, and grandma should be out of hospital by the end of the week. She might not be, though… Everything sucks…



Another migraine. I wonder if I’m allergic to something or if I should try going to the doctors.

Edit : Ok. I went to the doctors, there was a different doctor from last time and she was pretty ok. She said that it’s probably either food-related or stress. I guess it could be stress, it’s not exactly been the easiest couple of months. My aunt’s cancer’s finally killing her, (Well, the radiotherapy is killing her) and my Grandma had a stroke a couple of days ago. On top of Onni dying and getting the two puppies which chew through everything, (two DS chargers this week alone) it’s not been the most relaxing couple of months.

Doctor-lady said to keep a food diary and go back in 6-8 weeks if I’m still getting them, and she also gave me a perscription for ibuprofen. Said to take one right away if I start to go blind. I took one at 9am this morning but it didn’t stop the headache, that’s only started to go away in the last couple of hours, really, but we’ll see. I am glad I didn’t get the doctor I got last time though, I didn’t like him. He seemed to take everything I said as fake, he acted like he was being paid per patient and like he just wanted me out of there as soon as possible, which seeing as he works 4 different practices, I wouldn’t be surprised by.

Not taking the dogs out again today, it’s gotten dark already, I’ll try tomorrow instead.



Fail title

Woke up blind again yesterday, it went away pretty fast with painkillers though it’s still annoying. Gonna go for an eye test some time this week, get new glasses and actually start wearing them. I think my eye is getting worse and it’s starting to give me trouble focusing, which is probably causing the migraines.

Took the two dogs and Emmy to the park again, again managed to forget to take my camera. Maybe I’ll have time later, but the days are starting to get shorter now and not sure how long the vet is gonna take.

On another note, I love winter.

I like the cold weather and short days, walking somewhere and it’s half dark, and seeing all the lights on in windows. You can always warm up in winter, but it’s so difficult to cool down in summer. I’m sure I’d be of a different opinion if I lived on the street or I had no money to pay heating, or I lived somewhere it actually snowed, but for now, it’s awesome. I’ve realised that I prefer to walk the dogs in the winter too, the moment the weather turned, I started thinking about taking them out again, something I really couldn’t be bothered to do in the summer.

I bought a pumpkin to carve for halloween, chibi suggested this but I think the pumpkin might be a bit small. We’ll see!



Pictures of Sophie, as she is now named.

My migraine is mostly gone. Had about three days of mild but constant headaches. Hopefully I won’t see another for another year, now!

Mum decided to name the new puppy Sophie. I managed to get a few pictures of her last night, but I’ll have to try again some time for some better ones. Getting pictures of Emmy is next to impossible, Sophie is still rather calm and sedate, but Emmy is mad as a hatter, she never stops moving.

*stops to take some tissue out of Emmys mouth*

We took Emmy for her for her first walk yesterday, she enjoyed that. The other two dogs wandered on ahead and did the sedate middle-age lady waddle they do, while Emmy stayed on the lead, but she didn’t try and pull at it too much, and the few times we did drop the lead to see what she did, she never went further than the other dogs, and always came back when called. She’s completely nuts and totally ready to take on the world, one dog at a time, but I also think she’ll be ok.

*stops to take a bit of plastic out of Emmys mouth, sits back down, then has to get back up again because she’s somehow retrieved it already*

Probably gonna try and take her to the park again tomorrow, and I’ll take my camera this time. Now her fur’s groing, she’s starting to look like a wookie. I’ll try and find an image that illustrates that. Sophie is going back to the vets on Monday for a heart check and her first set of jabs.

*watches Emmy attempt to eat a bit of tinfoil, flinching every time it connects the nerves in her teeth, either that or it’s just sharp*

Now I know what it feels like to be a parent…

Tiny dog is tiny.