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Watching a duck hatch, playing random games (huh, typing site:site.com search into the chrome address bar actually does a search on the website in question, not just Google. Shiny.) and reading forum topics. Bought The Longest Journey (last link) due to it being on sale, $5 with the discount applied at the checkout.

Not done much today, can’t take the dogs out because Emmy is on heat (And I mean it, I should be following her around with a mop, and the sheet over my bed is never going to look the same again. Forensics would come in here, assume there’d been a murder and arrest me on the spot.). I guess that means she’s a fully grown dog now, but don’t tell her that, I like her as a puppy. She’s still much smaller than the two big dogs. (Who have just celebrated their ninth birthday) but they’re both suddenly looking their age. Bella can’t walk as far as she used to and she’s getting stiff in her back legs, and all the fur on Lucys face has gone grey over the past year.

The cat isn’t showing her age at all, though. She’s something like 14 now and she still even has most of her teeth! She has become a lot more of a house-cat since we got the pups though, I was sitting on the sofa the other day and she actually came in for fuss while the dogs were there, she’s never done that before. I guess getting them sort of upset the thing she had going with Bella and Lucy, and forced a change in positions. They’re a lot more tolerant of her now than they were before.

My eyes are irritating me so I’m gonna leave this as it is.

Oh –

StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™ Beta Test Invitation

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in the beta test of StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™.

As if I didn’t have enough bloody games to play.

Gave in…

…And bought Gratuitous Space Battles + the two expansions.

Don’t expect much from me for the next week.

Curry for dinner agaaain!

The racing game was fun… Tempted to gather together £20 and buy four copies of it. It wasn’t overly brilliant, but I still liked it. The football bit was the best, a bit like trying to play football on a bike, on grass.

Torrents, haven’t ever really had a problem with them. There’s the odd thing I found hard to get, an obscure film mum wanted, Serenity (For some reason I could only find one torrent and it always stuck at 95% and was packed into a rar, maybe Firefly fans don’t pirate what they can buy…) the odd very obscure game. I try and buy films and what-not if I can, I bought all the Firefly DVDs and Tera got me Serenity eventually. I bought 28 days later and Fight Club the other day too, but I dunno, it’s like a demo, why should I spend money on something if I’m not even sure I’m gonna like it. DVDs are so cheap now anyway though…

Yesterday was ok. Brother came round, he was in a bad mood but he’s got an awesome new laptop, I filled it up with games for him, but he kept whining about wanting different things I couldn’t get. (An obscure PC game named Strawberry Magic. It was a puzzle/adventure game about a kid who got turned into a strawberry or something. If anyone can find even a mention of that, beyond a single “OMG YOU’VE HEARD OF IT OMG” then you are a better man than me. If you can find an actual copy of it, you are God.)

I have a sudden urge to play dos games now, having done that for him. There was a CD with 99 games on it that I loved as a kid, managed to dig it out of the “these shouldn’t actually work anymore but somehow they do” spindle and installed that for him. (All you actually need is fun.exe and the GAMES folder)

I also managed to disable the bullshit security school had put on his laptop. Whoops! They’d disabled him from downloading any .exes but at the same time hadn’t bothered to put any safesearch or anything on. Had to turn off his (about to expire) virus protection for a while too… *whistles* Windows 7 is pretty shiny though, I hadn’t had a chance to play with it before, it looked pretty decent but I think I’ll stick with XP for now. The whole taskbar “LETS SHOVE EVERYTHING INTO ONE ICON AND THEN MERGE IT WITH THE QUICKLAUNCH SO YOU CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE” thing confused me a little but I’m sure it was curable.

Granddad also came round. By the time he left, I’d been volunteered as an aircraft catcher/hunter/fence hopper or something. Should be interesting if he remembers to ever pick me up. He does something with model airplanes but I’ve never been 100% sure what, apparently they have motors in or something, I just thought he chucked them and hoped they flew.

I dunno, I’ve never really had a real conversation with him, I know I should, I just get shy around people. I get scared I’m gonna say the wrong thing and that they’re gonna dislike me for it or use it against me, even though I know they won’t.

Then we had a curry and brother went home and I played Dwarf Fortress for a few hours while I tried to unwind my brain. The end!

I think I’ll go install DOSBox…


Sucks. Life’s a bitch and then you get cancer. At least two family members have it at the moment… Seems to be what everyone dies of eventually… But hopefully he’ll be fine!

That fortress I made fell to orcs when dwarves refused to pull the lever to get the bridge to go up. Next time I won’t build it outside. It doesn’t seem entirely worth playing, the whole time, I’m waiting for the next release to come out.

MSPA update for today. Damn. Worth watching through even if you’re not following it. I can see why he sells the music too.


*finally remembers to grab torrents of the new eps of Survivors and Being Human* I managed to miss them being on telly, kept tying to sky+ them but it wasn’t playing. Should pick up the new years Doctor Who, I missed that too… I really am not good at sitting down and watching telly. xD

They’re both exactly the same size, lets see which downloads first! So far Being Human is in the lead by 1.5%!


It rained today, most of the snow is gone now, can see the road and the grass in the back garden for the first time in ages. Oh well, maybe it’ll snow again, maybe it won’t. At least things will deliver properly now.

There’s some racing game for freeplay on Steam at the moment, gonna see how that works tonight. Should be fun. I miss Onni so bad though… He woulda played it with me. He would have been prodding me to play it with him, even after he lost his arm it didn’t stop him for long. He gave me so much motivation to do things, he’d prod me into playing new things or listening to something or whatever… At the moment, nothing seems worth doing, all I want to do is sleep.

I’ve had a headache all day, time to go find some dinner…

banana smoothie

Lego Gummy Bricks! I need to work out where to buy the stuff to make the mould.

I should buy the Kings Bounty expansion before the price rises again

This silly little MMO-Flash game is way too cute and way too addictive.

Went shopping for stuff today, bread, milk, squeezy-cheese to go on the bread.  I made pasta for dinner yesterday with tomato sauce. Tonight is frozen chips and frozen pies. ;p

Here, this took forever to upload, but my current fortress. All the little groups of circles/bits of wall at ground level are orcs.

That’s about it I guess. Spent most of the day playing the cute little mmo game and DF. Now watching S02 of Six Feet Under. Gonna download the stuff that was on telly that I missed and go back to playing DF.

Maybe I’ll update this again later.

Snow snow snow! :D

Watched the first season of Six Feet Under, for lack of anything better to do. Downloading Heroes S02 at the moment, because I feel I should see if it gets any better after s01, and I kinda wanna see where it goes, while at the same time not really caring.

I played some Multiwinia (Turn your speakers down before you click that) and Bullet Candy. I love having two screens, I can watch shit on one, and play games on the other, both at the same time! I’d hate to have to go back to one now… I admit I paniced at the sheer size of this thing when it arrived, but it’s been well worth it.

It started snowing last night and it kept it up for about 18 hours. Good eight inches or so of snow. I ran around in it and built a very small snowman, which Emmy then ate. Emmy ran around in it too, it was deeper than her shoulder, so she kept mainly to my path. Sophie went out too, fell in, had to swim back to the house and decided no, that wasn’t the life for her. They were so funny to watch though. I should try and get a video of Bella bounding through it, she can’t just walk like normal, she has to jump like a rabbit. There was another moment where Lucy ran at me, veered off the path so she didn’t hit me, sank into the snow and came to a very sudden halt, she had to kind of turn around and go back the way she came.

It’s so awesomely pretty and shiny and it’s like running around in icing sugar! I watched the news for a bit and it lots of rambling about how this is the most snow in 30 years or whatever and how we’re all gonna grind to a halt and die and how everyone who leaves the house falls over on their front door step and breaks both their legs and then has to wait six hours for an ambulance to arrive. But I’ll admit, I’ve never seen more than a couple of centimeters before, (that I remember) so it’s all new for me.

There’s a giant hedge-tree thing out back, it’s in somebodys untended garden and it covers like, three gardens now, it’s huge and all the birds live in it, bats too, and it’s totally collapsed under the weight of the snow! A lot of birds are very unhappy, but on the bright side, I can see loads of houses and gardens I’ve not seen before! Spying is fun.

Oh yeah, unrelated, I also watched Rocky2. It was ok I guess. A different sort of film, but it didn’t grab me that much. I’m sure I’ll get through the whole series eventually.

I’m gonna go out tomorrow and buy milk or something. Just for an excuse to run around in the snow. Whee! I’ll take my camera with me too.

Happy new… Year… Or something.

Damn. This picture is awesome.

Today was… Long. Some of mums friends came round, we had a party-type meal, gave them gifts. The deaf anorexic, the diabetic with no feet and the one who had a nervous breakdown a couple of weeks ago after her son stole all her money or something. Gave them some keyrings, some superman DVDs and a teapot. They all seemed to enjoy themselves anyway, everyone liked seeing Terence, even if he did come out with comments like “Your shoes are huge, your feet must be enormous :D!”

I miss Manchester so much sometimes. Sure it’s less polluted here, but it’s not half as interesting. Most interesting things here this week is yesterday a police car pulled up next door, police went in and then left some time later and sometimes I see a lady and her partner go by, pushing a buggy.

And by that, I mean I see them go by at 1-2am. I wonder where they’re going, where they’re from and why the poor brat isn’t in bed. Noticed them because the buggy made a funny noise in the snow.

Mum’s discovered Scribblenauts. Maybe it’ll replace pic-pic, she’s almost done all 400 of the drawing puzzles. What on earth do I find for her to do once she’s finished all those! She refuses to go through and do them all again and Sliterlink is all in Japanese and seems to have many irritating cascading menus before you reach the actual game. Teraa ;_;  I only messed with it for two minutes before giving up though, I guess I should prod it again.

Being Human is on telly on Jan 10th and Survivors is on Jan 12th. Been updating my notes page with things I can think of. There’s a tab for it at the top. I need to remember to set the Sky+ for them, tried yesterday but it only goes up to the 7th. I think they’re on BBC3.

Emmy, for some reason,  has taken to sleeping downstairs on the box at the end of the sofa. (The sofa has a foot on it and at the end is a box/trunk that can be used as a seat, sort of. It’s got a blanket on it but it’s damn uncomfortable.) Dunno why. If I go down there for something, she follows me back up, but she’s also taken to asking to be let out of my room in the mornings. I guess she’s going through the teenage independant stage. She’s all skinny with long legs at the moment.

Oh and I taught her “beg” and “lie down” and “sit” earlier! But I think she’s getting them more from hand gestures than words. She’s not stupid anyway, took Bella seven years to learn “lie down” and that was an hour of me standing in the hall, saying lie down, kicking her over (gently of course) and then giving her the treat. I’m sure I’ve taught her something since we came here but I can’t remember what. Beg, sit, paw, lie down.

I remember now! I taught her to sit at “fip” instead of “sit”

Endless amusement.


Not done much today that I can remember. Played all of Ben there, Done that and some of Time Gentlemen, Please.

Brother should be home again in an hour or so, they didn’t say what time they were bringing him.

DVD I bought for mum as a Christmas present arrived, obscure film I couldn’t find to download. Bought her a shirt off Threadless too but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Gonna play L4D2 in a bit, not much more to say.


Ben there, Dan that.

I wrote a whole long rant earlier but I don’t think I’ll post it yet. Maybe I’ll leave it for new year, maybe I won’t post it at all.

They’re promising snow for tomorrow, which is nice.

I bought L4D2 today. The bits I played of it were fun, but it really pissed me off when I tried to alt-tab to answer an IM, and it took EIGHT MINUTES to minimize. Seriously, wtf.

Also bought “Time Gentlemen, Please!” and “Ben There, Dan that” at the same time, as they were cheap on Steam and I liked the names. Haven’t played much yet but seem fun.

Here, have some musics. I love the video on this. Always worth watching again. :p