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Of headaches and blindspots.

I had an awful migraine last night. I guess it was about midnight, I was about to go downstairs and do something, when all of a sudden, blindness! Huge great blindspot in the middle of my vision where before there had once been images! It was my own fault for staring at the screen for too long though, I could feel it coming on and still kept ignoring the symptoms, I keep meaning to get new glasses but I never get round to it when there’s time.

The migraine started out as just blindness, then I saw stars for a while (proper stars, all in black and white! made of lines!) then my left arm went numb and I couldn’t open doors or lift my arm high or really do anything with that hand for a while. After my lips and all the other interesting aspects on the left side of my body started to go numb, I took painkillers and knocked myself out for the night. I’ve had a very slight headache and I’ve been sort of zoned-out all day, but no more than that, so that’s lucky.

It was interesting the way it kept changing though. I haven’t had a migraine like that in… Over a year, as far as I can remember. I think the last one was bought on by playing too much GTA:SA with Onni, we were playing it with some mod to make it a racing game, and I guess I focused too much on the screen for too long, one moment I’m driving along happily, the next, I’m blind! We must have clocked at least 100 hours on that game, and I’ve never actually gotten past the first mission. I might not have even got that far! Dunno how to play the proper game, but damn I can drive well. (Not as well as he could though, the only races I ever won were motorbike ones, and then only when he let me ;p)

Other than that, there were people here all day and not wanting to risk another headache, I spent the whole day away from the computer. Puppy is doing fine, lion-dog is actually asleep for once and I’m off to bed. I’ll set them up somewhere nice and take proper pictures of tomorrow, for now, I don’t wanna disturb them. It took hours for them to finally settle last night.