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Website is paid up for another year, Henrietta missed an egg the other day, the college course is lots of fun and when I came home on Thursday I was greeted by a labrador. It charged out of the front room and barrelled into me, trying to wash my face like it’d known me all it’s life.

Apparently some guy had turned up on the doorstep with an “I found this tied up down the street, you want?” excuse, so mum took it. It was a lovely dog around people, friendly and cuddly and kept trying to climb onto my lap and roll over. She was just waiting for the dog warden to arrive when I got home.

Dog was seriously hungry and skinny though, and, so we found out, she didn’t get on well with the other dogs. They were all locked in the kitchen but started fighting between themselves, I went in to break it up and Labrador managed to follow me. She picked Emmy up in her mouth and shook her like a rabbit, I thought she was dead.

It was scary. Labrador stopped shaking her when I shouted at her and dragged her off, but I honestly thought Emmy was going to be killed.

It’s funny, when we got Emmy I really, really hated her. I hated her so much, she’d come on such a stupid day and she was such a hassle, like having a baby around. Had to wash her face after she’d eaten and lift her back into the sleeping-box and everything. But now, she’s my dog, all fluffy fur and cowboy boots, she sleeps under my arm at night if it’s cold. I was never mean to her or anything even though I hated her, she was just a puppy, it wasn’t her fault, but I guess I resented it a lot at the time.

She was just a bit bruised, though, no blood and nothing broken, and two days later she’s still a bit quiet but fine apart from that. I’m glad she’s ok. It does appear to have sent her into heat though. Time to put the dark sheets on the bed.


Tera’s gone on holiday. No eggs yesterday, just one from Henrietta today. I think Emmy might have stolen them yesterday because I found some shell on the stairs… The terrible weather might be depressing them a little too, although it’s been pretty nice the last couple of days.

(I hope it goes shit again and we get more thunderstorms, they’re so fun!)

Chick (Which mum seems to have named “Baby Peep Peep”) still doesn’t seem brilliantly well, but on a better note, they’re roaming the garden and the dogs don’t care! When they see the dogs they rush back to the compost heap but Emmy totally broke down the fence a couple of days ago and there’s been no incidents.

Went outside and staked up all my tomatoes so they can get more light, although they might have nitrogen deficiency because a lot of the leaves are yellowing. They’re only in a tiny pot, I’m hoping the ones in the ground will do better, they’re already starting to flower some of them.

We ate one of the cabbages the other day. Whoa, not something I’d normally eat but it was damn good. I’m planting them again (further apart!) next year. It’s funny, the ones I planted in the ground went WHOOOSH and got huge, but the ones I planted in the growbag are still the same size, if not smaller, than when I put them in. All the Spinach went a bit ropey and into flower, so I pulled it up to make room for tomatoes and the cabbages.

Been playing and messing with the SDK for Alien Swarm, it’s been out a week or so now and it’s pretty awesome, even if the campaign does just feel like a tech demo. There’s some awesome mods coming out for it already. Waiting for Tera to come back off holiday so we can play it, although he has threatened to turn up on the doorstep, that would be fun.


Hermia missed an egg a couple of days ago, and the new chicks are settling in ok. Having to keep Emmy locked inside to stop her from standing on them though, she just jumps straight over the fence. They look a bit like this. The breed is Light Sussex and they’re probably around 10 weeks old.

Eggs and stuff

It’s Hermia laying the eggs, she’s only missed one so far.

Except today there wasn’t one.

I think Emmy stole it… I went downstairs and found egg on the kitchen floor, perfectly cracked but no shell. Bits of shell on the stairs and no egg in the nestbox. None of the other 3 dogs care about the chickens but Emmy gets in there no matter what I do to keep her out. Need to buy some bits of 2×4 and build a proper little fence but I can’t without a car… Maybe there’ll be some affordable stuff on ebay.

Oh, and Steam is having a sale. Everyone in the world needs to own Altitude.